By Nwawube Ezeobi | Biafra Reporter

June 24, 2021

The caitiffs South East governors because of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and the Indigenous People of Biafra - IPOB, were forcefully tele-guided by the Fulani Arewa Consultative Forum to converged, they had their normal jamboree which they called meeting only to share loots as usual, these unrefined criminal elements and dirty pigs in a squalor at the end of their meeting issued out a communique where they foolishly and unreasonably claimed to have disowned the Indigenous People of Biafra and her self-determination quest and prayed for a one united Nigeria is a criminal affront against the collective wishes of our people world wide by a few political serfs.

Please let us set the record straight for discernment purpose, between the Indigenous People of Biafra and the criminal South East governors who owns the land, the people or the Fulani slave servants in governor's offices?. According to the communist manifesto of Karl Marx, freedom and slavery, Patrician and plebian, lord and serf, guild master and journeyman, in a word, oppressor and the oppressed, stands in constant opposition to one another. 

Once the embattled oppressors feels their grip on the oppressors is losing currency, they do whatever it takes to maintain that very deadly relationship.

In Nigeria, it seems the communist position is dualistic as we have the ruling and supreme class as Fulani hegemony and their direct slaves which are the South Eastern governors and their errand boys in Ohaneze Ndi Igbo, then we have the eastern populace whom they try to subdue using the semi oppressors who are themselves slaves.

In Nigeria today we have the Fulani herdsmen whose stock in trade is the conquest of lands in the Eastern region through the tacit support of the Fulani controlled federal government of Nigeria. We do also have the Boko-Haram terrorist sect whose own duty is to turn the Northern geo-space to extremely an Islamist land. Upon the face of terror and wanton destructions caused by these two tools, the Fulani leaders and their elders have always given them morale boosting backups through monetary gifts, national backup and armoury equipment even as it is very visible of their actions and plans. What do you have in the East as the elders and governors?.

In the face of Fulani killings, rappings, kidnappings and all manners of unchaste evil in Biafra , the governors kept akimbo as commanded by their Fulani house masters in Abuja and 10 Downing street London. The people organised themselves, rose up through the instrumentalities of IPOB created Eastern Security Network whose only duty was to safeguard our farmlands and make sure the Fulani herders menace is reduce drastically. On the success of this outfit, the Fulani slaves in Biafra land in the name of being called governors rallied round as were instructed, they created a counter force against the Eastern Security Network in the name of Ebubeagu. 

Within months because of the insincerity of purpose, the Ebubeagu collapsed as Easterners give them no chance to destroy the Eastern Security Network using the Fulani recruited and established Ebubeagu. Now our farms and security lies in the hands of Eastern Security Network, the Fulani slaves being as shameless as they are, are still doing everything within their power and oars to prove to the Fulani oligarchy of how loyal they can be to them. The disgraceful press release in which they claimed to disown the IPOB is most retrogressive and mundane in 21st century society. 

Is time we ask the five shameless South East governors, who can disown who, the five slaves in the name of governors or the millions of Biafrans that owns the land.

It is expedient and pertinent to inform the slaves disowning their fatherland that IPOB is not a person but the whole people naturally occupying the land of Biafra. A people who you are supposed to represent but rather you chose to represent the Fulani Northern interest in Biafra region, same people you South East governors have masterminded their massacres over the years. IPOB is same people whom you proscribed in order to quench their taste for freedom but if I may ask you all, did you succeed in your witch hunt?

Since you know that you have failed to quench the will of the people through the bullets, courts and bribery, how then do you think you can through disowning them make the Indigenous People of Biafra to cower for your stupidity?. The Indigenous People of Biafra - IPOB, is the peoples movement and this very march towards the freedom of all the oppressed people in Nigeria to seek for their freedom can never be quenched nor stifled away by ignorant few, not through barrels of guns, not through sabotage, not through court sessions and of course not through disownment.

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