By Anyi Kings
Biafra Reporters- 21/2/2021

Most Nigerians  are Celebrating the Unfortunate Crash of a Military Jet in Abuja Today??

Read comments on most major Platforms and you will understand that  things has  deteriorated to the level that an average Nigerian  sees the Nigeria  armed forces as their enemy due to their unprofessional conduct and their open collusion with terrorists  and  bandits against the innocent citizens most recent one is the unprovoked air bombadment at peaceful  Orlu resident in  Imo state killings civilians in their quest to dislodge ESN a security outfit launched by IPOB leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu to combat terrorists Fulanis herdsmen and fulanis bandits In the forest of Orlu and other part of South East of Nigeria
Read some of the comments by Nigerians bellow

Abiodun Abbey
May their souls rest well in hell fire
Promix O Amaefule
Probably they were heading to Orlu in Imo State to bombard the children of the most high God but chukwu okike abiama is always with the Ndigbo, the innocent ones, ESN and MNK.

Okpara Chukwuemeka Dominic
I hope all the passengers are military personnels?

Nkemjika Joseph Onyero
He who use aircraft to bomb innocent people will also die with the aircraft.

AG Ifeanyichukwu
Is God not wonderful?
Now God is bombing them🤣

God is aware..
Just like the children of Israel and the Egyptians..
Withdraw soldiers from orlu and the entire igboland.. And channel them to the right destination.. We ain't bandits or Bokoharam..
If not our chi will keep destroying you... Iseeeeeee

Wasluv Ayodeji Wisdom
Maybe one or two of them was at Lekki massacre that night, may their soul rest in peace if they deserves it 🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️

Hon Yusuf Balogun
What to expect when a dog lay ambush for a lion!

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