Written By Kelechi Okorie | Biafra Reporter

March 20, 2021

Life is mysterious, had someone ever told Gen. Muhammadu Buhari even in his shallow grave that his evil deeds employed to toppled Goodluck Ebele Jonathan's regime will backfire his regime he will doubt it as well, being a typical tyrant he might end up crucifying the person involve, you know it only takes time for one to reap its rewards. There is power in a spoken word though, Buhari’s outburst wasn’t a mere utterance, and even a myopic and unreasonable Nigerian understood what he really meant. His motives was perfectly achieved, but as a mortal being he never thought his brutal outbursts, actions and inactions will go out of hands to the level that including him [impostor], can’t come out publicly to address his fellow countrymen as a result of insecurity initiated by him. 

Tyrant Muhammadu Buhari’s action to grasp power by hook and crook led to the present day un-enduring insecurity challenges facing Nigeria as we speak, no single Nigerian can said to be secured. Muhammadu Buhari’s spoken word that "an attack against Boko Haram is an attack against the north", was two faces sharp sword, you hunt someone inevitably, and gets hunted. It’s a two faces dice cube used in gambling to generate random numbers. What goes around has finally comes around, the Northerners then thought that Gen. Muhammadu Buhari was doing them a favor, now the terrorist group he protected to be preserved and handled with kid's glove didn't only splinted into diverse terrorist groups but also center their sophisticated arms in ransacking his kindred and region. 

When Nigerians thought they have seen it all, strange afflictions surface from nowhere. On the night of 14-15 April, 2014, two hundred and seventy six (276) Chibok School girls were abducted by the dreaded terrorist organization called the Boko-Haram, the abduction by this terrorist sect sparked international outraged, who knows if Gen. Muhammadu Buhari wasn’t behind the arranged kidnapped school girls?. Bring back our girls campaigns went far beyond the periphery of Nigeria, the conspiracies alone was tactically and accurately sustained by Gen. Muhammadu Buhari and his partner in crime, the former US president, Barrack Hussein Obama against Goodluck Ebele Jonathan’s regime making him looked as an incompetent President and he was pushed out of office by open election rigging. 

Up until now, no one can substantially prove beyond every reasonable doubt that those children presented as rescued Chibok school girls were the original ones kidnapped as mix reactions were not adequately address, now everything has been swept under the carpet. Who is fooling who?. Similar school children abduction by Gen. Muhammadu Buhari’s terrorist gangs have not stopped till this moment. Fulani terrorists and their sponsors seems to have better option now as Northern Nigeria remains their only save heaven and rooted bedrock which makes it pertinent to have turned around making Gen. Muhammadu Buhari’s regime ungovernable as they did to Goodluck Ebele Jonathan's past administration. 

Those hypocrites of "bring back our girls" campaigners including Barack Hussein and Mitchell Obama, all of a sudden now hide in shields and could no longer be the vanguard for series of school children abduction, illegal kidnapping of school children for ransoms by Fulani bandits in Northern Nigeria, insecurity currently ravaging Nigeria. Kidnapping and terrorrism are now increasing on daily basis as if it is a norm and way of life. It is now obvious and well understood the very purpose why Gen. Muhammadu Buhari was too curious to grasp political power by all means possible was to enable him have control of monopoly of violent through his raised Fulani terrorist gangs and also to use them topple any non-Fulani controlled government that would exist in Nigeria after he leaves office as political and seat of power must remain in the North.  

Yes! Gen. Muhammadu Buhari succeeded in toppling Goodluck Ebele Jonathan’s government, but he couldn’t live to see the end of his wicked achievement. Terrorism as a lucrative business in stock, Muhammadu Buhari saw the vision long before now, he groomed terrorist groups, and he shielded them not to be decimated that was why Boko-Haram nominated him as their trusted chief negotiator of the group. Gen. Muhammadu Buhari if alive can’t deny having a hand on insecurity eating Nigeria up today, as smart as the first lady was, the wife of the President Mrs. Aisha Buhari, absconded Nigeria for United Arab Emirate UAE, for over a period of six months on a ground of insecurity. Gullible Nigerians are unreasonable to question the rationale behind the first lady absenteeism for over a period of six months without seeing her husband - Gen. Muhammadu Buhari, who proudly said in an interview, that his wife belongs to the kitchen, room and the other room as a home service wife. Within a twinkle of an eye, Mrs. Aisha Buhari left her husband for like six months period leaving her duty call for other women to service her husband in the other room. What an irony to life?

Mother nature can’t be cheated, every blackmail and propaganda peddled to discredit Goodluck Jonathan’s regime have in hundreds folds re-occurring under Muhammadu Buhari’s nose. Looting, and misappropriation of public funds under Mr. Integrity - Buhari's stewardship if were to be written down, the amount won’t contend the book. The alleged defense funds made for procurement of arms under Goodluck Jonathan’s regime that warranted a Biafran spokesman to the immediate past regime, Mr. Olisa Metu, to rock in jail for years, has undeniably happened in tyrant Muhammadu Buhari’s kitchen cabinet Presidency. Armory carriers and sophisticated military hardware worth one [$1] billion US Dollars was reported to be stolen by Gen. Muhammadu Buhari’s terrorist group - the Boko-Haram sect. Who’s going to hold the then defense Chiefs accountable for it?. Is it Mr. Integrity who is in snail shell.

During the 2015 Presidential campaign, Nigerians thrown away their history books, they were deceived to believe that a known military dictator and coupist could suddenly overnight turned to a reformed democrat and a man of integrity. Regrettably, majority of Nigerians from the West and Middle Belt were intoxicated for a treasonable felon to come back to power, this dangerous move swallowed their sightedness to foreseen what is to come as many have witness how Mr. integrity’s government is swimming, engrossed in corruption. Even Buhari’s daughter wasn’t spared as she threatened a law suit on billions of misappropriation of public funds allegation against her. Nigerians shouldn't worry any more, by the time all of you will wake up from deep snoring sleep your damn lovely Nigeria’s treasury will be squander through paying ransoms to Fulani terrorist groups, Fulani bandits and Fulani herdsmen by then your eyes will be clear and open.

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