South-East Governors Rejection Of Eastern Security Network: A Declaration Of War Against Her People

By Anyi Kings | Biafra Reporter

December 23, 2020

It is very sad to see that the people (government representatives), who are at the helm of affairs of bettering the lives of her citizens are the ones turning around to be against the very people they took oath of office to protect, and it is even more annoying when the self-acclaimed leaders has no sense of conflict and management which is the basic and most essential quality needed in leadership position. To be able to manage conflict one must at all times have a listening ear to her citizens specific agitation and always apply wisdom to allow the will and the voice of the majority of her citizens to prevail over individual or personal decision.

When a leader in a position of power fail to listen to the numerous yearnings of the people s/he leads; automatically s/he becomes a tyrant or a dictator and in the process of always opposing the citizens views will only give room for anarchy to loom and a revolution will spring up due to many lapses and democratic failures of the leader(s) in-charge of leadership position(s).
Over the years, the Indigenous People of Biafra -IPOB and her leadership has demonstrated to the world to be one of the most peaceful freedom fighting movement, or rather the most peaceful freedom fighting movement in modern history using Nigeria as a case study in an uncivilized world where her government is not just uncivilized but also has proven to be aiding and abetting terrorism against her citizens. 

The Indigenous People of Biafra -IPOB has suffered and continue to suffer all kinds of ill-treatment, extrajudicial killings, unjust arrest and torture, illegal incarceration, and all manner of state-sponsored terrorism helplessly and defenselessly with only our voice as a tool to call for justice from the International community and the people of goodwill around the globe to come to our help as the care to humanity supersedes all forms of love. Having always made it clear before the United Nations, the European Union, the Israeli government, and the United States of America government that all we are asking for is to exercise our inalienable right of self-determination using a well recognized universally democratic principle or a process called referendum as the basis to legitimize our quest for a free Biafra state from the British government contraption called Nigeria.

The call for a referendum to be conducted within the Biafra region of amalgamated Nigeria as to know the fate of the Biafran people is a concise decision by the majority of the people from this region that must not be ignored by world power brokers at any world conference, treaty, and meetings. Each occasion this call or opportunity for referendum present itself, instead of our so-called political representatives in the contraption called Nigeria to push for the yearning of her people at the Federal level just like as their Northern Nigeria counterparts will always present and protect the interest of their people at the Federal level irrespective of such demands going against the military constitution of Nigeria; our leaders will rather join hands together with their Northern Nigeria neo-slave masters to oppose and suppress every interest of their own people back home.

One may wonder how our political leaders' aide the Northern Nigeria caliphate in the establishment of Ruga settlement in Biafra land on the order of their Fulani neo-slave masters without any atom of resistance or total refusal from our political representatives to which they all know that this is Fulani government of Mohammadu Buhari tacit and a well strategize plot to over-run the Indigenous People of Oduduwa land, Middle Belt and Biafra land with the sole agenda of grabbing their land and enforcing religious conquest through radical Sunni Islamic terrorism doctrine but are very terrified whenever the term "referendum" is been mentioned by their own people back home.

Isn't it irony that instead of our political representatives from Biafra land to listen to the wishes of their people and protecting the interest of her own people as their primary duty will rather accuse them of trying to cause war and tag their people that are begging for a breathing space outside Nigeria all manner of unprinted names and in so doing encourage the dangerously compromised and terrorist-controlled Nigerian security forces to unleash hell on the helpless and harmless Indigenous people who have never killed anybody and are known globally for their peaceful conduct.
The same section of the country that has produced over six (6), globally known and recognized terrorist groups, and not even the government is fighting them because they will over-run the Nigerian military formation. 

The question begging for an answer is, who is, in reality, calling for war?. The terrorists killing innocent and unsuspecting members of the public or the self-determinans calling for a referendum through peaceful means. If all you do as a leader is to oppose every interest of your people and in turn support everything against the interest of your people then your not far from being a coward without balls. If you as a person or individual claim to be a leader of your people but the common man within your clime, in the street has no access to basic amenities such as security of lives and properties, jobs, access to good hospital and infrastructural development then know it now that you have totally failed as a leader.
As a leader instead of you to listen to people's frustration decided to use brutal force to silence their voices and every opposing voice just to save and preserve your selfish interest at the detriment of your people, is that not a clear case of pushing the people to the wall?. The fact is, just like the statement credited to leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra - Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, "Eastern Security Network has come to stay and shall operate with or without the approval of Eastern Governors".

This is as per his response to the unguarded utterance from the Chairman of Eastern Governors Forum - Mr. Dave Umahi of Ebonyi State in his reaction to the formation of Eastern Security Network - ESN, which was borne out of their leadership failure. The fact is, the launching of Eastern Security Network and IPOB renewed call for a UN-supervised referendum should not be toyed with even as it is not a declaration of war rather Eastern Security Network is for the securing of our human lives, movable and immovable properties, and self-defense which is also our fundamental human right to defend our lives from faces of dangers and terrorism to which the Nigeria state has proven beyond every reasonable doubt to be a safe heaven for terrorism of all graded levels. 

Therefore it should be reasonable enough to assert that our so-called political and traditional leaders should as a matter of urgency listen to the will of the people as the days of folding their arms together and do nothing while our lives are being wasted to protect their so-called political and selfish interest of spilling our blood while dining with their neo-slave masters of Fulani extraction has gone. The Eastern Security Network and a renewed call for a referendum is a one-way part for peace if truly our so-called leaders will be sensible enough to tow the part of peace and not war. 
It should be on record that the IPOB leader - Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has rightfully asserted that Eastern Security Network is a mere vigilante outfit just like Amotekun and Miyetti Allah to protect the lives and properties of people who are residents and the indigenous population of Eastern Nigeria and not to forcefully declare Biafra; Kanu went a bit further to assert that the Eastern Security Network should not be taken for granted because they are well equipped to face whatever that is thrown at them and return fire for fire. 

A word is enough for the wise, our political leaders must accept Eastern Security Network and support the call for a referendum so as to allow peace and democracy to prevail, if they like, let them reject Eastern Security Network and the call for referendum which simply means upholding tyranny against the collective interest of the indigenous people of the land that federated what is today known as Nigeria and be ready to face anarchy which will in turn, eventually lead to unavoidable war.

Edited by Ndubuisi Eke
Twitter Handle: @NdubuisiEke07
Published by Charles Opanwa


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