Written By Kelechi Okorie | Biafra Reporter May 19, 2020 History has its own funny ways of repeating itself, it taught people to learn lesson of past mistakes or ugly scenarios to avoid future reoccurrences. Every nation of the world makes history compulsory from primary to tertiary level, unlike Nigeria; her citizens are ignorant of history, immediately after the Biafra genocidal war, history was obliterated from school curriculum by Fulani political dynasty courtesy of Chief Olusegun Matthew Obasanjo’s fear and loyalty to Sokoto Caliphate. On one hand, Fulani oligarchy is jittering over reprisal uprisings for the irredeemable dichotomous past narrative events that rudiments Nigeria’s existence for fundamentally function and human advancement. History enhances folks to acknowledge her origin, heritage and descendants variably or invariably, unify mischievous corrections to avoid repetition in the nearest future. Has history being taught in Nigerian schools, it would have been easier for all ethnic nationalities that comprised the vexatious British Empire to ascertain that Fulani race are irredentists and rabbles naturally. A race without a specify inherited indigenous geographical location, migrants from Sahel that scattered all over West Africa sub- region with large proportion population seizing indigenous Peoples land by force. Central Africa Republic failed captive of Fulani irredentism, too late for them to understand the Usman dan Fodio’s Jihadists culminations of both political and economic attempt though, Central Africa Republic fought earnestly for liberation in the hands of these criminal marauding vandals. On the other hand, the conquest of Hausa people and her land took effect by Fulani militia between 1804-1808, known as the Jihad of Usman Dan Fodio, rampaged Hausa livelihood and took over the kingdom, left them with only but Hausa language today, Hausa is gone forever. Muhammed Bello, the son of Usman Dan Fodio transformed the semi permanent camp to Sokoto empire into a city with installation of loyalist Emirs governing on behalf of Sokoto caliphate. The jihad war by Fulani militias culminated considerable political authority over other regions and empires within the Northern hemisphere. The successful Jihadists conquest inspiration of Usman Dan Fodio were induced to his descendants from generation to generation, it triggered the dethronement and seizure of llorin - ancestral land and abode of the Yoruba people, an insider Aare Afonja was killed to occupy this place till date, this is rooted in history. Aare Afonja a Yoruba man mobilized Alimi, the progenitor of Fulani indigenes in today Ilorin to fight against his own people Alaafin of Old Oyo, perhaps, this resulted to the dethronement of the entirety of llorin by hired Fulani Alimi’s spiritual and military prowess making the Alimi’s son Abdusalami to ultimately emerged the ruler of what is now llorin Emirate. Funny of it all, after the conquest of Yoruba land ended in favour of Aare Afonja as his wish came to fruition, same Aare Afonja and his children were killed by the same Alimi and his Fulani kinsmen before the dethronement of Alaafin of Oyo, today instead of having Oba or Oni of llorin from Yoruba descendant to rule llorin, Yorubas in their homeland of Ilorin have an institutionalized emir answerable to the Fulani Sokoto caliphate who is on the throne of authority. Court redress by Afonja Progressive Union (APU) was abortive as Alimi people, in a counter position, claimed there was no evidence of a Yoruba king in the throne before their forefathers mounted the leadership, that was how llorin was totally lost in the hands of Aare Afonja to the Alimis' and his Fulani kinsmen. Biafrans must not clone their mindsets with lazy religious fiction that God shall fight their battles for them while they fold their arms watching chronicle conquest and annihilation of our next door kiths and kins. If time is not taking, history might replicates itself and Fulani will seize, conquer Biafra and appoint emirs like the Supreme Court imposed Executive Governor of Imo State - Mr. Hope Uzodimma in all the states loyal to Sultan of Sokoto Caliphate. At the time of this publication, Almijiris from the core Fulani North, were spotted dropped at Akwakuma, in Owerri province sneaking into Owerri main town at night. Insufficient acquisition of history has affected most Biafrans to highlight the implications of Fulani Almijiri jihadist militias influx in Biafra land when the inter states lockdown is in effect as a result of Covid-19 pandemic ravaging humanity. It is important Biafrans brace up and ponder the rationale behind the influx of Fulani foot soldiers, Fulani jihadists in disguise of Almajiris when there is restriction of movement across the board in the zoo called Nigeria by Zoo governors. The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), fought Fulani RUGA settlements to stand still together with Fulani cattle colony; resistance measures by this freedom movement gives the Fulani kinsmen sleepless nights to accomplish their grand plans of conquest and subjugation. As needful as it is, every clan in Biafra land as a matter of urgency must organize and integrate a community vigilante groups and forestry reserved guards to stand against this calculated invasion of Almajiri jihadists into Biafra. IPOB cannot be everywhere at the same time to defend you. It is much more reasonable every Biafran arm he or her self in self defense which is a natural law, if possible sell your garments and purchase one. The Fulanis' knew it is over for them as IPOB have mounted to be a heavy obstacle to their sail in conquering Biafra land, the Indigenous People of Biafra are ever ready to repel any attack coming from the Fulanis' in order to enslave them in their ancestral home land of birth. Finally, from the purview of antecedent of events taking shape in today's Nigeria in this nasty chronicle world view of conquest by the Fulanis' in power, it becomes paramount that freedom is taken and not given, and when this happens kingdom and ruthless empires falls, when evil and wicked kingdom rises, only violence put a stop to her existence and same violence can take it by force. Biafra is not exceptional to this natural cause of action as for Fulani conquest it is mission impossible with IPOB.

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