Editorial By Ndubuisi Eke, Kelechi Okorie | The Biafra Post | March 22, 2021

The illegal abduction of Comr. Onyegbula Solomon from his working place at Kagha Street by Tetlow road adjacent to Mbaise road Owerri since the 8th day of March 2021 is unconstitutional and also an act of infringement on his human right, his illegal abduction violates his constitutional human rights as it has come to the notice of Biafra Reporters and the wider family members of the Indigenous People of Biafra that he - Comr. Onyegbula Solomon is currently being subjected to all manner of inhuman treatments and degradation which affects his sense of living and that of one Mr. Ugochukwu who was also kidnapped along with Onyegbula Solomon.

Comr. Onyegbula Solomon was forcefully abducted from his office by the men of Federal Special Anti-Robbery Squad [F-SARS], who disguised themselves to be his customers while placing him on call to ascertain his whereabout, the F-SARS while on phone claimed they were looking for who will do a burial program brochure, posters, burial T-shirts and reflex for them, unknown to Comr. Onyegbula Solomon while he was attending to them was apprehended for no just reason other than being a member of the Indigenous People of Biafra. 

The men of Federal Special Anti-Robbery Squad [F-SARS], came in guise of men of Department of State Security Service - DSS, since the federal government of Nigeria claimed it has disbanded F-SARS after the EndSARS protest that rocked the Nigerian state; the false disbandment being pedelled by the Nigerian government is nothing but lies from the pit of hell as investigation so far has revealed. Information made handy to us - Biafra Reporters has unraveled the state of sufferings and demeaning of human dignity that the F-SARS operatives have subjected Comr. Onyegbula Solomon while going through his mobile phone to trail on who and who is not an IPOB member our source revealed, as a result of such harsh treatment meted out to them, Mr. Ugochukwu who was abducted alongside with Comr. Onyegbula Solomon has fallen sick and need urgent medical attention.

Comrade Onyegbula Solomon is currently being illegally incarcerated at the Imo State Criminal Investigation Department facility of the Nigerian Police Force without any sort of medical treatment since his health has deteriorated due to the unkempt nature of the dungeon. Comrade Onyegbula Solomon’s abduction took place barely three days Mr. Chinedu Unakalamba, who is also from Comr. Onyegbula Solomon's home town of Uratta, Owerri North LGA, who was shot in his leg by officers of the Nigerian Police Force, before taken him away by the order of Imo State Supreme Court made Fulani slave administrator of Imo State - Hope Uzodimma, till the time of filling this report Mr. Chinedu Unakalamba is still being illegally detained in the F-SARS detention facility. 

The Nigerian Police Force after being exposed on their newly trend of gestapo abduction - Imo State Command, has acknowledged that Comrade Onyegbula Solomon was apprehended by them for reasons best known to them. What we know is that Comrade Onyegbula Solomon, is the coordinator of Owerri North LGA, and the past Co-ordinator of Voice of Biafra Students (VOBS), Alvan Ikoku College of Education Chapter before his graduation. Comrade Onyegbula Solomon having chosen this path of freedom as to what his fate fated for him must be released from the Nigerian Police Force detention facility, through this editorial, Biafra Reporters reiterate their stand that self determination is a universal law and that Nigerian government is a bonafide signatory to that treaty that stand out as International law.

The Fulani controlled federal government of Nigeria and its cowardice security apparatus must know that the illegal arrest, kidnapping, maiming, dehumanization and summary execution of members of the Indigenous People of Biafra will not stop us from exposing the gestapo regime atrocities of Nigerian government before the world neither will media confiscation by the Nigerian government stops Biafra Reporters from speaking for the voiceless nor succumb to consolidate in standing for the vulnerable in our society.  Biafra Reporters hereby demands the immediate and unconditional release of Comr. Onyegbula Solomon and the two others, who are currently undergoing severe torture in the hands of F-SARS men in Imo State CID or let them charge them to court if guilty rather than despairing their mental health and living conditions. 

It is worrisome to Biafra Reporters and the wider IPOB family that Comrade Onyegbula Solomon who did nothing wrong known to any law was whisked away for exercising his constitutional right of freedom of expression while harden Fulani bandits and killer herdsmen from Futa Jalon, who are unabatedly slaughtering indigenous population in Nigeria without remorse and ransacking communities without any of them been detained by members of the Nigerian Police Force, instead they are been begged to be rewarded with amnesty and other incentives such as security positions in the name of negotiation. Federal Special Anti-Robbery Squad should free Comrade Onyegbula Solomon now from their detention facility or charge him to court if they know he is guilty of any crime then let's go to the court to ascertain, stress, argue and adumbrate on why he is been taken hostage as a petty criminal and been reprimanded in the Nigerian Police Force dungeon more than the stated time as stipulated in the Nigerian constitution, in this wise, justice will be dispense.

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