By Kelechi Okorie | Biafra Reporter

March 06,  2021

With no apology, Nigeria is a failed contraption useful only for the British colonialists, a hostile combination of Fulani aggressive wolves and sheep together in a particular social milieu. An intensify backward entity of no hope, things get worst as days go by. A forsake expired British merchant profitable entity for the giant neo-colonialists against the backdrop of indigenous rightful owners of the land.  A rounded spherical form, combining miscellaneous things into a more or less rounded mass with , definite cultural and economic differences. 

Even angels can’t revive Nigeria back to life come to talk of ingrained rubber stamp down to earth political criminals hallucinating for a better Nigeria. These ingrained corrupt politicians professed hallucinate belief and opinions they themselves did hold to conceal its real feelings of expression because it doesn't existexist.  Their exaggerate and overbearing magnetite can only attracts those that are far fetch from the reality of events happening in Nigeria, a night of peddling false tales to make children have ambition with empty vision that won’t come to reality in their lifetime. 

Drastic degradation of Nigeria lowers her in moral value, strength, physical and breakdown of components as a result of her deteriorated nature. Many grown up nuisance men and women today, at tender age had good visions of becoming a morally admirable fellow but later turn to pains in the neck influenced by the damnable entity called Nigeria. No sane individual nor person can proudly boast of Nigeria in a normal circumstance, not necessarily because s/he is not deriving anything as a Nigerian rather the cemetery itself wants to swallow everyone’s life through perpetual humans’ extermination at the expense of British neo-colonialists.  

Unlike Nigeria that is tremendously down falling everyday without wage, most countries of the world advanced its nationhood in all ramifications. No single pectoral wing to be said is functioning well in Nigeria. Life as precious and sacred is ought to be, is wasted under the circumstance of being a Nigerian, despite the search up and down to keep Nigeria as an indispensable serene and tranquil conglomeration, nothing good forthcoming. Even those at the forefront of political power that ought to be exemplary leaders are the brain behind the social upheavals wrecking Nigeria to comatose. When youths troop out in mass to protest peacefully as constitution demands, gestapo regime atrocities sent out fire and brine stone to consume its law abiding citizens to abandon its ideological framework.

Civil war of 1967-1970, that almost disintegrated Nigeria may have been of best interest of all ethnic nationalities by now. Perhaps, reintegration of different ethnic nationalities back to Nigeria with deceptive slogan no conquer, no vanquish was the worst thing ever done to assimilate the Fulani wolves and sheep together in pretense of peaceful resolution. Whereas, cold war is still ongoing and lives are being lost more than cows in abattoirs. No Nigerian can be said is save in Nigeria, government itself is looking other way round junketing with arming terrorists in military and para military uniform with sophisticated weapons to continue the unabated extra judicial killings of her unarmed innocent civilians. 

Fulani bandit leader on live video swore with Allah (God) that government is responsible for arming them to carry out the incessant killings, the bandit leader pretends not to have known guns only but cows but contrary from his initial ambition at his tender age to rear cows after his Islamic school, he ended up as a bandit leader with sole aid from Nigeria government who supplied them fire arms like AK-47 rifles to kill non-Fulanis'. Fulani controlled armed forces of Nigeria, Fulani herdsmen and banditry respectively are interwoven, they kill without remorse.

Transmigrated comrades killed in cold blood by Fulani controlled Nigeria Police Force and Nigerian Military, their family members having resolved to revenge their deaths metamorphosed as unknown gunmen fighting back against the security formations which if time is not taken, Nigeria will be left with nothing behind to account for. Fire outbreaks at Murtala Mohammed International Airport and Nigeria Army headquarters in Abuja and Lagos respectively are signs of more calamities to come. Britain knows Nigeria is unsalvageable but their selfish interests are their primary concern more than the innocent people killed indiscriminately. 

Even international organizations, actors and non-actors preferred to be silent than to postulate the fact that dividing Nigeria could be the only panacea to save lives than force integration. Oh! Bill Gate, was said to be on a mission to under populate Africa, who knows if Nigeria as the black most populated country in Africa was among the top list countries mapped out for extermination. In a nutshell, liberation of Africa continent from the white supremacy, neo-colonialism and imperialism lies in the disintegration of Nigeria. This is the secret world government is afraid of, knowing fully well that the emergence of Biafra as a sovereign nation shall definitely liberate Africa’s dependency on Europe. 

Same way, it’s obvious Biafra may likely produce potential world leaders should she eventually be liberated either through peace or violent revolution hence, peaceful transformation doesn’t exist in a primordial state of nature like Nigeria where human lives are not guaranteed only but circumvention.

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