Biafra: We Shall Continue To Hunt All Killers Of The Innocent Until Every Fulani Terrorist Both In Army & Police Uniform, Terror Herdsmen Leave Biafra - Mazi Nnamdi Kanu

The Biafra Post | 26 August 2020

When Nimbo Massacre by Fulani terrorists in rags were going on in the same Enugu State in 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020 where were these official Fulani terrorists in police, army and DSS uniforms that massacred Biafran youths on Sunday? They failed to respond to these series of carnage by their fellow Fulani Miyetti Allah terrorists despite numerous phone calls from Governor Ugwuanyi and other well meaning Enugu indigenes to intervene.

We all recall Governor Ugwuanyi placing a call to Aso Rock in 2016 to seek the urgent intervention of the late Muhammadu Buhari at the height of the Fulani massacre of Nimbo people in Uzo Uwani Enugu State, but the brute refused to take Ugwuanyi’s call until his Fulani kinsmen had done with their killings of Igbo villagers. Sadly we all seem to have forgotten this event.

Even the then Fulani Inspector General of Police was unreachable when concerned citizens tried to alert him to what was happening in Uzo Uwani. Equally the Fulani army commander of 82 Division headquartered in Enugu was nowhere to be found to send his troops to Nimbo to stop his fellow government sponsored Fulani killers from slaughtering Igbo villagers.

What happened in Enugu on Sunday is part of a wider Fulani extermination agenda supported by the British High Commissioner in Abuja with the consent of the Foreign & Commonwealth Office in London. The motive today as it was in 1967-70 is to wipe out the Igbo race from the face of the earth, the same thing Hitler tried to do with the Jews of Europe.

Fulani Police Commissioner in Enugu State and his army counterpart at 82 Division did not mobilise their men to stop the massacre at Nimbo or any of the numerous Miyetti Allah organised terror attacks on Igbo villages. None of the two Fulani commanders of either Enugu police or army’s 82 Division took the distress call from the Governor of Enugu State or many others from concerned citizens who tried in vain to reach them during these episodic Fulani terrorist attacks. This is the One Nigeria Britain created to facilitate the extermination of the Igbo race.

When Biafran villages are under attack from Fulani civilian terrorists, Fulani controlled military and police never ever respond but when the youths of those same villages gather to pray, the same Fulani military and police that failed to respond to distress calls when the communities were under terror attack will quickly rush to the scene to open fire on unarmed people. This is the reality of life in Nigga-eria. We are no longer prepared to tolerate this oppression.

We shall continue to hunt all killers of the innocent until every Fulani terrorist, both those in army and police uniform or their civilian counterpart Miyetti Allah (Fulani terror herdsmen) leave our land.

Publisher: Chinwe Korie
Twitter: @ckorie17


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