The Unknown Gunmen And The Usual Lies of Nigerian Armed Securities

Comr. Onyegbula Solomon | The Biafra Post

March 07, 2021

Events have shown repeatedly and evidence has overwhelmingly proven that the murderous Nigerian terrorist government and her security apparatus have constantly over the years though always failing, in trying to link or attribute their failures in dealing with the fragile internal security situation of this damnable zoological republic of Nigeria to IPOB. This is a clear case of calling a dog a bad name just to kill it. Over time we have heard of the constant clash between Nigerian security operatives and some unknown Gunmen which normally leaves casualties at the scene of the event.

These unknown gunmen as they are called, are very much co-ordinated in their approach, very precise and concise with high level of precession, leaving the damnable Zoo - Nigeria SECURITIES in disarray after every clash. This very smart moves by these unknown gunmen now leaves many questions on the lips of the citizens, like, if the security personnels are this vulnerable, without tactics and very defenseless even in their base(s), how then can they be able to secure the lives and properties of the people they sworn oath to protect?.

Another question is, can the unknown gunmen with ease dislodge officers with arms?. It then means that the so-called officers are just cowards in uniform. As such, who then should be blamed?. The unknown gunmen or the armed securities or the government. we shall look into this in our next article, for the purpose of this work, we must not digress much.
While no group, entity or individual has come out to claim ownership of the unknown gunmen, it is therefore highly ridiculous, childish, brainless and provocative though on the side of this terrorist engrossed government of Muhammadu Buhari and her armed securities to link this unidentified group to Indigenous People of Biafra - IPOB.

The Indigenous People of Biafra is and has remained a very peaceful organization with networks and presence across the entirety of this globe, performing her activities peacefully and in the open. IPOB has never ever been seen with arms or assaulted weapons, as such attributing the group or it's activities to IPOB is highly disgraceful and unacceptable to Biafrans, the Nigerian government and her armed security apparatus should rather look inwards. Let them take a proper evaluation of their activities and ask themselves salient questions like what gave rise to this unknown gunmen and what could be done to appease them; instead of lying against IPOB to score cheap goals or get another reason to massacre innocent civilians as it has been their trademark.

Let it be known to this terrorist government of Muhammadu Buhari and her armed security apparatus that trying to attribute the activities of this noble unknown gunmen to IPOB, using bogus allegations is dead on arrival and as such every well meaning individual or group should reject this lies being peddled by this rogue regime government of dictator Muhammadu Buhari and her armed securities. This is because IPOB is innocent and exonerated from these unknown gunmen going by her precedence of being peaceful and armless and could not possibly be tagged to be the brain behind these unknown gunmen.

Lies and deceits have been found to be endemic in the DNA of these tyrant Muhammadu Buhari's rogue government, the unknown gunmen are those that are fed up with the series of brutalities of Nigerian armed securities against the innocent citizens of Nigeria and therefore, the people without mincing words decided to take their destinies in their own hands by disguising themselves so as to retaliate in the same measures these Nigerian armed security personnels has been doing to them ceaselessly. IPOB is not and can never be unknown gunmen let them tread with caution as to not to wake the sleeping lion.

Edited by Ndubuisi Eke
Twitter Handle: @NdubuisiEke07
Published by Charles Opanwa 


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