By Kelechi Okorie | Biafra Reporter May 14, 2020 Nigerians can now direct their anger to Google for officially naming the abominable so called giant of Africa ”Zoo”. Normally, anytime Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) calls Nigeria Zoo, you see demented parochial individuals get annoyed, to them it sounds irritating and absurd but the name is suitable and most appropriate for Nigeria. Who knows how the viviparous species might feel when their main man Mr. Femi Adesina, Media Publicity Secretary to Mohammadu Bulari whose name impostor Jubril Aminu Al-Sudani has been using to rule over Nigeria before he went to self exile in Cuba, Nigerians on demanding the whereabout of their President and Vice were referred to as discarded used tissue paper by Mr. ignorant Femi Adesina. Without contemplation, honestly, Nigeria is a Zoo from time immemorial and any proud Nigerian is an animal either a monkey or a baboon because the damnable contracted shithole could not had existed for being a cemetery for dead living individuals who believes in this colonial vestige . Only animals are comfortable answering any name given them by the owner as a White man came from far away Europe amalgamated different dichotomous Southern and Northern protectorates and named it Nigeria in 1914, for British government own economic interest and some monkeys and baboons gladly accepted this illicity and were jumping about from one tree to another. Some intellectual deformed idiots are seen today jumping up and down as proud Nigerians. It could have well be understood had the colonial masters summoned all the component units, seek for their general consent before joining the oil and water together as Fredrick Lugard right said. The undisputable fact is, only one thing differentiate a human from an animal, and that is ability to reason, question and seek for redress over what you consider is not appropriate for your being and existence. Malfunction reasoning incapacitation of those trapped down in the contracted British animal confinement called Nigeria disproportionately affectes their sense of reasoning to articulate very well, digest and ponder over issues that affect them as a people. Unlike the Zoo, nation is not artificially created, rather, it is an organically process or unanimous agreement by interested component units or nationalities forming a union with aspiration to work as a nation with peoples oriented written or unwritten document, constitution that binds them together to live as one entity. As mentally backward as Nigeria is till this moment, drunk Fredrick Lugard with the suggestion of her girl friend Flora Shaw a mere geographical expression was named Nigeria without approval of the Indigenous People yet, those self acclaimed intellectuals, SANs, social advocates are deaf and dumb to question the rationale behind the unusual miscegenation. Inferiority complex of Nigerians confines their thinking faculty inability to ascertain why Europe[ans] illegally invaded Africa in the name of adventure and created countries and Africa[ns] cannot do the same in Europe if creation of nation by aliens is good and a natural process. Under-development of Nigeria mainly relies on reasoning not specifically the fault of Europe as many thought. No wonder Chinese officials are in Nigeria courtesy of the brainless Fulani controlled led Federal government of the Zoo called Nigeria to test run their Covid-19 Vaccines on Almajiri Nigerians without carrying out such testing on their own people first where the pandemic is rapidly dismantling body and soul in that part of the world. These simple questions are for Nigerian intellectuals. (1). Who created Nigeria?. (2). Who created the United States of America?. (3). Who created the Great Britain?. After you sincerely come up with the answers definitely everyone will queue up and convincingly know that really Nigeria is a Zoo, and any proud Nigerian is below an animal in grade. In essence that's in “Animal Farm” written by George Orwell, when their slogan “all animals are equal” was violated and changed to “all animals are equal but some are more equal than others” unexpected revolts spring up in the garden to express their disaffection of the sudden selfish changes. Moral lesson in Animal Farm is, at least animals know when and how to act appropriately whereas, Nigerians who are being hold hostage under a dictatorship are ignorantly wallowing in stupidity, dying in silent other than to take proactive reasonable steps in pursue of replaceable collective interest. By the way, Late Gen. Muhammadu Buhari, should be the first person to be hold responsible for having referred Nigeria as a Zoo. It is on record, the late tyrant who was the Presidential Candidate of All Progressive Congress, vowed, if the 2015 National Presidential election is not free and fair that “the dog and the baboon would all be soak in their own blood”, hard-die or would I say fanatical one Nigerian advocates pretended that the statement was an idiomatic expression portending zoological Nigeria. Tyrant Mohammadu Buhari, whose name - Impostor Jubril Al-Sudani is using to rule over Nigeria, in this Muhammadu Buhari crooked regime we heard of animals swallowed monies, does it not portrays Nigeria as a Zoo?. Nigeria government armed forces and Para-Military that are mandated to protect the lives and properties of her citizens has disgracefully became life threatening terrorist armed forces against the vulnerable helpless Nigerian masses, with no shread of doubt won’t Nigeria be conceive as Zoo by Google?. Just like father of all trained terrorist, Mallam Nasri El-Rufai, the Executive killer governor of Kaduna State, his son in Nigerian Military uniform threatened to kill, rape and infect Warri Women with HIV/AIDS, as dishonorable without pedigree and instinct value cannot be expatiated from animals in the forest. Ask Google where is Zoo and who named Nigeria Zoo the response will amaze you that truly Nigeria is officially recognized as a Zoo in Africa.

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