Written by Kelechi Okorie and Brave Son/Biafra Reporters

June 4, 2021 

No single arms of Nigeria government can say to be working. From executive, legislature to judiciary. The presidential parrot; Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed can deceived those he could, to believe that insecurity does not make Nigeria a failed state. Contrary from what Nigerians were meant to conceived in their mind, most collapsed disintegrated nations around the world rooted in insecurity. Insecurity could mean different things to different nations depending on the budding national threats. Above all, failed state emanated from insecurity. Once the life of masses are not guaranteed in a particular social sphere the nation is said to have failed. Can Nigeria boast of anything if not failure?

The leader of Indigenous People of Biafra, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, time without number over the Radio Biafra, said that; his mission is not only for Biafra restoration, but also to erase the word “Nigeria”, from the world map. The same way Biafra was obliterated after 1967-70 war crime melted against the Biafran people, before reincarnated present generation took it upon themselves to reinstates the forgotten nation through relentless agitation.

Britain lords Nigeria. As a creator, Britain determines the existence of her colony. Her High Commissioner to Nigeria,  Catriona  Laing, is assiduously making everything possible to keep Nigeria one. Unfortunately, Britain is building on an already collapsed castle. Having acknowledged this; House of Representatives is making every effort to change the Nigeria’s name; changing Nigeria for whatever name is equivalent as a mad man wearing new sewn Fulani agbada clothe, while the madness remains unchecked. 

However, whichever clone name given to Nigeria, won’t change anything. Before then, Nigeria should pay all the loans collected from world Bank and China, so she cannot denies borrowed monies from the respective lenders. House of Representatives promulgated Nigeria to be answered United Africa Republic, intelligent concern Nigerians came up with the most suitable name “United Animals Ranch”, which has similar acronym. 

Fulani controls Nigeria to an extent through Britain, as the lord. Britain might be the brain behind the changing of Nigeria’s name. Perhaps, Fulani has inbuilt majority at both House of Representatives and the Senate, meaning name changing is at the caprice of Fulani senators. Be that it may, Nigeria cannot escape disintegration. When once disintegration is mentioned fear always grips Fulani, as if they are even indigenous to Nigeria. Their fear is denying them their pot of soup, as their lives depend upon the existence of Nigeria’s indivisibility. Though, they have nothing to offer.

The travesty playing out in Nigeria now reminds me my days in varsity, when it was time for project research and defence. I deliberately chosen to researched on the controversial topic -"Biafra Renaissance In Southeast, Military Intervention And Its Implications On National Security". During the course of research work, i glanced the failed state theory as postulated by Rotberg (2002) to drive home my point on the reasons for the revival in the call for the restoration of Biafra. The military use of lethal force to quell self determinism movement and the likely implications on national security, which Nigeria presidency cannot curtail no matter what.

My researched work replicated what i read on Rotberg two day ago. (Rotberg is the founding director of the Harvard Kennedy School’s Program on Intrastate Conflict and president emeritus of the World Peace Foundation), the foundation councils on foreign relations, it’s a prominent US public policy think thank. After elucidate investigations by the professional emeritus, they came up with conclusion that Nigeria has finally qualified to be counted as a totally failed state. Immediately, i knew my researched and positioned some months back has finally been confirmed and vindicated.

Nigeria; a shambolic and interest maximize British creation, concentrates political power in the hands of their perfect house slave; Fulani Islamic Caliphate, who through the instrumentality of the state armed forces at the corridors of power subdue other tribes into Islamic submission, but met her Waterloo when the Fulani bandits they themselves created turned against them. 

The situation became worst when the people who felt their lives are threatened beyond measure resolved to defend themselves by any means possible, now in Nigeria, so therefore, there seems to be a balance of terror.

Nigeria may be officially seen as a failed state from few days ago, but as a matter of principle, Nigeria failed immediately the government monopolized the use of sophisticated fire arms to accomodate their bandit brethren for their private gains. The escalation of arms proliferation resulted insecurity ravaging the enclaved called Nigeria today.

Unfortunately, the British government that is grossly responsible for the mess called Nigeria is still unconscionable, as her High Commissioner to Nigeria, Catriana Laing is seen moving about convincing southern leaders who are only interested in their personal gains on the need to keep Nigeria one, which has not happened in any part of the world.

Failure for British government to accomplish her mission to find solution for rubicon failed Nigeria state may probably, left British High Commissioner with no option than shamelessly knocking at every Nigerian doors begging for one Nigeria to remain intact. Maybe by then, those flamboyant megaphones at the Aso Rock, will listen the voice of reasoning by organizing a referendum by then it might be too late as her explosion via handshake across the trigger looks inevitable.

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