Biafra: Why Biafra Must Be Granted Independence

By Chizoba Felicitas Ihugba | The Biafra Post | July 29, 2020

Chukwu Okike Abiama did not make a mistake to have created Ndi-Igbo and Biafrans at large to be more intelligent, creative and more talented than other states lumped together in today's Nigeria. From all indications, it is well known fact to all and sundry that Biafra resources till date maintain and stabilized what is known as Nigerian Economy. Biafra land has access to the sea, but the Nigerian government sea blockade and economic strangulation policy denied Biafra access to sea ports till date. Biafra is well positioned on earth by the creator of heavens and earth.

Biafra land is known for its fertile land, and free from environmental hazard except in the Biafra oil region that the Nigerian government had polluted with oil spillages and emitted carbons that has saturated the region making life difficult for people living within these areas to breath fresh air while fishing is put to a jolt as a result of oil spills and Industrial chemical runoffs unchecked. Biafrans are great people but unfortunately, the British Zoo found in Africa called Nigeria where Biafrans are domicile by nature, residing for the time being don't want to " let go of this people in chains".

This is modern slavery because Nigeria wasn't decolonized before and after the British government left; our interest and attention was not seek after to know if really Biafrans wants to continue to inhabit within the Nigeria circumference. The Nigerian government is hell-bent to kill and silence every Biafra moves as imparted to them by the proxy British government because for sure they know that we are going to land on a fertile soil where milk and honey grow in glory. The Fulani Nigerian government have their mind focused on Biafra oil in the Fulani named South-South or Niger Delta, and not because they love us - Biafrans, that they don't want us to go, no, but to keep suppressing and subjugating us - Baifrans to modern day slavery. for instance, if Biafra oil wells dries up today, the Fulani-North for sure will divide the country, and go home, and will have nothing to do with us again.

Ndi-Igbo extraction of Biafra are treated like outcast in Nigeria today since 1945 as history posits it, since my birth, I have never seen a Biafran man as equal to other Nigerians or considered relevant for the position of a President of Nigeria, nor have I see them occupying superior appointments, instead what I see is our people languishing in prison custody without trials, our graduates roaming the streets aimlessly, without employments. Ndi Igbo today in Nigeria are being treated like outcast, they feel depressed and intimidated in a country they say is one Nigeria. One Nigeria indeed!

No sane person will welcome suppression and intimidation of their people, without fighting for their own God given nation to call a home. That we have yearned for in anguish, sweat and blood as bond men and women of valor to be a free people. The Fulani herdsmen grazing their cows on our peoples' farms most times butcher our people to death using Nigeria as a cover. What has the Fulani Federal government and Fulani stooges and imposed States government done to apprehend the situation and this Fulani blood thirsty demons killing our people? Nothing! How many of these culprits has been arrested?None! Rather the Fulani government chose and ransomed these Fulani bandits, Fulani herdsmen, Fulani kidnappers, Fulani terrorists and recruit them into the Nigerian Army.

What justice has the Nigerian government done as restitution, recompense for the murdered families? Nothing! Reason because, they are Igbo Biafrans, no justice given in honour of them because they don't count and considered to be Fulani or Oduduwa. When the Biafrans were being killed in the South African Xenophobian madness, the Nigerian government refused to do anything about it,  why? Because, they are Igbo-Biafrans, assuming, it was the Fulanis, or their cows were being killed and hunted down, hell would have been let loose as the case of Mali portrays were the Nigerian government through her impostor President went to settle the dispute taking shape in Mali because it involves the Fulani tribe of Mali.

How then can we continue to live in a country that has nothing to offer to us or recognize us as part of them? Our Hero, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, and the IPOB he leads are armless and peaceful freedom fighters, but, most often, they are being arrested or instantly killed, while the Fulani Jihadists killer herdsmen pasturing their cows on our farm lands continue to butcher our people needlessly without them being arrested, trialed or executed.

Just last month, precisely on Sunday 27th day of June, 2020, in my community, Oboro Amurie -Omanze, in Isu Local Government Area, of IMO state, a group of Jihadist killer herdsmen who were hiding in a bush, attacked and brutally killed our brother in-law in a cold blood on his way back from the church, making the wife a widow and the children fatherless, yet no arrest was done to these herdsmen for the atrocity they committed, nor was any justice given to the family.

The attacks by these killer herdsmen are still very much on the increase, without any form of arrest, but cowardly the Nigerian Army/DSS/ Police are fighting, killing IPOB members who are only struggling for independence of her people living in bondaged to be free.

The Fulani Nigerian government is doing all that because they are Ndi-Igbo and Biafrans at large, otherwise, why have they not proscribed the Fulani terror herdsmen that are going about killing our people, and even in Southern Kaduna and the Middle Belt? The brute Nigerian Army on record invaded the home of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra on 14th, day of September, 2017, that invassion led to the early death of his parents, and some IPOB members.

Based on the above illustrations stated, Biafra must be granted her independence, because it will sound ridiculous and evil to humanity for Ndi-Igbo to continue to be in a country where they are not valued, instead, they are hated with passion.

I personally support Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB struggle for the restoration of Biafra independence. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, and IPOB are doing great works to dismantle this gory place called Nigeria. I sincerely thanked IPOB for not giving up in the struggle for the liberation of Biafra as an independence State in West Africa region.

Let's keep our dreams alive. Winners never quit nor do they consider giving up. Giving up is not an option for us in this struggle.

Edited by Ndubuisi Eke
Twitter Handle: @NdubuisiEke07

Publisher: Chinwe Korie
Twitter: @ckorie17


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