Igweocha: Rivers State May Likely Become Another Imo

By Kelechi Okorie | Biafra Reporter 

June 10, 2021

When government fears the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny-says Thomas Jefferson. Nigeria judiciary is dead, for Nigeria to be attributed as a failed state by ex-US Ambassador to Nigeria, John Campbell, judiciary must have contributed immensely and must be held accountable for it. Judiciary stands as a last hope for the common man. In Nigeria, reverse becomes the case, judiciary serves as a last Hope for the political criminals. 

In a functioning democracy, checks and balances amongst the three arms of government remains the key. Judiciary is dead when it is allowed to be controlled by the executive arm. Ineffectiveness of democracy lies on judicial incompetency. Countdown Nigeria’s failure and uprising in many states; judiciary is always behind it. Lawyers acknowledged to be learned, but when it comes to represent their profession as learned people they turned to serfs before the executive arm.

Southern Nigeria was known as a peaceful region before judiciary makes it a war zone. Executive stole peoples mandate through judiciary, electoral college becomes irrelevant. Election rigging now is left in the hands of the judiciary to decide, as the last stand for election irregularities. Political criminals like Hope Uzodimma, of Imo State, that came fourth position in an election conducted by Independent National Electoral Commission INEC, mysteriously emerged to the first position through the Supreme Court of Nigeria electoral manipulation and judiciary fraud. Since then, Imo State, once a serene and leisurely state overnight becomes another Afghanistan in Nigeria. Supreme Court Chief Judge, Ibrahim Tanko Mohammed, was responsible for the numerous instability ravaging Imo State. The Judicial magic employed by Ibrahim Tanko Mohammed to have installed a Fulani administrator, Hope Uzodimma, in Imo State incapacitated Nigeria’s nascent dying democracy leading to her moribund state. 

This shady judiciary miscarriage of justice by Ibrahim Tanko Mohammed’s Supreme Court of Nigeria resulted to insecurity and spilling of blood in Imo state lately, including the death of Ahmed Gulak, who was said to have been shot dead while trying to escape after he noticed his safety is not guaranteed in Imo State anymore. Both the Supreme Court of Nigeria and Hope Uzodimma, were behind the death of Ahmed Gulak and they know it perfectly well. The dirty political tricks and judicial manipulation respectively, left Imo state, to how it is today at the moment. The peoples mandate was stolen in a broad day light by Hope Uzodinma. The installation of Hope Uzodimma as a governor of Imo State has Fulani undertone gimmick. Fulani aim was achieved in Imo state, but in return it makes the state ungovernable. 

The same judiciary arm of government that turns Imo state, to more of Afghanistan where peoples’ lives are at risk on the other way round, seen legal practitioners as learned men and women only in a cow kingdom like Nigeria where such nonsense can be tolerated and they learned men and women feel relaxed thinking that we owe them respect. Perhaps, hiding from the truth has always becomes the major problem ravaging Nigeria arms of government; executive, legislature and judiciary. The main purpose of Hope Uzodinma’s installation as governor of Imo state, was to decimate IPOB and Eastern Security Network ESN. Off course, the installed governor keeps killing members of the Indigenous People of Biafra - IPOB, in large numbers in a bid to please his Fulani political masters. 

It was authentically confirmed that more than 35 (thirty five) slayed bodies of Imo State youths were deposited at Owerri Federal Medical Center mortuary by the Nigerian Police and military erroneously tagged to be IPOB members. The Fulani Supreme Court made administrator of Imo state admitted to have invited military to kill his own people. The cowardly killing of ESN commander Ikonso, by the joint combined team of the Nigerian armed forces awakened the sleeping lions in Imo state to avenge for justice. 
Without stolen peoples mandate in Imo state through Supreme court, the uprising in state would have been averted. Hope Uzodimma knew nobody voted for him, he does not have the peoples mandate and he is not answerable to the people but Fulani oligarchy that made him governor. 

That is why he can brag to spill the blood of his own flesh without giving a damn. The same way lust Mrs Wike Tambuwal (Nyesom Wike) of Rivers State, threatened to kill IPOB members and will bury them like vultures with their hands cut off. This is how insurgency gradually started in Imo state. Either political intimidation or judicial manipulation may likely spring up social disorderliness in Rivers State if time is not taken, as a result of Wike’s lust carelessness for his Fulani husband - Aminu Tambuwal. The blood of Igbo speaking Biafrans has always been used to settle scores and differences in Nigeria. In order for Nyesom Wike to settle his political score with Fulani oligarchy he denied his Igbo identity. Of course, Nyesom Wike can assimilate any tribe of his choice, he can easily claim to be an aquatic animal from Oceanic state, it is his right and who cares?. 

Nyesom Wike, is a lawyer right?, and he can equally be addressed as learned man, what a disgrace! Identity self denial by Biafran politicians might have contributed to the genocidal war threat from the body double Nigerian President against the former Eastern Nigeria. Having seen Biafran politicians as nonentities without leadership charisma or influence. Fulani sees Biafran governors as pathway passage to kill Biafrans in their respective states, actions and inactions by these governors give Fulani access to annihilate their people while protecting their Fulani bandits and killer herdsmen including terrorists are granted state pardon with scholarship and enrollment into the armed forces. That is why non of these governors protects it's own state against Fulani expansionism and force settlements in our region. Indigenous peoples resistance to stand against Fulani invasion has been a major problem to the Fulani Presidency of Nigeria. 

The installation of Fulani administrator in Imo state as governor with condition for granting Fulani RUGA settlements was the root cause of insecurity in the state. The resistance force by Indigenous People of Biafra IPOB has been an issue and impediment for Fulani RUGA settlements implementation in Imo state. 
Nyesom Wike openly embraced Fulani as his next state of origin and self denial identity of its descendants may likely ends him inviting his favorite Fulani terrorist herdsmen in Rivers state, by then who knows if Igweocha -Rivers state won’t be more bloody than Imo? As Wike vows to kill every IPOB member, there is no how families that lost their love ones will stand ovation for Nyesom Wike’s extra judicial killings of innocent masses of his state. If Nyesom Wike can claim to have migrated from somewhere else by denying his forefathers identity, no doubt it is his right, constitutionally, there is freedom of association. Likewise, every Biafran also has the right of freedom of association either to belong to IPOB as a family member or not which it is only a referendum can determine such freedom of association. Although, every Biafran by virtue of birth is an indigenous person of Biafra, in that case Nyesom Wike must be made to get ready to dance the spiritual dance he has been beating by himself all this while without him knowing the implications so far.

Edited by Ndubuisi Eke
Twitter Handle: @NdubuisiEke07
Published by Charles Opanwa 


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