Written by Kelechi Okorie | Biafra Reporter

May 23, 2021 

I bring you greetings from here, it is a pleasure writing to you my fellow Biafrans residing in the most dangerous terrain and retrogressive state ravaged by the Fulani, sponsored by the terrorist Nigerian State. I am not writing to you to admit the ugly scenario and rampaging insecurity in the entire Nigeria and Northern part of the country in particular, but I am writing to you for posterity purposes so that when the killings commence none of you will deny not having the knowledge of the impending attacks targeted on your persons.

Time without number you have been notified concerning the Fulani planned attacks on you, if not for the refusal of Hausas to join hands with the murderous Fulanis' to decimate you, by now it would have been a different storyline altogether and many of you may not likely be alive to tell the story by yourself. 

With love in my heart it becomes pertinent to remind you that genocidist Fulani plans to murder you in numbers is very much active, intact and may likely, occur any moment from now if time not taken as Fulani hegemony is running out of time to perfect their 2022 Fulanization and forceful Islamization agenda. I know that some of you believed in one united Nigeria, no doubt, but are you ready to die for what you believe in?. If your answer is yes, then get ready for your blood to be spilled in no distant time. 

It is very worrisome that some of you are blind to see the bold handwriting on the wall, life is more precious than wealths but most of you Biafrans residing in that life threatening enclave Northern Nigeria, value wealths more than life itself, even when Fulani poverty pins most of you down yet it never occurs to you to re-think and take proactive steps to salvage yourself and those around you from upcoming calamity. Imported Fulani armed trained militias have been stationed to carry out the attacks on you, whether you believe it or not, taking my words for granted at your own peril because stubborn flies always end up in a hot pot. 

Those of you Biafrans living in Northern Nigeria with the notion that Biafra agitation puts your life in danger are sick in the brain, contrary from that misconstrue perception, those of you living in Northern Nigeria are the ones putting the life of Biafrans in Biafra land in danger in a essence that Fulanis’ believes that once they are been evicted from their illegal settlements in our various forests you Biafrans in the North will be a prime target that must be hunted down by all possible means. Invariably, your inept stubbornness  slows the restoration of Biafra down as a sovereign nation, but it seems that most of you are deaf to adhere to this advise and voice of reasoning.

Note that when the killing will start you may likely seek for help by then it will be too late; besides, mind you, your killing will facilitate the coming of Biafra quick for that reason nobody is begging anybody to do the needful. Already those of you in the North are more or less sacrificial lambs, your throats must be slice as Salah rams by Fulani terrorist foot armed militias.

I am not trying to instill fear in you, but the truth must be told to set those of you with listening ear free. Perhaps, should you remain nonchalant bombs explosions currently happening in Southwest will be a child's play to compare with what shall befall you Biafrans believing only in the North is where your source of livelihood is destined.

It is better to have second option and the best option is to think home, start coming back home now. As a wise adage says no place like home, even if it is still remote to your taste you can develop it as most of you developed another man’s land to you funfair. I am much aware that you are afraid of your hard earned properties to be confiscated by the Fulani Northerners but mind you that such trash is no longer viable in this contemporary system. All your in the North will be given back to you when Biafra is restored as a sovereign independent nation. Don’t mortgage your life in exchange of your properties, International law is their to protect your properties from being taken over by the Fulani nomads. 

As most of your rubber stamp Nigeria political looters syphoned the public treasury to buy expensive properties in abroad and their properties are being protected base on international laws and treaties so shall yours be protected, how many of your criminal politicians are living in those mansions they bought outside the shores of Nigeria despite being the rightful owners, so shall your properties in Northern Nigeria will be protected when Biafra will be finally restored; think wise, a stitch in time saves nine.

Edited by Ndubuisi Eke

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