By Chinedu J. Godwin | Biafra Reporter

February 27, 2021

Thursday, 18 February 2021 the Nigerian government intensified her state sponsored terror attack on the Biafran people and our only crime was to defend our ancestral land from the horror attacks, killings and raping of our women by the Fulani terrorist herdsmen also known as Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria.

Sane mind you will agree with me that the age-long insecurity in Nigeria, that was caused by this same Fulani herdsmen have in the past six years taking a new dimension across the country, as every region and states keep lamenting about the killings and    mayhem perpetrated by these Fulani-Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria yet the President Mohammadu Buhari gives them cover because he comes from the same ethnic stock with these heartless murderers.

The Nigerian Presidency or Kitchen cabinet members on the other hand has continued to showcase her duplicitous and complicit character in this case by aiding and abetting this Fulani terrorist herdsmen openly; first the inspector general of the Nigerian Police force in his state address asserted that the killer herdsmen are foreigners from a strange land but seem weak to effect arrest of these undocumented immigrants killing the bonafide and free citizens of Nigeria. Tyrant Mohammadu Buhari when he was living in an interview admittedly that the Fulani herdsmen he knew moves about with sticks not with AK-47 assaulted rifles then being the commander of Chief of the armed forces of Nigeria, one wonders why can't he - Mohammadu Buhari order the Nigerian Military formations to get hold of all these aggressors.

Before one could sleep and wake up the following morning, dictator Mohammadu Buhari a Fulani man personally start to campaign for Fulani settlements in all parts of Middle Belt region, Western and Eastern regions of Nigeria, Mohammadu Buhari rogue regime of atrocity openly canvassed for our indigenous lands to be ceded out for the sole establishment of Fulani settlements across the board of Nigeria; how come the government of tyrant Mohammadu Buhari feels there is a deliberate need to compensate our killers if there are no ulterior motives behind the enforcement of ceding out our lands to accommodate killer non-Nigerians. What is the rationale behind this horrific move?. 

Sheikh Gumi openly was made the spokesman for the Fulani bandits and terrorist herdsmen, he even went further to acknowledged that herdsmen are all placed effectively in the Nigerian security apparatuses while some are in tyrant Buhari's government, he cautioned that journalists and Nigerians should be very careful how they address these Fulani bandits rather than calling them criminals. Sheikh Gumi is a coward for threatening the peace and coexistence of Nigerians when he intentionally, and criminally asserted that Christian soldiers are they personnels killing and attaching Muslims. Sheikh Gumi is moving about freely without the Department of State Security Security trailing on him and commence arrest on his person for thorough questionings. 

One thing is actuality with this tyrant Mohammadu Buhari's government, it is a terrorism infused government with plans to dominate, subjugate other ethnic groups of non-Fulanis' and religious faiths in Nigeria; a government where her retired Chief if Army Staff openly enrolled Boko-Haram terrorists into her military formation rather than killing them, the next news we got they were christened repentant Boko-Haram members while the victims of their barbaric inhuman acts are left to nursing their pains and agony of losing loved ones to Boko-Haram activities in the country. Governor Mallam El-Rufai of Kaduna state in the news admitted to have paid foreign killer herdsmen to stop the killing of indigenous Southern Kaduna populace in Kaduna state rather than using the state security powers bestowed on him as stipulated in the Nigerian 1999 constitution as amended to be the number one chief security officer of his state to track them down and commence arrests. 

We are fully away of the grand plan by the Northern Nigeria Fulani oligarchy and her British government counterpart to control, conquer, enslave and Islamize the people of Biafra, this government in all intent choose to embrace terrorism and terrorists as a modern and accepted way of life, they want to force this notion on our mental health; between someone who is using assaulted rifles to maim, rampage, rape and kill at will and someone who is agitating for his right of self-determination with ordinary clothing material known as flag, who is a certified terrorist?. The Nigerian government don't mind if terrorists wipe out our existence in the Nigerian society hence the live in affluence.

The Fulani hegemony may have succeeded in controlling and terrorising our so called elders and elite into a terror state of comma, the likes of Ohaneze ndi Igbo, PANDEF, and Eastern Nigerian governors to be cowards and their political serfs, banditry in Northern Nigeria to this government is a well respected business, these terrorist herdsmen keep killing us in our bushes, farm lands and forests while our political leaders go to Abuja to drink champagne and share money. Our survival as a people in the midst of this state sponsored terrorism against our people becomes expedient, what happened in Orsu and Orlu would or should have taught them a lesson that we cannot cower this time around.  

Any elder or political leaders that wants to be selfish is on his own and not to the detriment of our people back home, the Mohammadu Buhari government can't protect us and we can't entrust our survival and existence into the hands of a man who hungers to extinct our race, shamefacedly that the Bauchi state governor cheered and encourage the killer herdsmen to acquire more rifles and attack whoever that try to stop them from trespassing through their farm lands, with assertion corroborate with our observation of events as it unfolds in Nigeria under Mohammadu Buhari that it is a well planned out program to grab lands and gift it to migratory Fulanis', till date no Fulani herdsmen, Fulani bandits, Fulani Boko-Haram or Fulani ISWAP is facing any criminal charges in any Nigerian court of law, tried or even jailed for murder.

Self defense is a natural fundamental human right and the Indigenous People of Biafra leadership having studied wide and versatile considered it an appropriate thing to do, that our parents, siblings, uncles, in-laws, brothers at home must be protected from the cold hands of Fulani conquistadors using Nigeria and Nigerian government as a cover hence the establishment of Eastern Security Network was launched, we don't intend nor consider to capitulate on our quest to free ourselves from the damnable Zoo republic where human life worth nothing. ESN remains our only defense mechanism for survival as a Biafran stock bind under one God.

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