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June 13, 2021

Worst mistake that can happen to any race or ethnic stock is to allow the enemy to write their history for them. It is like a folklore of the wild forest where the hunter tell of his hunting spree analogy on the wild animals how it suit him best because the hunted animals lacked the ability to either talk nor write for human comprehension on what they passes through from the hand of the hunter all seasons. There is always intended errors of omission when the aggregate past events were written by someone else, more especially the enemy.

Biafra fought a war and the same problem that led to the war hasn’t been resolved till this very moment, it is now a whole lot of time to revisit the foundation through referendum or plebiscite to determine Biafra borders other than the slim determination by Buhari’s political rogues from the Southern part of Biafra and Eastern Biafra respectively. 

Maybe, due to poor educational system in Nigeria many Nigerians never knew that the usage of words passed a clear distinct message than you can imagine. Nigerian body double paraded as President Muhammadu Buhari was the 10th day of June 202, in Lagos and he said thus: that Indigenous People of Biafra IPOB, can secede from Nigeria without South-South which is the Southern part of Biafra to the Bight of Biafra. 

The proxy Nigerian President never knew he shot himself on the leg, by in a first place he openly accepted the agitation for Biafra cannot be swept under the carpet anymore and the agitators are not giving up. Also the body language of the pseudo President means that Nigeria is ready to let Biafra go but only with five states forgetting so quick that it was as a result of the Nigerian government unnatural boundary adjustment that gerrymandered the Eastern region to the falsehood called South South today. The Aso Rock body double also must forgotten from his dementia state of reasoning that the Fulani oligarchy through South-East and South South political jobbers, weaklings parading themselves as leaders will not dictate to the people who is a Biafran and who is not a Biafran in Aso Rock. Biafra must be determined and decided by Biafrans.

The boundary adjustment commission was first overseen by the then military head of state Gen. Yakubu Jack Gowon, who sowed a seed of discord strife between brothers in the Southern and Eastern Biafra upto the Northern Biafra. The seed of strife was the creation of South-South boundary adjustment in 27 May 1967, before the civil war that turned to genocidal war broke out in order to shift Southern Biafra from joining hands with their brothers and sisters in the East to fight against the invading occupational Nigerian troops. It is on record for humanity to peruse, perhaps, mainly because power that be thwarted the history, that is why someone from Southern Biafra will shamelessly deny his or her identity for being a Biafran, but prefer to be identified as South-South or Niger Delta without knowing the meaning. 

This division was made perfectly possible by Gen. Yakubu Jack Gowon and the British crown government Prime Minister  - Harold Wilson, but going deep inside the hearts of those denying their Biafra identity, one can easily find out no justifiable reasons behind the self denial. False information peddled by the Fulani hegemonists that Igbos are domineering while Fulani is raping them from behind. By the way, Nigeria was practicing regional system, things were moving forward and Igbos were not domineering before South-South was created in 1967, so let us row back or backtrack our history from 1967 to 1914 as to know or ascertain the fact where Igbos were domineering their half cousins from the coastal riverine areas - the today South South.

Incidentally because of the spoils of war, Igbos became domineering. Lack of common reasoning, what was the name of the geographical entity called South-South before the 1967 creation of it by the criminal intent Nigerian government and backtrack same to 14th-18th and late 19th century cartographically map of Africa?. Gen. Yakubu Jack Gowon’s South-South mantra in disguised of geopolitical zone has interior motive of boundary demarcation and the obliteration of the name and history Biafra from world map. The name “Biafra”, was recapped by an Ijaw man called Frank Obigo, a Principal in Okirika. Ijaw is in a present day Bayelsa state and also were gerrymandered into Ondo state and Rivers state respectively, that was carved out as South-South. 

The proxy Nigerian President in his interview with Arise TV Anchorer - Tundun Abiola, said that South-South will not to be included in Biafra secession according to him, that he has the mandate of the elders and youths from there that assured him that they will not be part of Biafra. Besides this body double of Gen. Muhammadu Buhari should be make to know and understand that Biafra is not seceding from Nigeria rather Biafra is restoring her loss identity back. Biafra is older than Nigeria, and on no account something older than the new creation to be seceding from the younger, it is impossible and this is pure history and they know and understand it perfectly well. Many Nigerians may not comprehensively understand the logic due to poor education system in Nigeria.

Biafra is at the center of the world, zero longitude and zero latitude though, is unconnected with the counterfeit Biafra dot in a circle statement credited to the mask wearer Nigeria proxy President parading himself as late Gen. Mohammadu Buhari, who BBC Africa, yesterday addressed as “late Mohammadu Buhari”. If not for the numerous works of Indigenous People of Biafra IPOB and her relentlessness the hooligans in Aso Rock won’t have accepted that Nigeria indivisibility is negotiable. It sounds reasonable for someone to say to have come from Southern Biafra than South-South diction that has no literal meaning. The word South-South doesn’t even exist in world cardinal point, not even in space such word exist. No doubt, Nigerian government for sure will try to change the narratives but they won’t make a headway when once IPOB as a emancipation movement exists. 

Nigerian government is assiduously working round the clock to trick the human sub-conscience mind and to make Biafra to look like an Igbo affair, whereas Igbo speaking Biafra is one of the clans or ethnic constituents that make up the Biafra nation. Dim Chukwuemeka Ojukwu’s second in command Gen. Philip Effiog, hails from Akwa Ibom state, present day South-South, Chukwu Nzeogwu who is also Igbo from Okpanam Anioma Delta state, today is classified as a South-South person. False narratives by power that be deliberately erased history from the school curriculum to deprive the present generation not to know their historical heritage and background. 

Had it been that Nigeria was just and fair to Biafra there would have been a Biafra National Party in Nigeria partisan politics, as seen in Scotland. Though, Ojukwu followed this path after the war by involving himself in partisan political participation, but he was always rigged out during election. Maybe, had it been there was a fair ground for partisan politics for Dim Chukwuemeka Ojukwu during his time, Dim Chukwuemeka Ojukwu would have been addressed as a Biafra nationalist than a secessionist. 

Implications of wrong usage of word could  said to be behind the mis-identification of Biafra nationalist leaders as secessionists. Name gives picture of virtual representation of one’s conceptual idea and aspiration. The same way “name”, determines how the world perceived and addresses one. Nicolas Sturgeon is a leader of the Scottish independent political movement, she is being addressed as a Scottish nationalist not a secessionist. Some might still argue that name doesn’t matter, but it does. Your name represents who you are before the people.

The Indigenous People of Biafra -IPOB, as a grassroot emancipation movement led by it's nationalist leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, started with nothing but today the world is reverberating; standing ovation because of the valid points raised by IPOB.

The impostor Muhammadu Buhari in his interview with Tundun Abiola of Arise TV Anchorer, lied that nobody wants to leave Nigeria after his malicious gossip with self acclaimed feeble elders from Southern Biafra and fiddle criminals as South-East youths who paid him a visit which made him to have concluded in generality that Biafra are dot in a center of a circle. The Nigerian government must know as Biafra boundaries were demarcated in the office of Presidency in 1967, without the consent of the masses and such won’t be allowed to replicate itself again as only referendum remains the only determinant and panacea for those that need Biafra or one Nigeria and not by taunting and talking down on people.

Written by Kelechi Okorie. Co-script by Ndubuisi Eke.

Edited by Ndubuisi Eke

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