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June 4, 2021 

Just few days after Biafrans around the world burnt candles in commemoration of their falling heroes and heroines coupled with well observed total lockdown of entire Biafra land in honour of their brave heroes and heroines killed in a genocidal civil war, supervised by British government under the desperate Harold Wilson stewardship as then British Prime Minister, to continue having control of oil and gas in Biafra land.

However, compliance by Biafrans to lockdown every nook and cranny took Nigeria presidency by storm. The successful outcome of the Sit At Home exercised might be the reason the proxy impostor parading himself as late Gen. Mohammadu Buhari, could not withheld his hatred anymore against the Biafran people. Why psychologically going through the disgraceful video by Nigeria president, his threat to replicate second phase of genocidal war against the people of Biafra, indicated in his face he was severely under tension knowing fully well the war he is bringing upon can never be won by Nigeria. 

The compliance alone sent a message to the world that Nigeria is a failed artificial entity and her government is not in control of Biafra land but Indigenous People of Biafra IPOB led by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. Likewise, the absolute compliance by Biafrans to adhered the Sit At Home Order however, at least, conveyed a warning message to Nigeria presidency that 1976-70, war pogrom cannot be tolerated by this present young Biafrans.

The megaphones presidency-Garba Shehu, Femi Adesina, Lai Mohammed, Lauretta Anochie etc, took to the clone president’s official Twitter handle claimed those agitating for freedom will be dealt with, with the language they understand. Nigeria is a country that has not won a single war without external help in the history of her existence. An utterance by a president to kill its fellow countrymen is undiplomatic, for such to come out from a so called president of a country, simply means in a world point of view that Nigeria doesn’t have a president, but a proxy impostor who knows nothing about good governance.

Only in Nigeria an imported Fulani proxy president openly sponsoring his fellow Fulani herdsmen from Sahel to massacre Biafrans on a daily basis yet, everybody is keeping quiet not even the world has spoken against the state sponsored Fulani conquest by terrorism. How best can it be explain before the world to comprehend the fact that since the menace of fulani herdsmen against the people of Biafrans, that not even a single one of Fulani terrorists disguised as herdsmen has been arrested? It might sound astonishing to some reasonable people to hear that Fulani herdsmen who go about killing indigenous people in Akwaibom, Biafra, were arrested by the governor’s security team were released by the order of Nigeria presidency without trial or explanation?

At the time of filling this report, many villages in Ebonyi, Benue, Anambra, Akwa Ibom, Abia etc are battling Fulani herdsmen incessant killings and annihilation. To make the matter worst, Nigeria security apparatuses are headed and controlled by Fulani officers, deliberately giving the Fulani terrorist herders succor whenever the Fulani terrorist foot militias are on rampage execution.

Notwithstanding, genocidal war threat by the proxy Nigerian president was not a surprised to Biafran people. Long before now the official declaration of war was received when the shoot at sight order was given directed against the peaceful self determination activists from the Eastern Nigeria who are agitating for separate state of Biafra, from the artificial enclave whom Fulani led government shown 100 percent hatred, assault, and all manners of ill-feelings in all ramifications. Only a handful few are surprised by that president’s notorious outburst, not Biafrans.

At all times, IPOB members and all conscientious Biafran civilians have always abhorred hate actions emanated from Fulani controlled led government, the same government with hate actions today only added an insignificant lot in the name of hate speech when once IPOB replies back with mere word. Either hate speech or hate action is inconsequential to Biafrans, because Biafra land is already under Fulani sponsored military occupation.

The determination of the Fulanis’ from Futa Jalon to subdue Biafra by force conquest through annihilation, maim, intimidation, massacre as they did to Hausa Kingdom before overturned Gorbir, renamed it Sokoto, is to remind Biafra that she remains a conquered territory after loosing 1967-70 Biafra civil war, that killed more than five million Biafrans including pregnant women and children.

Despite, Fulani controls Nigeria security formation including imported Fulani terrorist from Somalia who were incorporated into both Nigeria military and police to assist fight for Fulanization quest by destroying Biafran people as they are running out of time, but one thing is certain as army of Pharaoh were swallowed in the Red Sea, so shall Biafra land consumes all the Fulani janjaweed terrorist soldiers;The most potent message Nigeria soldiers must know is that, this era is not 1967-1970 analogue system but technological knowhow contemporary era.

Whosoever is on ground cannot be afraid of falling again; Nigeria government finds it pleasure spilling the blood of Biafrans, the arranged proxy president’s war threat is meaningless. Biafrans have seen war, their blood spilled, what else is the war threat for? Biafra fought the world for three years with nothing, but bare hands. The reincarnated today’s Biafran warriors are more equipped and determined than one will ever imagine. 

If war is the only option left, Biafra is not daring the Fulani controlled led federal government to bring it on, because it is already ongoing in many parts of Biafraland rather Biafra is promising the Fulani presidency and all that are complicit in the plan for totally obliteration of Biafra from the surface of earth should be prepare for what is to come, as Biafra can never shifts an inch for Fulanization agenda.

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