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April 12, 2021

Before going further, it is very important to clear the predicable meaningless phrase “South South”. The creation of this misleading region by Gen. Jack Yakubu Gowon, then Military Head of State, in May 27th, 1967, before civil war broked out was to sow a seed of discord and delusion among Biafrans for easy penetration. Yes! The purpose of boundary adjustment was achieved, its negative impacts in return resulted to the minority commission (region), we see today. Only a buffoon or stack illiterate can said to be originated from South-South. The phrase doesn’t exist in the world cardinal point. The same minority commission can’t be seen in Northern Nigeria. Such like the Biafra territory, boundary adjustments erroneously with criminal intents done in the defunct Eastern region in a deceptive guise of states creation with unexisting cardinal direction which was nothing but to plant strife in Eastern region that houses Biafra domain.

Without consistent efforts by the Indigenous People of Biafra IPOB, to reunite every clan in Biafra soil, the seed of discord planted through concocted boundary adjustment could have as usual made Biafrans carved to South East periphery to remain less concerned, few days ago Nigerian government sent their jet fighters against civilians in Akwa Ibom State, without justifiable reasons to compare with insecurity level in the entirety of Northern Nigeria. Now Bishop Etete Peters, from Ikot , has been abducted for no reason by members of the Nigerian DSS operatives after many people were summary killed caused by the air raid by the Nigerian Military .  

Most Nigerians may have easily forgotten that Muhammadu Buharis’s first dividend of democracy to South South was a hatred against the region. The same Akwa Ibom, felt the impact of Muhammadu Buhari, immediately he was confirmed as the President elect, he sent fighter jets to bomb many communities with Nepal bomb, as his first assignment even when insecurity was on rampaged in his nose in the North. However, Nigerian government conceived acquiring armament is the only means to curbs or eradicates insecurity in Nigeria.

Funds spent so far in this administration to purchase ammunition can be diverted to industrialization for job creation in order to reduce the high unemployment rate in the country which can on the other way round, seen as job security. An idle man is a devil’s workshop. According to Nigeria Bureau of Statistics NBS, Q4 2020 findings, recently pinpointed Imo State, as the unemployment capital of Nigeria. What did you think will happen if federal government open all the seaports and refineries in Biafra land?. Massive employment and economic exploration in South East and South south.   But totalitarian military juntas in pretends of democrats prefer proliferation of arms and acquisition of military hardware which likely, may ends up in wrong hands of groups or individuals in the North of Nigeria. 

Simple thing that needed dialogue, in Nigeria it requires lethal force yet, it hasn’t be of remedy. Rather, it's worsening the condition. Government hasn’t learnt any lesson. The executive order signed by the President Muhammadu Buhari's body double, to shoot at sight anyone in possession of illegal firearms without considering the risk it portrays even to the lives of security personnel. Nigeria armed security personnel are commonly known as force behind provoke intimidation, terrorism, kidnapping and killing of civilians without remorse. Shoot at sight executive order by President Muhammadu Buhari body double, indicted Nigeria security personnel also to be shoot at when sighted in possession of firearms.

Though, Nigerians might be astonished when the executive order was signed. Logical aspect of it, the order was specifically directed to South East and South south regions. Rather than peaceful resolution, federal government of Nigeria through her policies adds more patrol in a burning fire thinking it will solve the problem. This government is furious to terminate the peace and serenity the good people of South East and South south regions are enjoying already. If the Presidency can shamelessly say that the jail break in Owerri correctional center where nearly two thousand [2000], inmates were freed was as an act of terrorism, how come the same Presidency has been deaf and dumb over the Fulani herdsmen uncountable killings of innocent civilians in Ebonyi and Enugu respectively?.

Nigerian police and her military counterpart saddled predominantly with the responsibility of protecting lives and properties turned to orbit of terror personified against the people they are to be protected. Some ethnic bigots won’t see the recent air bombardment in Akwa Ibom state, by the Nigerian air force as an act of terrorism. The rogue Nigerian Army criminally claimed that the air bombardment of Akwa Ibom was to clear the state of criminal elements within the area, the press statement was an indication of Nigeria’s military intelligent units is handicap to do a ground work to fish out culprits but preferred to bombing every living thing at sight as the order was given by the Presidency and former Inspector General of Police, Mohammed Adamu Abubakar. 

End SARS peaceful protest was to end Nigerian police and military brutality, instead of the brutal security forces to adhere to the cry of the masses maliciously slaughtered innocent unarmed protesters. Hundreds and thousands of dead protesters were recorded but the rogue government buried the said record, evidence of her massacre on her citizens. Extra judicial killings and adoption of civilians by security personnel were at high rate. All the prison yards and police cells in Biafra land were packed with suspects to the extent that thousands were lifted from Obigbo, Rivers State, to Northern dungeons including women; Biafran women were randomly raped by Fulani military officers. One among the rape victims undergone surgery, her womb was removed as a result of injuries sustained during the raped. Imo State Governor, Hope Uzodimma, having seen the implications of his statement retracted his words. On no account government can defeat her citizens, Nigeria police and military are only been paid back with their own coin which the resultant effect is the unknown gunmen giving them morsels that they deserved.

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