By Kelechi Okorie | Biafra Reporter

February 28, 2021 

The above question might look simple but very complex to answer when reality on ground are to be taken into consideration. Many nations of the world in one way or the other may had fought a civil war and still live peacefully as indivisible entity, but Nigeria case, is quite different. The unpardonable dichotomous faceoff that caused the 1967-1970 Biafra war has not been addressed till this very moment as I write. Biafrans are still nursing their wounds not minding how long it has taken them to heal, but of a truth, not necessarily because they don’t want to let go but the same scenario and odd experience during the genocidal war is still on-going. 

The remnants or should I say the reincarnated victims of Biafra genocidal war are still fighting the same noble course their fathers couldn’t actualize. All sorts of maltreatments and human degradation alone from the Nigerian government presently is re-echoing in the minds, that Biafrans are not wanted in this forceful union. Normally, formation of a nation passes two ways which include as follow; organically and by agreement unlike Nigeria, none of the procedures took place. To make matter worst, the planned genocidal war that claimed not less than five million Biafran lives were not considered genocide in any kind neither has any government in power call for sovereign national conference to address the issue nor call for panel of inquiry in order to bring culprits to book and justice dispense accordingly. 

With the look of things happening now, there ought to be world conspiracy against the Biafran people, International organizations haven’t alter a word neither has any world leader seriously intervene at least to make families of the war victims to feel among as humans. Yet, the war hasn’t ended; killings, marginalization, inequality, nepotism, ethnic cleansing and other social vices haven’t allowed Nigeria as a man made entity to experience the quality of living united as one.

Nigeria's mantra of "unity in diversity is a fraud" and pure fallacy out of tune.

The name Nigeria alone has never yielded anything good other than bloodshed to which the defunct Eastern region of Nigeria is always the victims of reprisal attacks with replications of similar negligence the Biafran people had during the genocidal war on them at her nascent to nationhood. It doesn’t matter how the one Nigerianists perceives it, the Igbo people are the heartbeat of Nigeria, once the heart stops breathing, the body collapses. Likewise, force unification also posses a threat to Nigeria's unity; in that very case, Nigeria is irredeemable.

The innocent blood spilled alone are crying fervently for vengeance, instead of effecting the peaceful dissolution of Nigeria, the Fulani dynasty believed in subjecting the Igbo man to many unbearable conditions that will make them surrender submissively to Islamic Fulani oligarchy, but they have forgotten that Igbos are naturally republicans. Had it been that the Igbos were either monarchical or feudals respectively by nature, it won’t be easy for them to survive the odd experience after the genocidal war, the confiscation of Biafrans money in the banks and indigenization policy of Rtd.Gen. Jack Yakubu Gowon's government to deny them work in public offices were deliberate attack on the soul and survival of the Igbo man having destroyed all industries in Biafra land.

If the Igbos were not strong enough in their hearts and the quest for survival after the genocidal war that ended in 1970, with the deliberate attacks, destructions of the Igbos economy by the invading occupational federal government troops, could have been an impediments to survive and bounce back as a race. Despite all these, Igbos remain the super power of Nigeria economically and otherwise, without the Igbos Nigeria crumbles overnight. Post war political rhetoric tagged 3Rs which depicts -Reintegration, Reconstruction and Reconciliation, if this were put in place to empower affected Biafra war victims probably it might subtle the pains and agony of a people left to die but hypocritically the policy was to deceived the world that peace has finally be restored having declared no victor, no vanquish by the occupational Jack Yakubu Gowon's Nigerian government. 

Whereas in reality, Biafra and Biafrans are still in captivity, the lip service reintegration of Biafra and Biafrans back to Nigeria was a systematic political maneuver to confiscate millions of pounds owned by Biafrans, heartlessly the occupational Nigerian government withheld all Biafrans monies handed over to them a token of twenty (£20) pounds to start up life irrespective of how much millions they owned in the banks was swindled by the occupational Nigerian government. Divergent value system has continuously make Nigeria’s unity in diversity a laughing stock hence, no country in the world has succeeded with divergent political arrangement. Nigeria as a conglomerate contraption without common value system makes shedding of human blood becomes a norm. 

To some, Nigeria is an Islamic country, while to few others it is a secular state, two different laws (Islamic law and common law), in one country. This ideology hasn’t worked in any country of the world, Nigeria existence is like combining the US and Afghanistan as one indivisible country. The reconstruction mantra that ought to rebrand the defunct Eastern region’s infrastructures was diverted to Northern and Western Nigeria respectively. To most Nigeria political bigwigs from Fulani extraction, they are keen and desperate to see the obliteration of the Igbos from the planet earth, and to this evil mindset they have charged their people that this is a task that must be done. Even at that, Fulanis' are nowhere to be found in technological know-how in the world of technology.

In a nutshell, reconciliation without justice was another trick used by the occupational Nigerian government in reinstated Biafra back to the slavery enclave. After the civil war; tranquility and peace are far fetched from Nigeria, the war hasn’t stop and it didn't stop nothing. Mysteriously, what goes around comes around, insecurity in Northern Nigeria today and in the Middle Belt is a payback cheque to all they did to Biafrans during the genocidal joint war on Biafra, disintegration of Nigeria could be the only remedy left as anything contrary from it will keep making Nigeria more or less hell on earth for human habitation and will continue to despair our mental health.

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