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June 8, 2021 

The Imo State House of Assembly after a painstaking investigation and detailed study of the security situation in Imo State hereby issues this press release and states as follows:-

▪ That the whole issue of insecurity in Imo State has political underpinnings, as such, politically instigated and covertly motivated to achieve some political ends. 

▪ That we have it on good authority that IPOB and the ESN to our knowledge and understanding are not organizations founded on the principles of violence cum armed insurrection, rather advocates of Igbo liberation and security through peaceful non-violent means.

▪ That the timely passage of the Imo State Security Organization Law by the House was a manifestation of our tacit and absolute support to His Excellency, Governor Hope Uzodimma, in his drive to set up an effective, proactive and grassroot-propelled security architecture for Imo State.

▪ That the Imo State House of Assembly hereby calls on critical stakeholders, leaders of thought, the Clergy and Traditional Institutions to rally round the government, in her quest to rid the state of elements of destabilization fomenting trouble in our dear state, and to endeavour to convoke meetings of all stakeholders, youths and political gladiators in their respective domains to further sensitize them on the need to refrain from any activities that could further exacerbate the already tensed security situation in the state.

▪ The Imo State House of Assembly makes bold to state that there can only be one Governor and one Government of Imo State at a time, as such, those hellbent on truncating the peace and tranquility of the state for political reasons should desist forthwith.

*That we support and encourage the ongoing local government by local government stakeholders interface with His Excellency, Executive Governor of Imo State, towards getting a first hand security information from the grassroots and proffering plausible solutions to them. 

▪ The Imo State House of Assembly hereby commiserates with the families that have lost their loved ones in the crossfire, including the family of our late colleague, Alhaji Ahmed Gulak, who was a former Speaker of the Adamawa House of Assembly.

▪We call for restraint by security operatives in the discharge of firearms, while imploring them to apply professional conducts in the discharge of their duties in the state at all times. 

*Assembly likewise calls on the law abiding citizens of the state not to be afraid of the presence of security agents in the state, but go about their normal legitimate businesses, because it is for their protection and safety that the government requested for more security agents to be brought in to augment the ones we have in the state already towards having an all-round protection for our people. 

*We commend the commitment and sound leadership being offered by His Excellency, Dist. Sen. Hope Uzodimma, more so at this trying time in the life of this administration, which by no small measures has rekindled hope and assurance of safety and protection to Ndi-Imo-Nile, and so far left no one in doubt of his capabilities and sagacity. 

▪ Finally, we call on Imo youths not to be discouraged by the insecurity in our state but to remain resolute in their support of the efforts of government to ensure peace and tranquility in no distant time, also appealing to them not to be involved in any action that could cause any disaffection between them and the security agents deployed for their protection. 

Thank you all. Imo is firmly in the hands of God, just as we have overcome the challenges thrown our way by enemies of the state. God bless us all. 

🔴SIGNED:Hon. Engr. Duru Iheonukara Johnson

Chairman, House Committee On Information, IMHA


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