Written by Kelechi Okorie | Biafra Reporter 

June 16, 2021

If Igbos were not intimidated when the Zoo mask wearer paraded himself as the Nigerian President threatened the South-East of the country with the language of war and ethnic cleansing as it is currently ongoing yet, Biafrans are not panicking because they believe in a common goal which is the realization of Biafra. Is it when Biafra was called a very small dot in a circle that Biafrans will shiver?. It is impossible. The same small dot fought the whole world stand still, with bare hands approximately three years non stop, merely making headway of tremendous progress in science and technology. 

Although, there was death toll records of over five million Biafrans during the pogrom and subsequently genocide. The number of death mainly affected the Biafran women and children, perhaps, the war has not ended. The small dot has multiply over sixty million while the giant zoo called Nigeria is drastically dropping in both population density and every sphere of influence. The dot is 360 degree centigrade, it is a complete circle that can accommodate the earth. 

Biafra simply means asylum or a home for all, Biafra literally means; come and join. Biafra is at the center of the world with zero longitude and zero latitude, that represents the eye of the universe. An eye without a dot at the center is a blind eye, once the dot is remove from the eye it becomes lifeless. Nigeria was said to be accorded as a giant of Africa is because of the same dot. 

Nigeria is speedily at the cross road of darkness since the dot refuses to remain the eye muscle. Through conspiratorial war of aggression the dot was gushed out, the gush of blood, pains, agony and extermination. The same dot today raises his head tall above the oppressors. Collectively the dot is the six richest ethnic nationality in the world and fourth most traveled around the entirety of the earth. Any part of the world without the dot, it simply means the place is not meant for human inhabitation. That is the power of the dot. Dotians are always proud representatives in their respective nations of operation.

Excellent is a hallmark of dotians, their achievements are instinct with little or no succor from the government, up to the present time, the light shine in them. They bear the name “Ihechiowa”, meaning the shining light of the world. Where there is darkness, dotians bring light, where there is hopelessness, dotians restore hope, where there is destitute, dotians bring calamari, life is worthless without dot. Dot makes the world a global village, without the dot internet accessibility becomes impossible. The small dot covers the earth. Dot as a small circular shape scatters the gun powder under the wagon. 

In all angles you can't achieve any meaningful thing in life without the dot, nothing is complete in life without a dot because it's the nucleus of man's existence. The fear of exit of a dot in Nigeria of course will bring an end and erasure of the word “Nigeria”, in the world map that makes the Fulani nomads to grief in tension of hopelessness.

Internal generated revenue from the dot, are use to sustain Fulani farmers, whose farms are funded by the Central Bank of Nigeria at the detriment of the indigenous dot owners of the resources. Despite all the shenanigans, dotians are not discouraged instead they are more hardworking and determined to excel in life. Respectful world class scientists, engineers, technocrats, celebrities are dotians.

During our forefathers era, the dot at the sky signify the heaven’s approval of our commune offering and spiritual beliefs, it is always on point at all points. The earth surface itself is surrounded by dot particles that shine upon the earth. Nigeria pseudo Presidency is unaware what dot represents, Biafrans on the other hand, can never deny being a dot of the world, that is whom they are. Fulani can choose to be nomads that is their own business and not ours to discuss.

Perhaps, the dot name was insinuated to demarcate Southern Biafra and Eastern Biafra, but they failed woeful because blood is thicker than water. Their failure to achieve this slight trick has put shame to the Nigerian Presidency and that Aso Rock impostor. The same old divide and rule tricks was hanged on the air before landing. 

The shock of their hopeless life becomes more intense and unbearable when both Eastern Biafran leaders and Southern Biafran leaders respectively, debunked the claim that they had a consultative meeting with the mask wearer parading himself as the President of Nigeria. Biafrans remained the dot of the earth, Fulani what are you, land ursurperers and wondering animals from the Sahel without a human soul?. Long live the dot! Long live lovers of freedom!! Long live Biafra!!! We are the dotians. The mask wearer can go and hug transformer or commit suicide.

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