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June 23, 2021

Apparently it’s now obvious every Nigerian is getting it hot, Muhammadu Buhari’s first appearance as president elect, he assured Nigerians to believe that he belongs to nobody but everybody. As time goes on, his ironical campaign rhetoric promises turned to other way round. Not even the drunk Sai Baba delegates that trekked from far away North East to Abuja can come out openly now and say to be proud of Nigeria and Baba go slow they helped rigged into power by creating unnecessary noises where not needed. 

Every Nigerian is fade up with Nigeria, even the dead eyes are tired of sleeping. More calamity shall befall Nigeria; some may disagree, it’s their right. When the same Nigerians were told a day like this shall come the same people debunked it as impossible but here they are; it’s happening before their very eyes that Nigeria is irredeemable. Those that saw tomorrow like Indigenous People of Biafra - IPOB, are not disturbed because they already prepared their minds for what is to come, come rain, come shine. 

Ordinarily, tyrant Muhammadu Buhari’s 5% percent vote cast statistics dividend of democracy for people of Biafra already planted the seed of discord that yield to today’s circumstances. The merited hands that ought to fix positions are sidelined in replacement of Fulani quota system, that is the problem of Nigeria and she must continue to decay with no help, every Nigerian knows this but Fulani controlled federal government of Nigeria out of pride won’t give a damn but they live their lives on borrowing at the expense of the masses, Fulani will rather die than accept the gospel truth. For that reason Fulani will keep dying in hopelessness while Nigeria will keep sinking spontaneously. 

If Nigeria were to continue to exist, it will take more than fifty years to reintegrate the division already done by tyrant Muhammadu Buhari’s regime of atrocity. Perhaps, co-existence of Nigeria may likely not be possible anymore, perhaps, as it is now severe hatred the Fulani have against the Igbo ethnic nationality under the current tyrant Muhammadu Buhari’s regime is a replica of 1967-70 Biafra holocaust that has not been forgotten, on before now Nigeria was told that holding Biafra captive will only spell doom for her and Somalia will be a paradise compare to what shall befall the enclave and it is happening now with hunger everywhere and high cost of food items, goods and services. 

Surprisingly indices made available reviewed that, the recent Global Terrorism Index, indicates that Fulani terrorism system maintains her third position on the global terrorism league table above Somalia. One might opine that hence Boko-Haram leader, Abubakar Shekau was reportedly shot dead as they claimed so that terrorism in Nigeria may now be easily be eradicated. Such hallucination is impossible, report has it that the Nigeria’s Africa youngest terrorist leader, Bakura Modu, age 24, is more deadly than his successor, the allegedly assume to be dead Abubakar Shekau.Neither Nigeria nor Nigerians is secured, nothing is working.

Poverty bites the fleshes every poor Nigerian masses except those at the corridors of power and Nigeria is now the headquarters of poverty and insecurity. Greater percentage of Nigerians represent poverty, from their head to toe is poverty but their politicians are criminals living large with the resources meant for the social development of the poor masses they lead, the highest thing Nigerians will do is to wail and nothing happens. Not even those that left what is obtainable shouting that #BuhariMustGo, are not been taken serious. Because tyrants doesn’t understand what peaceful protest is all about, the only language a tyrant understands is handshake across the trigger either he survives and run to exile or he is killed so as to give peace and harmony space. 

Have you not notice that this tyrant in Aso-Rock always speaks the language of war in a democracy, such mindset can’t be change with mere protest that is his believe and there is nothing nobody can do about it. 

The same people shouting #BuhariMustGo today were the same people that praised him while demanding that President Goodluck Jonathan must be force to resign from office. They clustered on one thing, but expect different answers, it doesn’t work that way, that is why nothing reasonable came out of the #BuhariMustGo peaceful agitation. The Nigeria Presidency is neither bothered nor threatened with the agitation, they knew it lacks locus standing. 

Everyone knows what griefs the Nigeria’s Presidency, once they come onboard everywhere starts shaking and shivering, heartbreaking envelopes Fulani oppressors and these people are Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and Sunday Adeyemo (Sunday Igboho), respectively. These are men that must be taken serious. They have passion for the people, they are for real not jokers like those shouting #BuhariMustGo with both sides of their mouth. likewise, those confused double agents in the defunct Eastern region that rose in different year with different conning agitation impression. Up till now, they have not come out with clarification of what they want, it is either the meaningless Niger Delta, Biafra Customary Government, Ibom Republic or Ijaw nation declaration by con-artist Asari Dokubo. The Presidency knows these bunch of distracted charlatans and their intentions and federal government is using them to deceive those that want to be deceived period. 

Whosoever is in Aso Rock, masquerading himself as Muhammadu Buhari, thought he can reduce Biafra to only an Igbo ideological movement, he foolishly described and called the Biafra nation a dot in a circle. The same small dot has succeeded in forming alliances with free Ambazonia Republic and Oduduwa volunteer forces. Encirclement was the major reason Biafra lost the war. The Indigenous People of Biafra - IPOB, decoded the game plan that the Nigerian government wants to play again with the encirclement but they failed woefully this time around because the world and humanity is awake to charge whoever that commit genocide on Biafrans for war crimes. 

Nigeria is at the Crossroad of no direction, anyone hallucinating for a better Nigeria must be an agent of darkness and a deceiver. Nigeria is gone and gone for good to all splitting ethnic nationalities. Hectic bloody agitations are coming, more than the ones they are already facing. Nigeria won’t find it easy this time, it will backfire on her because the morale to fight for one united Nigeria is dead, including Fulani is demoralized irrespective of their resistance. The Fulani oligarchy knows their reign of terror and conquest is over, the final blow war will kick off immediately the implementation of federal government’s national grazing recovery across Nigeria starts taking effect. The end point is near, Fulani power intoxication will push the federal government of Nigeria to forcefully implement the national grazing recovery. 

This time around, is no longer ordinary agitation, the outcome of the dot alliances with Ambazonia and Oduduwa volunteer forces will manifest beyond what Nigeria can ever imagine, by then it will be game over for them and Fulani won’t have any place to hold onto as ancestral land, they will be chase away and Hausa will reclaim their lost kingdom of Gobir, the present day Sokoto Caliphate from the Fulani as Middle Belt will unanimously join forces with Oduduwa and Biafra against Fulani marauders.

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