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February 06, 2021

Without the presence of the Indigenous People of Biafra, the defunct Eastern region of Nigeria namely South-East and South-South, by now ought to have turned to Fulani slave caliphate. History could be seen as a complex process by some quarters it is a fact beyond reasonable doubt being vindicated by Fulani conquest and rule of Hausa Kingdom of Northern Nigeria 1840-1900 as a medium of expansionism. The Fulani encroachments denied Hausa kingdom their identity as a race, not by agreement or voluntarily will but relatively proportion of various cases of jihad wars of Usman Dan Fodio, who the Fulanis' celebrated as an icon and grandfather of Fulani movement in today's Nigeria. 

In every certainty, Hypsographical reviews Fulani land grabbing is a trade in stock since centuries either by tricks of settlement (cattle colony, ranching, open grazing) or forceful annihilation has always been their proper indulgent strategy of scuttling indigenous ethnic nationality into submissiveness, mostly in a chaotic manner without obeying existing rules of law.

The  Sultan Alhaji Bello once acknowledged that the Fulani chauvinists who despised anybody who was not Fulani descendants were drove out of their ancestral land by force. Logically, Fulanis can't trace a particular geographical location as their hereditary or ancestral land without been clutched by force of conquest. Naturally life is a survival of the fittest; physical confinement by Fulani hegemony keeps endangered armless indigenous population to serve as second class fiddles or serfs in their land through the acquisition of conquered possession. 

Back in the days; state of nature, which was known as the early stage, the extant law as old it was, was still in use in a contemporary world. Under extant law, trespass is a criminal offence making anti grazing law unnecessary. It is a law of common sense that needs not much interpretation but common reasoning to know what is right and wrong in a normal circumstance as a human being. On the 17th day of April, 1969,  Adaokuta Division of Federal High Court presided by Justice Adewale Thompson ruled against open grazing and movement of cows from place to place, the jurist pronounced: I don't accept the contention of defendants that a custom exists which imposes an obligation on the owner of farm to fence his farm whilst the owner of cattle allows his cattle to wander like pest and cause damages. Such custom if exists, is unreasonable and repugnant to natural justice, equity and good conscience and therefore unenforceable. 

Section 345 of the Panel Code of 1999 constitution of Nigeria as amended which is applicable in the Northern part of Nigeria says: whoever enters into another persons property with intent to intimidate, insult or annoy the owner is said to commit criminal trespass. The simple illustration from the mentioned section of Northern Nigeria penal code or constitution as amended does not permit nor support the Fulani nomads to practice open grazing of which the said law banned such practices. 

Contrary from mischievous perception from half educated unscrupulous elements peddled that Indigenous People of Biafra embarks on Fulani eviction in the defunct Eastern region. 

Instead, IPOB only demands Nigeria constitution to be enforced as continuing been swept under the carpet, section 345 of the Nigeria sham constitution triggers high rise of stopping the trespassing of individual farm lands by Fulani expansionists in Eastern Nigeria bushes and forests. So as IPOB wants Fulani herders to live as normal human beings by renting in the town and do their legitimate businesses in accordance of rules of law like Biafrans residing in Northern Nigeria, at least to enable Eastern Security Network to fish out terrorists amongst them that perpetuate terror attacks against the people; also, safeguarding the forests from deforestation, pillaging of farm crops by Fulani nomads and likewise, stopping rapping of married women and underage girls by the same Fulani nomadic terrorists.   

IPOB always acts in consonance with orbit of law, their harness of eye for an eye in self defense is inalienable natural law superseded over above any law made by state. Unveiling of Eastern Security Network by IPOB becomes a child of necessity to raffle Fulani menace and to stand as a backbone of every resistant movement aspiring freedom from Nigeria. Maybe, failure to adhere, open grazing already being banned by the Nigerian law court stands so it is either ESN or Miyyetti Allah Breeder Association can legally sue or be sued to seek for redress under tort law to determine whose party should legally held accountable for an injury against another, as well as type of compensation the injured party is entitle to.

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