Biafra: Nigeria The Longer It Exists The Darker It Becomes

By Makuochukwu Zeph. | Biafra Reporter

April 18, 2021

Biafra and Mazi Nnamdi Kanu's critics, detractors have you ever cared to ask yourself why Nigeria is getting worst day by day with her being at war with herself?. Why is she not at peace with herself since her creation by the British gods; since Nigeria was created all we hear is let's pray together that one day "Nigeria will be great"  the evil establishers of this fraud called Nigeria told your great grand fathers that Nigeria will get better some day but that is the opposite of what we are seeing on daily basis without any form of help to remedy her from the spoils of gluttonous octogenarians as rulers with iron fist on her innocent citizens.

Our great grand fathers were made to believed this concocted lies of the British colonists that unity in diversity lies the strength of a Nation and they passed the same lies to our fathers which they are trying heavily to pass unto us before they will die, it's unfortunate that our fathers believed also in this lies, in their anguish of mind but unwilling to voice out kept on suffering and hoping that someday an unimaginable transformation will visit Nigeria, they are struggling very hard to pass this false narratives, this same lie to you now,, what a misguided people toyed with their sense of discernment.

Now that we have become of age and have faced what is before us, do we still believe that this fraud called Nigeria will still be better?. First the Nigerian people are quite different from each other going by the basis of what forms or build a Nation, their cultural values are different, societal build up are different, system of government or administration amongst the divergent three major ethnic blocks that constitute to what is today known as Nigeria are also different, their foods and modes of foods are different then what is that unseemly seen suitable cord that makes Nigeria to be one?. Know when one is lying to you and when you are being told the truth.

For over sixty [60] years now Nigeria got her flag Independence without decolonization from the British crown following her 1914 amalgamation that took place by the enforcement of the British crown where the South of what the British crown called Nigeria was with evil intent married off to the North to be a submissive servant slave of the Sokoto caliphate. Nigeria is not getting any better, and who will make it better when the people are not one people irrespective of the false tales by the agents of imperialists neo-colonialists in the shores of Africa existing as heads of states. How will it get better?. When will it get better? These are questions asked many years ago without any form of answers and still some ignorant folks who still believe in Nigeria are still asking these questions without an answer too but in the end they will sheepishly tell you let's move forward and to where is the forward we are moving to.

In Nigeria today so many people wish to go back to the past years when the cost of living were still affordable, which depicts that  Nigeria has no future and she is not getting any better for those that say let's move forward. Why will people of a particular country wish for that phrase? Is the future not bright anymore? What made them believe that the past is better than the present state of Nigeria?. Have you ever asked yourself how will your children cope in a society where the past is better than the present?. That is the case of Nigeria today.

The truth is this, Nigeria will never get better because the cause of the problem is Nigeria, how can you bring together many nations and join them together as one? Have you ever tried charging an iPhone phone with an Android charger? Definitely it won't work!
Then why do you think that an Igbo man who has a different reasoning from a Fulani man, Hausa man and Yoruba man can be together in peace when they all feel superior in their own cultural beliefs, and societal build ups couple with religious ideology which is considered supreme in all facets of life.

The best solution to stop this hazardous, chaotic establishment made by European British crown colonists - Sir Frederick Lugard and Dame Flora Louise Shaw, is to go our separate ways and live according to our societal cultural norms and believe.
Truth be told, without fear nor favour, now in Nigeria sane people are acknowledging the fact that the years past is better than the present state of Nigeria even those that occupy government houses and offices also subscribe to this undisputed facts with reasoning then why do the animalistic government of Nigeria always bundle the Nigerian Military out to keep feast on the blood of Nigerians if the center can not hold on bettering the lives of her citizens.  So why are you still believing the lies that was told to your great grand fathers, to your fathers and now to you?. Think future beings for your common goals and well being. 

Edited by Ndubuisi Eke
Twitter Handle: @NdubuisiEke07
Published by Charles Opanwa 


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