Authored By Kelechi Okorie | Biafra Reporter May 25, 2020 Only if serving Biafran soldiers in Nigeria military applied safety caution than laying down their lives for Nigeria's indivisibility is worthless and regarded as discarded used tissue paper. Already, United Nations raised alarm that insecurity and violence turn Nigeria into a pressure cooker- UN News; the recent trending disheartened rival live video showed Mine-Resistance Ambush Protected MRAP in flame at the background with lamentation of helpless soldiers raining curses on the Nigerian Military Chief of Army Staff - Lieutenant Gen. Tukur Yusuf Bururai. It was not enough for the cry of these defenseless motherless cats soldiers trapped was a tip of the iceberg on what shall befall Nigeria military formation in few months to come after the reintegration of six hundred and three (603), captured Boko Haram and Islamic State of West Africa Province (ISWAP) terrorist fighters back into the society with intrigue shady surrender and hallucinate deceit codenamed "Operation Safe Corridor", de-radicalization, rehabilitation and reintegration of these sect members then it becomes obvious that serving Biafran soldiers in Nigeria Military formation will use their eyes to see their ears. Psychologically, the screamed wept soldiers’ lexicon at the war front sounded like serving Biafran soldiers, they must retrace their steps back to their motherland Biafra now, before it is too late. Like APC mischievous scam regime atrocities same as the deceit lying Nigerian military unprecedentedly, because Chadian President, Idriss Deby Itno, led an operation to decimate Boko Haram terrorists in his country, Nigeria Defense Headquarters came up with deceit measure quoted to have said, Nigeria Chief of Army Staff, Lieutenant Gen. Tukur Yusuf Burutai, will lead the Nigerian army to Boko Haram hideout, unknown to many it was a 21th century equivalent means of escape, the uproar from the Northern strategy and strike to the East deceptive maneuver. An anonymous source blew the report that confirms, that the Nigerian Chief of Army Staff - Lt. Gen. Tukur Yusuf Buratai, was not seen nor sighted at the battle front fighting Boko Haram as he initially made gullible Nigerians to be believe him. The source further stated, no single governors’ son or ministers’ son were at the war front. So everything they come up to tell you now is pure lies. Before now, Radio Biafra Director cum the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra [IPOB], over the radio sounded this alarm on the same issue, that Lt. Gen. Tukur Yusuf Buratai, has find his exit routes to abroad to enjoy his own share of stolen wealth. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu repeatedly inferred that Lt. Gen. Tukur Yusuf Buratai is somewhere enjoying himself with prostitutes in boisterous jamborees lifestyle living the used discarded tissue papers in military uniforms to perish. Apparently, the wife of the late Gen. Muhammadu Buhari, Aisha Buhari, now employed the services of her hyper wearing reality face mask young boyfriend who services her in the other room, this Aisha Buhari's boyfriend currently is masquerading himself to be Aisha Buhari's late husband - late Gen. Muhammadu Buhari who was secretly buried away in Saudi Arabia by Abba Kyari and the Fulani cabals. Aisha Buhari currently is enjoying the services of this young lad who she widely opens her legs up in the other room for lubrications. Serving Biafran soldiers in Nigeria Military formation should think twice, Nigeria is on autopilot, the Nigerian ship has hit the rock causing her capsizing, Nigeria is nothing but a ship without a captain with no compass and destination. A country with no President, Vice President and Chief of Army Staff, a country that has drifted from what the tenets of democracy and democratic principles are to a Lootocratic system of government with no accountability, anarchy looms by, speedily at the bricks of total collapse. A country where the supposed allegedly President feels shy to have media chats with his compatriots, a country where the Vice President has suddenly gone into Photoshop is not worthy of any sort to inhabit inside of it. In such a country exist no rule of law and order, it is like a wild jungle because even the zoo is being overseer and controlled by zooists. Ten years after the escalation of insurgency in Nigeria, the terrorist groups maintained charismatic multiple capturing of strong bases as their own enclaves, territory for operations. It is impossible for the Nigerian government to win the war against insurgency hence, terrorism is paying them heavily, to them it is an avenue to amass wealth from the world governmental bodies. Fulani controlled Federal government of Nigeria is terrorism inclined government and a sole arch terrorist government with loyal affiliated factions such as Boko Haram, Islamic State of West Africa Province (ISIS/ISWAP), Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria known as (Fulani Herdsmen), Fulani Bandits and Kidnappers. Isn't it awful that all these criminality formations are coming from the core Northern Fulani extraction. No one has dismisses or counters the views that the APC - led Federal government of Nigerian politicized the war against insurgency during the President Goodluck Jonathan's administration daily over the spate of insurgency in the country, now what is really happening?. Now it has become needless and inconsequential for any mature right thinking truthful Nigerian to debunk the circumvention of Nigeria military bases by terrorist militias, the scandal at which they robbed the Nigerian Military of her weaponries in any counter offensive to tell us if terrorism in Nigeria is not politically motivated by the Fulani political bourgeoises on the poor hapless Nigerian masses. The helpless soldiers on the viral video bitterly cried out loud, they angered soldiers cursed Lt. Gen. Yusuf Buratai the Army Chief and blamed the defense headquarters for treachery and perfidy. Barely seven months as the theatre commander of "Operation Lafida Dole", Olusegun Adeniyi, was sacked for having complained about the poor equipments they were given to match against the Boko Haram sect, instead of the defense headquarters to look deep into this complaint so as to ascertain his complains for evaluation and weaponry upgrade, he was removed for saying the truth. In spite, precisely at Jakana, Borno State, Olusegun Adeniyi’s convoy was attacked and his driver killed by the same Boko Haram sect which goes to entail that a mole within the Nigerian Military formation called on Boko Haram to attack him. It has now dawned on the Nigerian soldiers fighting against Boko Haram to conceive first hand, the fact that the defense headquarters are they mole(s) setting them up, their battalion was set up and conspired by the same military against the same solders at the forefront. Same shall replicate against serving Christians and Biafran soldiers serving in the Zoo-Nigeria Military formation, they should as a matter of urgency and precautious measures resign from duty. No one in today's defense headquarters is ready to sabotage the Boko Haram so that Nigerian soldiers can win, your recommendations are not taken into considerations so why are you wasting your life when you have a family to take care of and look after. A stich in time saves nine. 

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