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April 9, 2021

The apex Igbo socio-cultural organisation, Ohanaeze Ndigbo described the alleged killing of northerners in the South as baseless.

It wondered if it was the Igbo that massacred over 20 Igbo natives in Ebonyi communities last week.

Ohanaeze spokesperson, Chief Alex Ogbonnia,  spoke with one of our correspondents on telephone.

While denying the alleged killing of Northerners in the South, Ogbonnia said that Igbo had attained decent civilization.

He stated, “it is not part of our culture to kill. We respect the sanctity of human life. Igbo don’t kill rather Igbo are very hospitable; very accommodating; they welcome strangers of all sorts and allow people of diverse ethnic groups to transact their businesses in their land. What Igbo admire is ingenuity and hard work. In Igbo we don’t advertise killing, it is not part of our tradition and culture, rather we talk about ingenuity.”

“In Ebonyi State the Fulani invaded communities and massacred Igbo natives. At Iga community in the Uzo-Uwani Local government, Fulani invaded the community killed the Igbo.  Herdsmen from the North having clashes with the southerners. Why are they turning it upside down?”

On the voting partner in 2023, Ohanaeze spokesman said, “Nigeria will start moving well when you place competence and record of accomplishment before appointment into sensitive positions.

“If recruitment process is based on competence and record of accomplishment Nigeria will move well. But as long as we give priority to ethnic, and religious sentiment what you hear and see in Nigeria will continue. So we have two options – it is either we bring people with competency in the position of authority or we go on with religious and ethnic sentiment and continue the way we are saying. I want to believe that the greater majority of Nigerians will wish that we go with competency in an appointment so that Nigeria will become better than it is today.”

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