By Ameh Ochojila, Abuja

Published On The Biafra Post

27 June 2021   |   2:58 am

European Union-funded anti-corruption programme (RoLAC) has advocated for strengthening and overhauling of the nation’s justice system to safeguard citizens’ rights

The Component Manager of RoLAC, Oluwatoyin Badejogbin made the call in Abuja at a training workshop organised for civil societies organisations and representatives to commemorate International Day in support of victims of torture.

He said, “We need to push rigorously to put an end to torture in Nigeria, the entire judicial system in the country needs to be strengthened to support the new culture of respect for rights of Nigerians.”

The organiser of the workshop, a civil society organisation, Access to Justice, said it would soon launch an app to help curb issues of torture by security agents in Nigeria.

According to the organisation’s Project Director, Deji Ajare, the launch would provide a platform for victims of torture to report cases and get legal and other services.

Ajare said the workshop was being put together with assistance from European Union, British Council and other partners to create awareness on the degrading impact of torture and also to create awareness on the anti-torture law already in place in the country.

He said, “With proper understanding of the Anti-Torture Act 2017, cruelty in the name of investigation could be reduced.”

According to him, all civilized societies have found alternative ways of investigating other than torture, and we as a nation cannot be left behind in the trend.




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