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We are citizens of United States🇺🇸 who honorably served in various branches of our unsurpassed U.S. Military at different times and on different conflict theaters. We are members of the AMERICAN VETERANS OF Igbo DESCENT (AVID), incorporated in the state of New Mexico and headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, EIN#: 85-4277623. Our ancestral heritage is of the Igbo Tribe of the Southeastern part of Nigeria located in West Africa. All our members are therefore honorable men and women who meritoriously served or currently serving in the United States Armed Forces. We are continuing voluntary services to our local communities with honor, discipline, and integrity inculcated in us during our Active Military Service. Our Judeo-Christian parents, siblings, relatives, classmates, and friends still live in the Igbo part of Southeastern Nigeria🇳🇬. 

We are compelled to inform your Department about problems our ancestral people face in Nigeria which already stressed and stretched us beyond elasticity. Our Igbo Tribal people currently live under oppressive conditions and entrapped within Nigeria for 60+ years. The agony of their suffering and wanton killings reverberate globally and we seek your urgent attention. You are not oblivious about the laissez-faire nature of Nigerian🇳🇬 President Mr. Muhammadu Buhari’s leadership. His slothfulness has exacerbated in chaotic gap in national security and freedom and rights of the people.

We plead that your Department would research into such life altering issues affecting our Igbo people bordering on: insecurity, Muslim Fulani terrorism, kidnappings and extrajudicial killings, hostage taking for ransom, incessant killing of Christians and Jewish religion believers, chronic  youth unemployment, extreme corruption, Igbo Biafra referendum denial, bombing of Igbo people with extreme cruelty during peace time, abject poverty, dilapidated infrastructure, acquisition of fighter jets and armaments to kill the Igbo Judeo-Christians instead of fighting terrorists.

Nigerian Government sponsor of terror groups (Boko Haram, ISWA, Myeti Allah, Bachama, Kala Kanto, Izala, IMN, MIR, and AK-47 Weapon cattle herders), plans to Islamize Nigeria and raise up Islamic caliphate, forceful takeover of Igbo natural resources (oil), Government appointment of only Fulani Muslims to all key governance positions,  gruesome rape of Igbo young girls by Fulani Muslim nomads, Army, SARS, DSS, SSS, and Police killing of Igbo defenseless law abiding youths,  vigorous violation of human rights, pillage and slaughter of Igbo indigenous people on their ancestral land, attacks and mascara of Southeastern people of Ebonyi state, Enugu state, Abia state, Anambra state and Imo state, disproportionate installation of military check points in all Igbo land, unprovoked harassment of innocent people and monetary extortion,  Stifled constitutional freedom and protection of Igbo citizen’s lives and properties - freedom to  assembly, association, speech, as well as extra-judicial killings.

Our Igbo Biafra Tribes people are at the brink or precipice of Islamic Jihadist extinction if your Department does not urgently help to secure our safety and security. A window of opportunity for Humanitarian rescue of our plundered people has opened. Will you help us now or deal with large scale refugee influx into United States latter? Egregious abuse, horrific killings, grisly and shocking massacre of our gravely endangered people goes on unabated. The devastation, destruction, gruesome beheading, evil, vile atrocities, and hysteria our Igbo Biafra Judeo-Christians are going through saddens us in AVID.

Because of the grand plan by Nigeria Fulani Islam-led Jihadist government to violently eliminate all Igbo Judeo-Christian tribe people and repopulate our ancestral land with Fulani Muslims; a credible Civil Rights Leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu (MNK) established the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), and a security outfit Eastern Security Network (ESN) to protect our people. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has been a target for assassination by Nigerian Government. There has been deployment of Army to MNK’s home to kill him. His home was riddled with bullets, 25 young men were killed; but MNK escaped. Our 501©️19 organization, The American Veterans of Igbo Descent (AVID) endorses MNK, ESN, and IPOB as accredited entity to protect our people, our ancestral land, and our culture. 

On Sunday June 27, 2021 Nigerian Government arrested Mazi Nnamdi Kanu (the only hope for Igbo people) on false charges. This is a vagrant violation of his Nigeria constitutional rights Section 36(5), his safety, security, and freedom for fair hearing. Nigeria’s Minister of Justice is a Fulani Muslim and AVID believes that Mazi Nnamdi Kanu will not receive fair hearing in Nigerian court. Igbo Biafra Judeo-Christian people worldwide are desperately crying for help to release MNK.

American Veterans of Igbo Descent (AVID) is urgently calling on your Department and our country United States of America to prevail, safeguard Mazi Nnamdi Kanu’s life, help facilitate Igbo Biafra Referendum, and provide Humanitarian Services to our parents, and siblings now living as conquered slaves within the impoverish Southeast part of Nigeria. Our Igbo Biafra Tribes peoples who currently have the needed population to become a new nation, enough land mass, different religion, different cultural and traditional heritage will become free only through a facilitated referendum. Please help us now to prevent a looming second civil war.  

Chief Sylvester Onyia, AVID President
Email: peacemso18@gmail.com
Dr. Godson Obiagwu, AVID Secretary

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