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February 26, 2021

* My name is Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, I am the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra - IPOB, and the Director of radio Biafra, I welcome each and everyone of you to this broadcast.

* Before we proceed, we must pray, this prayer we must offer because it just very critical and very important that people understand the spiritual angle of this struggle. (Mazi Nnamdi Kanu prays...)

* We have very critical announcements to make.

1. Earlier today there was an assassination attempt on the life of Barrister Richard Okorocha by the Nigerian Army sponsored by Nyesom Wike because he found out the secret cells where Elvis Ngozi and one hundred and nine (109) other Igbos were dumped by Nyesom Wike and the Nigerian Army since after the #EndSARS protest along Suleja -Bida road in Abuja in Alfa Commando  barracks between Abuja and Niger state.

2. The  Barrister was almost assassinated as he was coming out from that secret detention facility. I want the pictures to be circulated online.

3. Amnesty International in Abuja, UN, EU in Abuja are all aware of the covert war going on in Biafra land. The police are going on abducting people and taking them to the North where they are raped randomly. Our governors are complicit in this crime.

4. We are warning the world there is a war going on in Biafra land, very sublimely that if you are not observant you will not know.

5. They kidnap our people secretly, kill them, harvest their parts and sell them in India.

6 Henceforth, we no longer want any Nigerian Army and Police patrol vehicles outside the urban areas of Biafra, once we see you, we regard you as a legitimate targets and we will destroy you, because you are using your patrol vans to abduct our innocent young men and women to send them to your military camps in the North to kill the men, harvest their organs and sell their organs abroad and then be gang raping our young women you abducted everyday.

7. We will not allow that to continue to happen, therefore, no more Nigeria Army and Police patrol vans in our land.

8. Again, we are giving you forty (40), days to dismantle all Police and Military check points across Biafra land because you are using these police and military check points to commit all kinds of atrocities against our people in our land.

9. The Nigeria Army and Police use their vans abduct our innocent young men that are going for their businesses and our young women and send them to your military camps in the North to be gang raping them and killing our young men.

10. We will not allow this to continue to happen in our land before our eyes. Therefore, after forty (40) days from today, we don't want to see any military or police check points in our land. Use this forty (40) days to arrange yourself and keep-off Biafra land.

11. We are not going to fight you in our streets but we are going to do that in our bushes

12. I am giving the Nigeria Army and Police forty (40) days notice to leave our land.

13  If UN wants to administer Biafra land they are more than welcome because Nigeria security has failed.

14  George Obiozor how many Fulani women are in detention center?.

15. From today there will be no more check points in Biafra land be warned.

16. From today no more force patrol vehicle, their vehicles should not be allowed in Biafra land.

17. After forty (40) days notice, any Military and Police check points must be destroyed, and their bodies will form manure for the next generation of trees to grow in Biafra land.

18. And As we speak now, one hundred and nine (109) Biafran men are in Military detention in Suleja, Niger State.

19. Yoruba people know what to do to reclaim their land from the Fulani, I told you so that you should stop supporting evil, didn't I say so?.

20. Yoruba you know what to do to reclaim your land from the Fulani occupying Yewa town of Ogun State.

21. South Africans have changed the name of Port Elizabeth to more of African name something very peculiar and unique to them meaning they listen to radio Biafra.

22. Look at what is happening in South Africa and I want to teach you people a lesson. Go to the news and type in South African city of Port Elizabeth it has been changed and named Gqeberha.

23. I know herdsmen who are part of the security intelligence system. - Sheikh Gumi. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu fumed, how many religious leaders are backing ESN like Sheikh Gumi is openly backing bandits and terrorists.

24. I am telling Okezie Ikpeazu, you must release all the people you arrested in Aba.

25. The late Mohammadu Buhari created ISWAP by using the son of late Boko-Haram founder Yusuf Mohammed, Buhari charged them to be killing Christians, bombing churches and Military formations.

26. How many of you will be courageous enough to stand up and say that Port-Harcourt should be changed to its original name "IGWEOCHA". All of you are suffering from inferiority complex.

27. Our women are been raped in Kuje Prisons Abuja by Fulani soldiers, If what is happening to Biafra women happen to be Yoruba women the newspapers would have carried it.

28. Anywhere you see patrols in our villages you must take them out, anywhere you see them trying to arrest anyone, you must resist arrest because you don't know where they will end up taking you to.

29. They come and take away our people in disguise of arrest, above all rape our women.

30. Something more deadlier than a beast is emerging from the East.

31.  They made Hope Uzodinma the governor of Imo State because they wanted to use him to bring in George Obiozor as the Ohaneze President.

32. George Obiozor you can do that rubbish you are doing in Lagos, come and try that nonsense in Igbo land.

33. And I am telling the Yoruba journalists, you are quiet because all the woman they are raping are not Yoruba women and you are telling me about one Nigeria, what sort of rubbish is that?.

34. Why are you holding over hundred women as slaves in a Military Barack, where on earth have you seen such?.

35. That is why there will be no check points in our land, anywhere we see it you will become a soft target, you cannot be killing people and expect them to do nothing. 

36. Everybody in uniform in the ZOO, you must watch yourself we outnumber you.

37. Edwin Clark said that Nigeria has failed, he said Nigeria is a failed state and am asking you Edwin Clark were you not a traitor during the war? You even betrayed Jonathan.

38. The thing about Nigerians is that their brain is not correct. Nigerians are heartless, Nigerians are evil.

39. After listening to Radio Biafra, South Africa people has risen and demanded that their names be changed. Is queen Elizabeth from South Africa? And BBC said that there is no need to change it that it is too hard to pronounce. 

40. I thank God that there are intelligent people in South Africa who can see through their deceit.

41. BBC is ridiculing a name in Africa, how many of you will be courageous enough to change the name Port-Hacourt to Igweocha?,  that is why I am proud of South Africa that they have finally done something good.

42. Something worst than a beast is being created, that Armageddon you all want all of you will witness that in the East.

43. Why do you think that our colonial masters are still controlling us till today?. Because we don't learn from history.

44. Otellectuals must do whatever they like, we don't care.

45. ESN has come to stay forever and ever, and that's the only reason Fulani has not yet taken over Nigeria.

46.  That is why anything i open my mouth to say always come to pass, today Yoruba land has been Taken.

47.  This is how our children will talk about IPOB In many years to come.

48. By way of recap, Army and Police dismantle your checkpoints and leave our land.

49.   Our enemies does not understand what we are doing.

Conclusion:- Biafra is our religion, Biafra is who we are and on radio Biafra is where we worship because Elohim is our God. From me from here it is Good night.

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