By Kelechi Okorie l Biafra Reporter May 09, 2020 Every day is for the thieves while a day is for the households, nomadic backward one Nigeria advocates can now hide their shameless faces in shame after watching Oluwale Master forger and Director of Nigeria Photoshop, "Femi Adesina", the Media P ublicity Secretary to the late Gen. Muhammadu Buhari now sworn allegiance to at all cost shield away the political actor Jubril Aminu Al-sudani in Aso Rock pretentiously claiming to be Gen. Muhammadu Buhari. Shamefacedly Femi Adesina said openly in a National Broadcast live questions and answers section that Nigerians are discarded tissue paper to order Mr. President around for live media chat. If not for any other thing, at least, reasonable Nigerians by now must have rethink they are only relevant once in four years during bloody sham elections in the abominable Lugardian mere geographical expression that represents hallmarks of horror drama where anything is possible. Femi Adesina insulted the sensibility and well-being of all brain imbibed one Nigeria[ns], the category of let us move Nigeria forward not knowing or in term that Nigeria has eluded them. The rate of deceptive and maneuvering of over 200 millions Nigerians by few privileged political power mongers is provocatively perturb and call for revolution that seek that Nigeria must be re-directed according to the dictates of what each region needs and not what a few hungry political power mongers in Aso Rock and Lagos wants, wants can be mess with but you can do away with need yet, the so called Nigerians are not bordered to hold these corrupt criminal political elites to an account. The idiom centric pre-recorded APC stylistic media chat according to Femi Adesina, was enough to inflame the damnable British packaged conglomerate empire to ashes had if Nigeria was formed to advance in all spheres of socio-political economy but as mentally deformed most Nigerians are, for them, it is inconsequential and less important to rise against incompetent marauding scam Gestapo Buhari-Nazi government. As fearful as Nigerians are as a people, they are scared of ordinary air around them; it makes them always keep giving flimsy excuses not to fight for their freedom. The rogue APC regime atrocity compels goggle to confirmed Nigeria as a zoo with wide animals in human skin credit to Mazi Nnamdi Kanu who always make inference with Nigeria as a human Zoo and late Fela Kuti who described the Zoo called Nigeria as "Beast of No Nation". Nevertheless, through relentless hard work by Mazi Nnamdi kanu/IPOB, the world have now acknowledged the fact that it seems only reasoning differentiate human from animal, Nigerian elites’ inability to expatiate between good from bad and the gap between the political elites and a common men on the streets inability to fight for their rights, as a lack of reasoning which constitutes the Nigerian terrain as a zoo. Besides, only an animal bears any name given by the owner. Not even Covid-19 that is ravaging the ignominious Nigerian political miscreants-Almajiri will spare them from rocking in jail for broad day rape of democracy in Nigeria or risk total disintegration. The importation of lookalike that wares hyper reality face mask with deep fake video software bought in China, using to debase, demean, devalue the most populated black African race like the worthless Nigerian currency is absolutely unacceptable in civilized Nations of the world. A country runs by heartless criminal few individuals should trigger uprising as it was done in most Arab Nations in 2011 tagged Arab Spring which ultimately resulted to pro-democracy uprisings that enveloped radical reformations of status quo several largely Muslim countries such as Tunisia, Morocco, Syria, Libya, Egypt and Bahrain engaged in revolution that liberated her people from a few political power mongers bondages and their freedom and liberty were granted because it is their innate rights. Exceptional of IPOB, like Nigeria, disruption of normal social relations among populated poor Nigerian citizens makes it impossible for unifying a strong and rigid quest for dissolution of this irredeemable waste social milieu contracted for British self interest irrespective of whose ox is gored. Every democratic system, masses hold their political elites accountable for maladministration by so doing leaders are vehemently careful in discharging of assigned duties appropriately knowing full well he/she is answerable to the people unlike in Nigeria. If late Gen. Mohammadu Buhari had being alive, there won’t be any need for pre-recorded broadcast but Nigerian mediocre always find it difficult to ascertain this simple objective thought undisputable. APC rogue government of Photoshop by the Photoshop and for the Photoshop drains on the dead brain of gullible myopic individuals that believed in Nigeria’s indivisibility without conditioning their minds to reality as it unfolds on daily basis that Nigeria is consciously designed for decimation of posterity. Having killed and frustrated greater proportion an great percentage of her citizens’ destiny needs an end to it but only because they are circumstance of misfortune of Nigeria citizenship either by forced-birth, registration or otherwise, she does not deserve to exist in a first place. Whether APC scammers likes it or not that masquerade dummy actor parading himself as late Gen. Muhammadu Buhari, must be ready to face the music should he dare to come out in or for public functions because the hidden secret had been unveiled by the leadership of the Indigenous People of Biafra - IPOB and the unhealthy dysfunction consequences of touting and toyed with the social practices meted out against the innocent citizens of Nigeria cannot be taken for granted anymore, they all that conspired to bring in a Buhari doppelganger must be Jailed and referendum conducted immensely without delay.

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