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May 11, 2020 
Jubilation as four 4 member of IPOB that participated on Donald j Trump innuagration rally where at least 20 innocent armless Biafrans were shot dead   and many injured arrested and detained by Nigerian security forces for celebrating President Trump innuaguration at Igweocha Biafra land on 20th january 2017 have been released. This report was made available to the Biafra reporter by Nwada Ibeh Gift Amarachi  via her facebook wall. The statement reads ;
Four IPOB activists illicitly detained following the Donald Trump Rally on 20th January 2017, have been discharged and acquitted by a sitting Federal High Court in PortHarcourt, today being the 11th Of May 2020.
The fierce Legal combat has been on, since there abduction by the DSS.
IPOB does not abandon her own, we don't make a noise, but rather face our oppressors and defeat them in their own court.
Stay tuned for more details...
Ibeh Gift Amarachi Reporting For IPOB Legal Team


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