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February 2, 2021 

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu the commander in chief of Eastern Security Network ( E.S.N)    and the leader of Indegenious people of Biafra ( IPOB ) has commended the chairman of Eastern Governor's  Forum, His Exellency Governor Dave Umahi's pronouncement  who acknowledged his   earlier appeal to ban open grazing in the region and further responded that open grazing and movement of cows  from one community to another is  lawfully prohibited in the region and ask the herders to remain law abiding for a peaceful coexistence. 

In reacting to this statement Mazi Nnamdi Kanu wondered why the law on open grazing has not been enforced all these while that the fulanis are coursing havok and terrorising villagers and farmers in our land ? He made it clear that for the sake of the absence of law enforcement agent in our land ESN will fill the gap to enforce this very law just like the Hisba Police enforce anti  Acholic  law in the North . The statement which was made available to news men in his Facebook page reads in part .

Since South Eastern Governors have now listened and done the right thing, we should all ‘clap’ for them. It is now up to #ESN to rigorously enforce this law the same way Hisbah Police has been dutifully enforcing the Alcohol Prohibition Laws of 12 Sharia states of core Northern Nigeria, most notably in Kano.

It stands to reason that Governors of the East do not have any law enforcement unit capable of policing killer herdsmen except #ESN. Therefore it will be in their best interest to support the efforts of #ESN to ensure this very LAW they made is legally and robustly enforced. 

The best option for Fulani killer herdsmen is for them to vacate the forests and bushes of the East, head into the nearest town to rent an accommodation as other ethnic groups are doing in Fulani controlled core Arewa north, or face the wrath of #ESN. Any police or army unit daft enough to provide armed illegal protection to these Fulani killers with cattle, will regret the day he or she joined the #zoo security services.


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