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February 16, 2021

As the cloud is getting darker, the storm is very scary, the wind itself is not favorable likewise, rain may likely drench whosoever that refuses to find a safe place before it starts raining. Igbo speaking Biafrans conceded the notion seeing is believing probably, making them victims of every slight circumstance. On the other way round, Igbos are materials conscious than life itself, they rather die in a strange land protecting their investments than returning home alive. Important fact of life is, listening ear doesn’t need to be as big as African elephant, and braveness simply means making appropriate fine show or display. 

No doubt, both Nigeria and Nigerians are at the cross road of violent revolution which Biafrans in Northern Nigeria are more especially, Igbo speaking Biafrans residing in Northern Nigeria who are looking on the other way round contrary from existing surrounding events that Nigeria is sitting on a gun powder.  Already, Fulani has concluded plans to attack Biafrans living in Northern Nigeria, if not Hausa people refrained joining Fulani to carry out the attacks by now Biafrans blood would have been flowing in the streets of Kano and Kaduna respectively. The same states where evicted blood thirsty Fulani killer herdsmen were relocated to back home. Taking Fulani planned reprisal attacks for granted at one’s peril. 

Also recall that the National Secretary of Miyetti Allah Kautal Hore, Mr. Alhassan Saleh quoted to have said: nobody has the right to evict Fulani herdsmen, if you evict us, we will resist eviction. He further fumed should any Fulani marauding killer herdsmen is killed, that no one should go and sleep because Fulani must find means to retaliate”. Once slaughtering of innocent Biafrans kicks off in Northern Nigeria, every Biafran will be tag “nyamiri”, either Ijaw, Ibibio, Ikwere, Igbo, Igbanke etc.  Any moment from now unarmed innocent civilians will be under heavy attacks by Nigeria Fulani terrorists in both police and military uniform in disguise of searching for Eastern Security Network (ESN), as the Nigerian Presidency has vowed to deal decisively with Eastern Security Network, as a result of Sunday Igboho's action over the eviction of Fulani terrorists’ herdsmen. 

Mind you, once Biafrans are under heavy attacks in Northern Nigeria, mainstream media preponderant won’t report it, as they are been bought over not to be objective in their reportage. The same media blackout strategy used to prevent the world to know the forceful disappearance of over 53 Biafran young ladies abducted in Obigbo, and randomly raped by Nigeria military personnels at Mogadishu Army Barracks (Abuja) later dumped them in DSS dungeons, courtesy of Rivers State governor’s supervision - Mr. Nyesom Wike, according to Inter society report made handy.Same way people will be unaware of innocent killings of Biafrans when it starts. 

Currently, Biafran young ladies are being whisky away to unknown location where the young women are severely force to undergo inhuman maltreatment in the hands of brute Nigeria armed forces personnels as information at the desk of Biafra Reporters disclosed.  During the Mazi Nnamdi Kanu’s last broadcast on 13th day of February, 2021, he called on every Biafran residing in Northern Nigeria to find their ways back home before it’s too late hence, IPOB can’t forfeit Biafra freedom  because of Biafran investments in Northern Nigeria. A call for Biafrans living Northern Nigeria to come back home is a call for reasoning. 

Perhaps, Bauchi state governor, Bala Mohammed openly supported the Fulani murderous herdsmen carrying sophisticated arm rifles such as AK47 to continue killing the rightful land owners in pretends of self-defense, even when no law in Nigeria constitution permitted Fulani herders to arm themselves with guns such as using AK47. Failure for Biafrans living in Northern Nigeria to adhere to this simple call with llogic will only pose threats and make them vulnerable to beast of sahel. Besides, a stubborn grass hopper ends up its life in a fried hot pot. The Nigeria unrest is uncontrollable as it stands now. 

Arewa Youths charges Northerners to back out from travelling to the South of Nigeria having perceived the danger ahead but Igbo speaking Biafrans are adamant to hear the drums of war instead much more interested in their investments in Northern Nigeria, forgetting under the Nigeria 1999 constitution as amended; Immigration Act 2015, there is a provision on legal protection under domestic law on foreign investment. This legal provision protects foreign investors to have their investments protected under law. Pathetic, most Igbo speaking Biafrans residing in Northern Nigeria are daft to assimilate the obtainable Nigeria domestic law on foreign investment. 

Life is far more important than earthly mundane, let he that has ears listen while the  over intellectuals amongst them shall at the end regret their stupidity as history of (1966-1970 Biafra war) is about to repeat itself. Under International treaty and investment, the Nigerian government will and must bow from not allowing warring youths of Oduduwa, Arewa, Middle Belt and Biafra tribes to destroy individual or group of persons investment in a foreign land as it will amount to international sanctions.

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