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April 03, 2021

A book “There Was A Country”, is the autobiography of one of Africa’s most renowned writer and a good essayist, Chinua Achebe, his blessed memory. The column gave insight on the writer’s personal history of Biafra and the Biafra war, many may had read the book as just interesting novel without dictating the main melody of the piece. The theme of book tittled “There Was A Country”, it could be seen as a stem of word by some readers, but its reoccurring idea, is beyond mere fiction. It’s a book every reader enjoys the vibe. 

In the novel, Chinua Achebe’s thesis was specifically centered on Biafra’s ways of life before the arrival of the European imperialists. Metaphase was used to pass a message how Nigeria may likely collapse when once Biafra finally seceded vis-à-vis force unity in diversity will inevitably also triggers other unsatisfied ethnic nationalities in Nigeria to brace up for separation. However, readers may understood the novel as irony, that’s to say, Nigeria’s elusive ugly present condition was ironically interpreted in Achebe’s prose, using opposite of what is written literally; or his used of words expressed other than his literal intention.   

It doesn’t matter how readers understood the theme or the dimension and angle the context is driving to, the fact remains the massage was sink to the conciseness of readers that Biafra is an ideology as it can’t be wash away with lethal force. Defunct Eastern Nigeria, then been the only projected secession region might somehow, contradicted the fact made by Chinua Achebe, using a singular noun “there was a country”, to referenced Biafra as a point in generality with other spring up secession regions.

Contrary from archaic outburst from Fulani folks with primordial believed that Nigeria’s unity in diversity is unnegotiable can only be viable within nomadic Fulani cage, normally designed to hold animals. Nigeria is speedily on mild banishment like Union of Soviet Socialist Republics USSR. For the abundant of doubt, USSR was a former superpower later splinted with emergence of 15 independent countries such as follows: Armenia, Azerbaijain, Belarus, Estonia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latria, Lithuania, Moldora, Russia, Tajikistan, Turmenistan, Ukraine and Uzbekistan. This alone has said it all, if a superpower can be disintegrated what is special for an ordinary hungry and backward third world country like Nigeria?.

The world is advancing in science, technology and innovation but West Africa sub region is disadvantaged to align with contemporary competition, mainly because brainless Fulani race takes over the helms of affairs in most West Africa countries. Ordinarily, sharing common boundaries with Fulani risks one to dark ages where creativity, innovation is limited. The Presidency is using both subtle deception and lethal force respectively to submerged Nigerians to succumb with the notion that the indivisibility of Nigeria as slave camp is better off than every ethnic nationality going their separate ways as vibrant independent sovereign nations. 

The Nigerian Vice President Prof. Yemi Osibanjo, trying to made Nigerians absorb the abnormality of traveling to Kano with VISA once Nigeria is disintegrated but failed to comprehend it’s far better to travel to Kano with Visa as foreigners than compiling dichotomous divergent value system together with nothing to be proud of. Besides, should Prof. Yemi Osibanjo likes traveling to Kano, others may prefer traveling to Somalia with visa. In that case, Yemi’s subtle argument is inconsequential.  Arewa Consultative Forum ACF, on the other hand, reflects the Presidency’s lethal force through Fulani terrorist militia armed wing to insert fear in the of gullible Nigerians to remain jittering over war threats by Fulani controlled security system. 

No single ethnic nationality wants to be left behind as it is currently in Nigeria today, it’s no longer business as usual, Middle Belt rose up few days ago, made their stand known afterwards they unveiled their Kwararafa national flag likewise, Oduduwa’s determination to conduct referendum on the 12th day of June 2021, seems to be a hook worm on the neck of Nigeria. Nigeria won’t find it easy after she will undergone what awaits her for not allowing Biafra to go their separate way from time immemorial. Agitations coming from different regions in Nigeria will impede the TUCANO Jet Fighter bought by the government to fight four war fronts at same time when ordinary Boko Haram is systematically disgracing the Nigerian military in a war against insurgency in Northern Nigeria.   

The break up calls by trapped ethnic nationalities in Nigeria has gone out of control, the British government having seen Nigeria at the gun powder is in a haste to quench her disillusion by all means. This was the major reason why the British envoy to Nigeria, Catriona Liang, invited the British Arm Forces Minister together after having a close door meet Abdulsalam Abubakar, she also invited the Pakistan’s air force mercenaries to help fight against the disintegration of Nigeria since it has become obvious that the centeral government of Nigeria is unable to do otherwise nor would Nigeria win over all the Indigenous ethnic nationalities lumped together in the name of amalgamation that birthed Nigeria. Truly there was a country that is about to emerge soonest.

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