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March 01, 2021

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The All Progressive Congress terrorist ingrained ruling party leaders must be held accountable for the state of lawlessness and disorder ravaging Nigeria currently. This APC led regime is the first government that is openly sponsoring terrorism for ransom in the political history of Nigeria. The former CBN Deputy Governor, Mailafia, hits the nail on the head by making it open that ‘’powerful Nigerians brought in bandits, arms for civil war should Goodluck Jonathan remains in power’’. Mailafia’s position is not far fetched from the truth when one studies the present insecurity ravaging Nigeria as its unfolds day in day out.

There is a great need to understand what the former deputy governor of Central Bank of Nigeria said was correct that those used by Muhammadu Buhari to make Goodluck Jonathan’s administration ungovernable are the same people wrecking havocs in Nigeria today. Though, it might sound blizzard to some folks to accept this declassified information coming from Former EFCC boss Nuhu Ribadu, that said; bandits were created by Mohammadu Buhari to oust Goodluck Jonathan from office. According to the source, Urban Classic Media Ltd. C&S Magazine, the undiluted information extracted by Biafra Reporters has it that creation of bandits kicked off in April, 2014, when Gen. Mohammadu Buhari assembled his ardent supporters, promoters with strategy on how to remove Jonathan from office. 

Foreign foot soldiers were recruited and brought in from Mali, Senegal, Niger Republic, Chad, Libya to name but a few, Fulani leaders behind the arrangement were as follow:- Kaduna State governor - Mallam Nasir El Rufai, Sultan of Sokoto, Gen. Mahammadu Sa’ ad Abubakar (Rtd) etc. these imported Fulani bandits received their training from Nigerian Defense Academy, after which they were dispatched to various states like Ekiti state, Benue State, Kastina State, Kaduna State, Zamfara State and Borno State. Gen. Muhammadu Buhari as a terrorist promoter, threatened Goodluck Jonathan’s regime by his own wordings that “attack against Boko Haram is an attack against the North”. 

Rtd. Gen. Muhammadu Buhari's mingling with terrorist groups which his main motive is to secure Nigeria from non-Fulanis' and place it tightly into the hands of Fulani oligarchy resulted to Fulani kidnappings, raping, arson, maiming, rampaging and sacking of indigenous communities immediately Rtd. Gen. Muhammadu Buhari was sworn-in as the President of Nigeria through a dodgy election and likewise, he turned down the agreements reached with the bandits when been invited from outside Nigeria, contributed immensely to the present day social disharmony after the relationship between Miyetti Allah, Mallam Nasir El Rufai and Dambazo broke off.

Rtd. Gen. Muhammed Buhari as a close ally, promoter and supporter of radical Islam and terrorist groups called the leader of the dreaded Boko-Haram sect - Mr. Shekau Abubakar to order, to desist from bombing mosque and other Islamic structures in the North. Shekau’s refusal to the order prompted Rtd. Gen. Muhammadu Buhari created its own faction of a different terrorist group from the Boko-Haram sect, Buhari's terrorist sect were called Islamic State in West Africa Province ISWAP in April, 2016 with Al-Barnawi the son of the late Boko-Haram leader and founder Yusuf Mohammed to head the newly created terrorist sect in order to infiltrate Boko-Haram. ISWAP concentrated mainly on attacking Christians, Christian dominated villages and cities to divert attention that terrorists attacks are not targeted to a specific group of people, Christian beliefs also were heavily attacked leading to the closure of Aso-Rock Christian chapel. 

The newly created terrorist sect ISWAP were also mandated to attack military formations, over-run their barracks, take hostages and ransacked their armory, contrary from expectation, President Goodluck Jonathan conceded defeat in 2015, afterwards Gen. Muhammadu Buhari succeeded in making his government ungovernable to make Goodluck Jonathan administration look as an incompetent President before world leaders with the aid of Fulani political desperadoes. Perhaps, when Rtd. Gen. Muhammadu Buhari in the news said that the bandits are foreigners he knows what he meant, these are his own arranged terrorist foot soldiers loyal to him from all parts of Fulani dominated Africa countries. Many Fulani politicians in Northern Nigeria have their own trained terrorist groups, as a private business enterprise. In Northern Nigeria terrorism is the most lucrative business as the acquisition of sophisticated fire arms makes it easier for them in life rather than through the acquisition of education like the Southerns do.  

The serious security migraine Nigeria is having today can never be cured forever as firearms and terrorism have lingered in the country to the level of no return, come to talk of when government is aiding and abating terrorism openly. That is why the Nigerian Presidency are gaily in support of bandits, killer herdsmen etc, it wasn’t by surprise that Minister of Information and Culture, Mr. Lai Mohammed insisted that the Fulani bandits and their hideouts can’t be destroyed due to climate change. The same way school children were kidnapped by the same Fulani bandits is not a new thing as it happens even developed countries like the United States of America. Government preferred to have better consultation between bandits, terrorists, and Fulani herdsmen, the federal government and the security agencies hence, and destroying bandits hideouts is not the best option. The minister noted. 

As it stands now, in Nigeria; disarmament and arms control can’t be curtail or actualize because of the complicity of those at the corridors of power in one way or the other will trigger anarchy soonest. The Bauchi state governor, Bala Mohammed claimed that Fulani herdsmen have right to posses AK-47 together with his counterpart Zanfara state governor with notion that all bandits are not criminals has shown that they are all behind the banditry ravaging the country. Nigeria is on the verge of explosion, federal, state and individuals owned terrorist groups was the reason Northern political leaders are defending what is not defendable for monsters they themselves created.

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