By Kelechi Okorie | Biafra Reporter

April 07, 2021

What goes around comes around, one can’t sow corn and expect to reap mango, such expectation contravenes the natural law of retributive justice. Unlike Nigeria, the essence of government is to harness the peoples to a good standard of living and keep in check harmoniously tendencies. Fear of the saint unknown gunmen is the beginning of wisdom; if one tells me that Nigeria police and military can vacate their extorting checkpoints overnight in Biafra land I may doubt the possibility. On my way travelling for a friend’s burial, passengers in the same bus with me were curious to buy facemask to avoid being molested by the Nigerian Police and Army extortionists on the highway. Lo and behold, all the usual extorting checkpoints were deserted, like graveyard; does it mean that those heartless extortionists in uniform are tired of roja collection and exploitative career?.

It took me by storm to see no single Police checkpoint, unlike before, from Aba to Abia Tower down to Mbano in Imo State, the roads were calm, no stop and search, your particulars, inner lights and upper lights embarrassment wasn’t encountered. Pillar to post extorting checkpoints overnight were dismantled, what could be the reason?. Then, with uncountable checkpoints yet, highway armed robbery increases on daily basis without a stop. However, it simply indicated that those security extortionists in uniform mounting roadblocks on highways are the same highway armed robbers. Both the Nigeria Police and her Military has had officially extorted motorists and unofficially robbed travelers by stripping off their uniform to avoid any trace of them.   

At times, some might wondered how police detention facilities and prison yards in Eastern Nigeria, a region where there is a considerable low level of crime rate has unimaginable grow in surplus of suspected inmates languishing in various dungeons   more that Northern Nigeria, where there is high level of crime rate but detention facilities there hardly can be seen with a Fulani inmate, but they are the crime committers themselves. Instead, falsely accused easterners or suspects are on a daily basis air lifted from East to Northern Nigeria detention centers. Police stations in Eastern Nigeria are more of banks or inflows of financial institutions. Every police officer and military personnel lobby to be redeploy to Eastern Nigeria, it is an easy money making region with atrocious illegalities by uniform officers. 

During my National Youths Service Corps - NYSC, a one year compulsory service in Niger State, Kutigi LGA, to be precise, I observed no single police detention center to be said had a Fulani inmate regardless, the region harbor Northern Nigeria criminals. The imbalance in the system could have step up the saint unknown gunmen attacks against security formations and its facilities in the East. If Fulani known notorious terrorists can be pardoned, rehabilitated and reintegrated, enrolled into the Nigerian Military and the Nigerian free society with incentives in guise of amnesty by the Nigerian Presidency, no single suspect in Eastern Nigeria, deserves to be in prison for whatsoever reason. 

Nigeria Inspector General of Police, intentionally accused the Indigenous People of Biafra - IPOB, for being the brain behind the attacks in Imo State correctional prison facilities without carrying out proper investigation but he criminally kept deaf ears over the incessant killing going on day by day by Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria also known as Fulani herdsmen in Ebonyi State, IGP Adamu criminal silence over the killings in Ebonyi State has justified the hatred his ethnicity harbours against a particular section of the country. In as much as the long over stretched endurance by the people of Eastern Nigeria, perpetuated by the Nigerian government security apparatus is due to cause uprising, lawlessness and anarchy.

On the other hand, the Nigerian government security apparatus are openly aiding and abating the extra judicial dehumanizing, demeaning, rape and the murder of the people of Eastern Nigeria by killer herdsmen. Recent attacks on Nigeria Police and Military formations is just a payback cheque; it can be seen as karma,  or repercussion. The law of nature can’t be cheated, one can’t eat his cake and have it back. Nigeria police and its military counterpart had murdered sleep, it is impossible for them to aspire to have field night when they made others sleepless night. A child that said her mother can’t sleep won’t sleep also. Whatever they are facing is by their own making, they brought it upon themselves, innocent people can’t be discriminately jailed for nothing while Fulani heinous crime committers are spared and you expect innocent victims to fold their hands and watch like dummies. 

When injustice becomes law resistance becomes duty says Thomas Jefferson. Reality ought to be face head on than chasing shadow, criminal elements in government like Imo State governor, Hope Uzodimma, deserves to be in jail for having fraudulent stole the peoples mandate and not the innocent Easterners forcefully arrested demanding for their constitutional right to be free. Likewise, Ibrahim Tanko Mohammed, the Chief Justice of Nigerian Supreme Court, shouldn’t also be spared for his unknown judicial arithmetic figure used, brought in someone in fourth position to emerged the first position. Do he - Tanko Mohammed have a conscience?.

When Nigeria Police and Military had field days maiming, torturing, killing and forceful disappearance of innocent Easterners, it never occur to them, a day shall come when hunters will be hunted. Nigeria security armed forces have succeeded in radicalizing the peaceful dove to a wolf. Compliment homage by saint unknown gunmen to the Nigerian Police and Military could be seen by many as handshake across the trigger. Security personnels going to office without uniform might not be the best option seems saint unknown gunmen already know them and atrocities committed against the innocent citizens of Eastern Nigeria. If time is not taking, sooner than later, security personnels in Nigeria will be arrested by saint unknown gunmen to face God’s judgments as they Police and Military arraign frivolous charges against the innocent Easterners for possible execution and population reduction.

Edited by Ndubuisi Eke

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