Biafra: Arthur Eze And The " Igbo Don't Love Themselves" False Philosophy

By Comr Nwawube Ezeobi | The Biafra Post | July 20, 2020

Arthur Eze, bowing to the corrupt Kano State governor (Gandollar)
Our people say that he that doesn't know where the rain started 'beating' him will definitely not know where it stopped. The Nigerian oil magnet and political godfather by name Mr. Arthur Eze, who is respected across the nation for nothing but his wealth which is the source of his affluence, have come out to belittle his Igbo race of lacking love for selves. Only few writers came out to condemn the speech while thousands of Nigerian trained so-called political analysts has shamefacedly did their best to defend the indefensible lies against the Igbo nation because our people's quest for Biafra.

Firstly, I would love to remind our big brother Arthur Eze that no University in Nigeria has ever been able to produce the number of billionaires the Igbo apprenticeship system has produced in recent times.

I would also love to remind our big brother that there is no race in Nigeria that shares self love more than the Igbos and I do this with strong empirical proof as we argue with superior reasoning. Dear Arthur Eze, and his defenders, which ethnic group controls political, economic spheres in Nigeria?

Your answer am sure is same with mine, then I ask you again where do we find the poorest and most hungry in Nigeria?

Igbos hate themselves so much but then I ask you, why are Igbos living better off in a serene and sane clime than any other tribe or region in Nigeria?

Arthur Eze, in your very incorrect analysis, you made us understand that the Fulani made you king by connecting you in the oil business. When I read that point of yours I almost shed tears. So it is now a testimony that a stranger made a son of the soil a King in his own land and over his own property! Shame! Isn't it? How many oil reserves is in or can be organically found in the Northern parts of Nigeria. Shame should engulf your person for ironically and boastfully proclaimed that the Fulani made you king over your own property and you deem it necessary to appreciate that. A happy slave in bond.

Yes, on the day you chose to bless your homeland, UKPO Dunukofia with a police barrack, I came around to observe. After that day, I found out the real haters of their people.

Yes the Igbo political class and the bourgeoisies in Igbo land are the real haters of their people not the average Igbo man struggling day and night to make ends meet.
I visited Ukpo the day the Zone 13 Police Headquarters was commissioned and I almost shed tears because of the rage of calamity in you.

When I came in-front of your mansion (Arthur Eze), I was rushed by children within the age bracket of six (6) to seventeen (17) years old, I thought they knew me or someone sent them to call me but lo and behold they were beggars, when I questioned them further, they were indigenous beggars. Indigenous beggars in our own land, in the great home of Ozoigbondu gburugburu? Ozoigbondu rather you gift your people with misery, penury and untimely death by your acts of commission or omission of negligence.

I was still contemplating what is going on and I decided not to stay further trekking few metres away I saw yet a more astonishing sight happening in your village. Youths above nineteen (19) years of age with no physical injuries were openly begging your visitors for "ego nri" (Money for Food). And my question is, why do you allow the replication of Almajiri system in your own town? Simple put, Arthur Eze don't love himself to love others and that is what aggravated thus his erroneous philosophy that Igbo don't love themselves.

You [Arthur Eze], was quick to bring down the Nigerian Police Headquarters in Ukpo but there is no single factory or industry where your people can work and atleast get feeding money from. While growing up, I was told by my parents and I stand to found out that the most miserable thing that can happen to an Igbo man is to beg for food. Igbos are known for pride and integrity but what is going on today in the Igbo society since your likes in Igbo land has decided to go the way of the Fulani and even boldly proclaimed to be made rich by them to cajole and starve your people to death.

Of what need is the Police Barack filled with Fulani ethnic stock in your backyard whereas virtually every youth in your village is jobless and children from your village engaged in street begging?
Do you see that the real problem is not the average Igbo man but the political class that has given themselves to hatred against their own people. Before you have the temerity to address the Igbo question, please first address the very raging Almajiri-Igbo brewing system in your own town. Igbos love themselves but hated by those they voted for and those romancing with the Fulani oligarchy for crumbs.

Edited by Ndubuisi Eke
Twitter Handle: @NdubuisiEke07

Published by Chinwe Korie
Twitter: @ckorie17


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