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June 05, 2021

Though, to manage human being is very difficult, as human faces differ like wise perception and reasoning are not the same. One’s perception, reaction and outputs to the society mostly depends on conception. Most of the things easily conduct in a well mannered in civilized nations are not admissible nor applicable in Nigeria in particular and Africa in general. Nigeria is evil, her leaders are heavily grounded in corruption and they never intend to change for good not now and not in the future. They rather see the masses suffering, die in agony than to see the masses smiling. That is the different between Nigerian leaders and European leaders. 

Every race aspires for freedom. Peaceful approach is obtainable in a well organized society like Europe, I maintain. Europeans understood the meaning of freedom, they have regard for sanctity of life. Some of us that are unfortunate enough found ourselves in Nigeria might find it difficult to understand why Europe is peaceful, their leaders played major roles to make their continent the way it is, they were nurtured to put the interest of their nation and masses above their personal aggrandizement. The different is always clear to compare with political charlatans parading themselves as leaders in Nigeria. 

Most activists in Nigeria are not far fetched from corruption, corruption binds Nigerians together. Activism is a very lucrative business, it got contaminated when once is incorporated with Nigeria politics. Nigeria been a hostile entity, it is impossible for genuine activists to live peacefully with the corrupt intent Nigerian government, mainly freedom fighters. Most genuine freedom fighters that came before us, were either in exile, prison or in a grave. In most cases, it is not by choice but the circumstances behind fighting against tyrannical regime determines. 

Inquisitiveness for freedom by Biafrans have caused lot of damages. Lately, Biafrans uphold the Indigenous People of Biafra - (IPOB), as the only reliable emancipation movement that can be trusted. Before IPOB could be able to achieve the hectic task before them, IPOB first worked with the psyche of Biafrans, through grassroots socialization. Biafrans were nurtured to think critically, as most stubborn species Biafrans are; it took consistency and exemplary charismatic leadership, that is the secret. Sacrifices made and still be making by IPOB to salvage Biafra from captivity at least make all and sundry to queue up behind the emancipation group. Double agents are not threat to Nigerian government, as the corrupt ingrained government sees activism as a lucrative business venture in Nigeria, compromised activists speaks for Biafra in a day time but at night, they dine and wine with their oppressors. This has been the major reason Biafra restoration is taken much longer to be actualised. 

These compromised stomach infrastructure freedom fighters speaks from the both sides of their mouth, they say something and do another thing contrary from what they said initially. The Nigerian government knows all of them, that is why they are not nothing before the government. They are not fighting the freedom of Biafra, rather they are fighting for their stomachs and family wellbeing. Whenever they run out of cash you see them on pages of newspapers or live videos castigating the IPOB leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, most of them live large and nothing can differentiate them from the Nigerian corrupt politicians, if not worst than rubber stamp Nigerian political leaders, they are like green snakes in a green grass. 

Psychologically, these disgruntled elements make Nigeria government to see everyone agitating for Biafra freedom as a hungry agitator, but only IPOB led by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, proves everyone wrong. Chief Olusegun Obasanjo confirms this with his mouth.

Someone that claimed to be learned has all his entire life, using the same method that yielded nothing, neither, has his agitation reflects to be known if he exists. No doubt Lower Niger Congress, comprises of learned people if I should give them that credit, but they lack reasoning. Consuming half pages of dictionary does not make one to be reasonable enough even, when one is learned.

Only objective reasoning does indicate that one is fortified with reasoning. Why Tony Nnadi, of Lower Niger Congress, is not reasonable is, if Biafrans can be killed indiscriminately by Fulani terrorist herdsmen without Tony Nnadi, condemning it, but can make a video castigating Eastern Security Network - ESN, that has the peoples mandate means that he has mental disorder, his brain needs factory resetting. The Indigenous people of Biafra from inception has been peaceful propagating for the of freedom via referendum, the more peaceful IPOB is, the more Nigerian Security armed forces kills them while Fulani terrorist herdsmen are on other side ransacking villages.

Yet, there is no name call Tony Nnadi, heard going against the killer herdsmen and nobody knows him only his gibberish. The mugu, Tony Nnadi, may have since 2013 pressurizing backyard international body to organize Biafra referendum which throughout his lifetime won’t be achievable. Tony Nnadi peacefully calling for referendum in Nigeria is the same as Ambazonia peacefully calling for referendum in Cameroon. How is it possible? Can demonic West Africa leaders be compare with well polished European leaders?. Life and death are not compatible. Yes, United Nations organize referendum will come in both Cameroon and Biafra respectively, but not by peaceful means. If the unknown gunmen activities can compel Nigeria to succumb to referendum so be it, as Ambazonia resistance forces are making headway to cripple Cameroon terrorist armed forces. 

Tony Nnadi’s video shoot exposed him as otelectual without reasoning. The name Nigeria, was derived from “Niggar”, a slur and abusive word is the same related name  Mr. Tony Nnadi wants the Indigenous People of Biafra to be answering.  Nigeria House of Representatives having discomfort with the name “Nigeria”, is making effort to change it, at least to see if the name is affecting the country. A nuisance claiming to be fighting for Biafra freedom has not sat down and meditate the meaning of Lower Niger Congress. But Lower Niger Congress, comprises of learned people however, but they lack charismatic leader who knows what to do at the right time. In a nutshell, the otelectual is daft to acknowledge the simple fact that Nigeria is not Europe where peaceful referendum works perfectly without blood bath.

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