Nigeria @60: The Existence Of Hell Fire On Earth

By Kelechi Okorie | Biafra Reporter
October 09, 2020

After so many critical researches by free think-tanks like cosmologists, philosophers patterning the rationale behind particular hemisphere bounds to fail even when all the resources at their disposal to advanced in life turned to a curse instead of blessing. Having a broad view or experience of the world, it’s simple with the fact that man’s success or failure is optional, in that case making man an architect of either his fortune or misfortune.

It goes in line with archaeologists’ quote that a fool at forty is a fool forever. However, while drawing emphasis on Nigeria comparative political system with other countries of the world, without mincing words Nigeria represents the grand patron of foolish country of all countries at her 60th year, though, not naturally inherited as the case may be, rather man made wickedness against its fellow men. Religious fanatics likewise, antecedent the casting of Ba'al Zabul the devil down to earth from Heaven for disobedience, all put together, none of these researchers could pin-point how the devil looks like and exact place where hell fire is located. 

Many divergent oriented indoctrination in most cases determine reasoning perception and control of influence on one’s way of life towards spiritual nature which continues to exist after the death of the body. Of a truth, hell fire neither resides in a space nor vacuum, with all certainty every unfortunate antecedent occurrence and reoccurrence indicated hell fire is not far fetched from Nigeria. Logically, as some folks believed the first human creature on earth were Adam and Eve, in a conducive serene environment (Garden of Eden) to live in, with mandate to have dominion over every creature according to the scripture. 

The same tale couldn’t expatiate with facts how the story came about, seems they were first human creatures with no indication they wrote their history while on earth. The story further said, due to the same disobedience Adam and Eve were also casted out of the garden without specifying where they were chased to. With the look of things with facts and figures, though, a confined secret by white supremacy to unveil this tsunami, revealed that Fredrick Lugard and Flora Shaw were the outcasted disobedience relinquished mankind of the garden of Eden that created Nigeria, with the deceptive name - Nigeria. Fulani adventurers used nomadic Fulani herders and Islamic scholars to conquer the Hausa - Gobir Kingdom in 1804, the present day Sokoto caliphate.

The only reason that differentiates man from animals is the ability to reason, fathom ideas and proffer solutions to his core needs of existence; when one extensively study the historical condition of Nigeria and its existence from time immemorial, the same Satan that was casted down to earth with skeptic geographical location likewise Adam/Eve, common reasoning depict Nigeria unfortunately was the area of captivity for exploitation and forceful conversion. 

This is not a hypothesis rather, an undisputed fact. Historically, many were made to believe that Fredrick Lugard descended from somewhere in Scotland, but his family lineage was not known. Pathetic, how evolution of anthropology was based more or less observation and experiment of other people's heritage instead of reality of fact. After Adam and Eve were chased out of the garden like Satan they all became helpless wandering ambassadors of Satan in human that formed the hellfire named Nigeria. 

In no account can nature be cheated, same way snakes will always give birth to deceitful poisonous reptile without legs but long tail. In a nutshell, janjaweed nomadic Fulani terrorists militias are the offspring of Adam and Eve. These agents of darkness through their forefather Uthman Danfodio deceptively like serpent conquered Hausa tribe for Fulani Empire with mandate to extend the forceful conquest deep inside the Atlantic ocean (Biafra), because the British government completed this circle of conquest for the Fulani race by the forceful amalgamation of the Southern Nigeria protectorate and Northern Nigeria protectorate in 1914, to one indivisible mighty giant hell fire existing today as Nigeria. 

Only hallucinators can think hell fire is somewhere existing without knowing the obvious truth that Nigeria is the real hell fire. 

Edited by Ndubuisi Eke

Twitter Handle: @NdubuisiEke07

Publisher: Chinwe Korie



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