By Kelechi Okorie | Biafra Reporter May 30, 2020 As Jewish holocaust of 1941-1945, also known as the Shoah, that systematically murdered more than six million of Jews in a traumatized Nazi Germany world war II of aggression, like1967-1970 Biafra genocide where Harold Wilson’s syndrome, then British Prime Minister inspected the over five million Biafrans in the pool of their blood on the streets of Biafra and pregnant women’s bellies cut wide open with embryos in their mother’s womb pounded dead with no intermediary to come for Biafra rescue. 30th May, is a day of sober reflection, an ugly day of commemorating the worst indiscriminate man slaughtered and starvation of helpless children through deliberate blockage of sea, land and air to restrict external succor from Non-Government Organizations and heartfelt individuals. It was a moment of an implied criticism, a moment of sorrow, a reflected dull moment, a day of uncontrollable, unforgivable and undeserved scenario. A stinking memory of sunset turned to blood and darkness in a day time; a day Fulani controlled government of Nigeria joyfully soaked the blood of innocent Biafrans in celebration of one Nigeria, courtesy of Yoruba media conspiracy. It was a day history obviously dichotomously divided the contradictory bifurcated oil and water can’t be mix even in generations to come. It was an event that every household in Biafra land recounted how their loved ones were squeezed life out of their body system with traversals in whole cheerfulness of happiness by Nigeria marauded soldiers echoed “Nyamiri die, Nyamiri die”, what a world of agony!. A displeased offensive record that eyes won’t want to watch again, sensibility and memory won’t let go in a history of mankind or erase from the conscienceness of any right thinking Biafran. A woe and grief of worst of its kind, a day Biafra officially known as conquered territory and infidels that must be hunted down at all cost with or without reason of any provocation. May 30th, a sober day, a traumatized event for Biafrans, friends of Biafra and lovers of freedom like Bruce Mayrock, who passionately protested at UN building in New York, on 29th May, 1969, against general lack of interest in the Biafra cause by setting himself ablaze because nobody was listening in order to draw humanity attention to the plight of Biafra people. He was an idealist young White American student at Columbia University, a hero of modern century bitterly; his milk action towards Biafra extermination never touches the heart of international community to call for justice and probe the individuals involved in this genocide. It was a gruesome event, justice was swept under the carpet, a fresh memory world ought to hold Nigeria government accountable for war crime committed against defenseless vulnerable Biafran people but no avail in international politics of subjugation, but British government led by Harold Wilson, as then Prime Minister, through British Broadcasting Cooperation BCC, lied and deceived the world that Biafrans who were fighting a war of survival, a just war were proscribed as rebels which made it easier for the world at large knowingly and ignorantly stood against Biafra. It was a war of Islamic conquest in disguise, a war of annihilation, a war of obliteration of Biafra history in school curriculum to dislodge Biafrans their sense of reasoning to be acquitted with their lineage, heritage and culture. The 1967-1970 Biafra genocidal war of aggression was the first genocidal war in the African continent in particular and second in world at large. 30th May, is a map out day of commemoration of falling heroes and heroines from Biafrans ceaseless killings till date. A day Asaba/Ahaba massacre cannot be forgotten, a bizarre recollection of "30th May, 2016, IPOB Remembrance Day", precisely Nkpo massacre in Anambra State, the terrain was littered with lifeless Biafran youths shot to death by Nigerian government combine team of armed forces. Event able men were sliced into pieces and buried in shallow graves with acid poured on their decomposed bodies. For those ugly scenarios, Biafra genocide gives the Indigenous People of Biafra [IPOB] enough reasons and impetus to fight for the emancipation and absolute total sovereign state of Biafra, a freedom that shall usher in freedom of all Indigenous people without discrimination as enshrined in UN Charter. 30th May, remains sacrosanct to respect the victims of Biafra genocide and the curiosity of indefatigable IPOB to disintegrate the damnable cemetery called Nigeria is inevitably imminent. 30th we must recount our losses and plan effectively for the restoration of Biafra.

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