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June 14, 2021

It's the people in power that the columnist of this essay tend to address, Oduduwa activists must remain determined if they must succeed as the Indigenous People of Biafra IPOB, succeeded in making all Biafran political criminals irrelevant in the Nigeria political space. Power belongs to the people, it can only be achievable when the people know their rights and fight for it to it's logical conclusion. Biafra would have by now be Fulanized through the help of Biafran politicians; that is the people in power, but the Indigenous People of Biafra IPOB, halted the Islamization agenda of conquest by the nomadic Fulani. 

It is on record that atleast, T.Y Danjuma gave kudos to Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, for not being just an Igbo - he says. The recommendation by T.Y Danjuma, was not necessarily because IPOB ably leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu stopped Fulani agenda only, no!. It is mainly because Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, fought gallantly without giving up irrespective of inducements and political offers by the Fulani controlled federal government. In the whole of Nigeria entirely; it is only in Biafra land that politicians do no longer have control over the people. Doubting the possibility can only emanated from feeble minded half educated Nigerians that sing their />

A fight for freedom as a people is not gotten by plugging mango from the mango tree. It takes determination and resoluteness for the people in the streets to regain their power from the people in position of power, which IPOB made it possible. Only IPOB can give order and the entirety of Biafra land will adhere to it, up till now, Fulani controlled federal government of Nigeria has no influence in our region and as well they have not regained the lockdown shock. Not even the federal government of Nigeria can order a sit at home order and the people will obey it without the imposition of the law enforcement agencies on the people of Nigeria to adhere to such command, but it is only IPOB that does without the application of force on the people.

Oduduwa activists can equally do the same if they really want freedom from this animal confinement called Nigeria. 

June 12, #BuhariMustGo protest that rocked Oduduwa Republic to stand still has come and gone without anything to hold onto or show for it, yes, Chief MKO Abiola deserves to be celebrated and immortalized as a hero, he was a defendant of democracy and a martyr who died for what he believed in, but without first unmasking those behind his unlawful incarceration, arrest and also persecute them; those behind his sudden death after a tea party meeting makes the protest inconsequential and irrelevant.

As June 12, protest gathered momentum in Oduduwa land, in remembrance of their brave father Chief Moshood Kashimawo Olawale Abiola, after a murderous military junta Sani Abacha’s Chief Security Officer confirmed how MKO Abiola was beaten to death. Nigerians were overwhelmed by the numerous charity works of MKO Abiola and voted for him, but the election that ought to have give him the needed victory was nullified by a half Yoruba and Fulani military head of state Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida, not just that, MKO Abiola was also murdered in a cold blood. The death of MKO Abiola, confiscated Oduduwa’s people right to actively participate in partisan politics then and thereafter, because their illustrious son and their mouthpiece was murdered trying to salvage from the military rule. 

Oduduwa Republic is achievable only when Oduduwa activists are not shifting ground that an Oduduwa indigenous person can say to have reclaimed power from those political criminals at the corridors of power. IPOB threw a dice box and captured it back at the end. Not even the government security formation are regarded as valid security agents in Biafra land anymore, but the grassroot peoples oriented Eastern Security Network ESN, remains the only recommended valid security outfit that the people have identified with. Ebonyi State governor's elder brother, Rtd Major General Obi Umahi, resigned as chairman of Southeast Security Committee immediately he observed the invalidation of South-East governors Security architecture as a shamble and lacking meaning. The Ebubeagu security outfit within a twinkle of an eye died a natural death mainly because the security formation doesn’t have the peoples mandate. 

All the indigenous ethnic nationalities in Nigeria must rise up to the expectation more especially those of you from the Middle Belt, that are under the mercy and control of the Fulani federal government of Nigeria sponsored terrorist attacks for forceful land grabbing or ursurpation to accommodate his invading foreign Fulani herdsmen according to the Presidency of Garba Shehu. Already IPOB has successfully awaken the sub-consciousness of the masses with their blood for every Nigerian person to seek for self-determination as inalienable right that is boldly enshrined in United Nations charter, which Nigeria is a signatory to as Nigeria won't deny not to be a partaker in appending her signatory to this treaty.  

The voice of the people is the voice of  God, and the voice of God is the voice of the generality of the masses. Masses separate the warriors from the mass power to the people. Agitations from different component nationalities in Nigeria is the voice of the people against the few people in the position of power. The suspension of Twitter by Buhari’s APC fascist led government in a democracy was to suppress people's views against the government tyranny. 

If not for the reactions cum pressures from non state actors and International community and organizations by now the few people in the position of power would have shutdown the internet as they initially planned so as to effect genocide on the people seeking for self determination from the oppressive Nigerian state. 

The power of the people is still holding the people in the position of power to withdraw back from accomplishing their evil intent bastardized act of wholesome repressiveness and state sponsored killings that would have unfold using the security agents. The purpose of shutting down the internet by the government was to confiscate the people's opinion when being slaughtered by the people in the position of power. 

The claim by the Director-General of the National Space Research and Development Agency NSRDA, Dr. Halilu Shaba, revealed that Nigeria’s satellite which was last licensed in 2011, has expired and was now functioning in grace, this was another sinister means to shutdown the internet between June 11 midnight June-12, so that when the people are being shot dead on Buhari must go protest scheduled to hold on June 12th, the world won’t hear the cry of the people. The heart of the people in position of power is evil, but the power of the people always prevail at the end even when it seems impossible, and only the end justifies the means.

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