Compiled By Comr Nwawube Ezeobi, Comr Ezeobi Jonel | The Biafra Post May 18, 2020 ===} Mazi Nnamdi Kanu renders thunderous prayer to heaven as it has been the tradition of the Biafran people to worship Chukwu Okike Abiama before the start up of event(s). 1. We have come to expose that which is hidden. We have come to preach the gospel of truth and freedom. 2. They have come to our land and we will confront them sooner or later. I can assure you. 3. In Idoma, their first daughters are called Ada but Amina from the arid desert will tell you that Igbo man is your problem. 4. Yoruba if you don't rise up against your people in the media, they will destroy your race. 5. Yoruba you are allowing your people in the media to destroy your race as Afonja did. 6. Elohim told me never to beg anybody to join Biafra, rather tell them the bitter truth. 7. What Fulani Janjaweed are now doing with China is what they did with Britain. House Negro. 8. As you keep arguing that you are not one people, they are shipping their terrorists into our land. 9. They went to Ikwerre and divided your flesh and blood that you are not Igbo. 10. They did the same thing in Ndoki and Akwa Etteh. They keep dividing you. 11. If your race is in support of evil, I will despise you and despise the ground you walk on. 12. I want to tutor you because some of you are not educated, why are you supporting your own conquest, Hausa people did same thing and lost their land to the Fulanis' till date. 13. I want to open your eyes to see that your land is under siege, your bushes and your land but Yoruba media will never report it. 14. Elohim may your name be glorified, everything we want, everything we demanded is right before us. 15. You said IPOB are criminals, what have they stolen from you. They are mistaken because we have come so that Biafra may be free. 16. My land is under siege and you want me to play Mr nice, get out of my face. 17. Aisha Buhari brought her boyfriend in Aso Rock and gave him mask to be wearing as late Muhammadu Buhari. 18. They created Crossriver, Rivers State, they know the names have no meaning, but in the West they are Oduduwa and in the North Arewa. 19. The funniest thing is that Zik never opposed these rubbish, he was learned enough and answering Igbo elite here and there. He (Zik) allowed them to scatter our land. 20. I kept asking my Maths teacher, Mr Amadi, how come you have this hatred against Ndigbo, I never knew it was because of the stolen properties. Most of them have been trained to hate their own blood. 21. They were planning to rename Ogbaru to Anioma saying they have same culture. 22. Judges Imo State are taking brand new SUV Cars as bribe from Hope Uzodinma. His village will not call him to order now. 23. Why don't they answer the names of their own rivers in the North?. 24. Hope Uzodinma wants to open doors for Fulani Janjaweed in Imo State. If you know him, warn him now. 25. Benin will be part of Biafra if they so wish and want. Nobody will be forced into Biafra. 26. Had Azikiwe fought for us, had Ohaneze fought for us, the idiocy you have in the name of Niger Delta won't be there. 27. If you say you are from Niger Delta, I have no regard for you, atleast it means intellectually you are empty. 28. Fulani needs traitors and saboteurs to triumph. They have both in Biafra land, that is why they are triumphing. 29. Hausa people had a very beautiful civilisation before the Fulani Janjaweed came. Othman Dan Fodio convinced the Prince of Katsina to revolt against the throne of his father. 30. They came to Biafra land divided us, telling me someone that is answering Nwaike is no longer my brother, Chibuike Amaechi is no longer my brother. I can't understand this people. 31. They used Olusegun Obasanjo to deny you history in your various schools. 32. Obafemi Awolowo was interested in what was happening in Yoruba land, he was never fighting for one Nigeria. 33. Enlightenment and civilisation is a very different thing. To enlighten a black is a very big task. You can teach them all you like, you now tell them this is the end of the lecture, can you reason?. That becomes a problem. 34. Ijaw youths congress (IYC)never issued any warning to IPOB but the Yoruba reported that, only to spite IPOB. 35. Britain (British government), is now crying because Chinese language is not the official language in Nigeria. 36. Biafrans in America are now calling me, asking me, if their is any hope in stopping Fulani conquest in our land. When I came to America, what did you do?. You were listening to those calling Nnamdi Kanu a fraudster. 37. Nwachineke ka mbu. Biafra is my mission, thunder fire all of you and your new Nigeria. 38. I told them including the pipeline security guard, I warned them that they are coming, go and do video again nah. You have no shame doing pipeline security guard for Fulani over the oil in your own backyard. 39. When Biafra is restored, Nigerians will be at the border begging to come into Biafra land. If you doubt me, bet it. 40. We are coming and I will bring hell with me, it is a promise, when I came to the zoo I informed you, I am giving you this as a promise. You will not go Scott free. 41. If there were Fulani doctors, do you think they will think of bringing doctors from China?. You have Yoruba doctors, Igbo doctors, Ijaw doctors etc, why didn't they invite you to improve your skill with Covid-19 case?. They invited Chinese because their is no doctor in the North. 42. Ahmadu Bello in 1960 told you all that they will never give jobs to the Igbos, that if there is no qualified person from their land they will employ foreigners. That is what they are still doing today in 2020. They have to go to abroad to get doctors because they have none. 43. I am not insulting anybody, I want you to change. 44. Yoruba media, you were there, you saw those small boys thumb printing in the North, rigging elections, you said nothing now they want to shift them to the South. 45. In those days in the UK if you give a speech, a white man will tell you he don't believe you, you ask why?., They will tell you because you are a black man and that you people lie alot. 46. Lai Mohammed said Chinese doctors are working in isolation centres but few days ago the health minister came out to say Chinese doctors are not really our guests. 47. Amazon in the first quarter of 2020, they named their revenue 75.5billion US dollars, more than entire budget of Nigeria. One tiny company online for three (3) months. 48. Fulani will steal, loot and burn, the Yoruba media will be there and do nothing. 49. They claimed Aisha Buhari's lover in Aso Rock is the commander of ECOWAS Covid-19. They had a meeting yesterday (teleconference), do you know who was missing?. Our dear mask wearing lover of Aisha. Every Head of State from Africa was at the meeting, because he couldn't speak, he didn't attend. 50. Buhari is dead and buried in Saudi Arabia Jubril is dead in Cuba where Abba Kyari took him, Aisha's lover in Aso-Rock couldn't attend even as the Covid-19 ECOWAS commander. 51. Go back to my old broadcast, I told you the clown inside there now cannot speak. I expect Yoruba media to be thankful. 52. Anything I say comes to pass, they are from God, we are sent to do a job and that is what we are doing. 53. I will travel to America, I will tell them to their faces how foolish they are. 54. Ifeanyi Okowa is responsible for what Fulanis' are doing in Delta State. 55. You are in America enjoying what a white man suffered to built, save your own land you cannot. When they deport you now you will start complaining. 56. Chinese language is now the official language of contract in the Zoo. 57. They said Nnamdi Kanu is an Online President, but AMAZON, turnover for three (3) months is over 7.5b USD, over Nigeria annual budget. 58. We (IPOB) are the largest mass movement in the world; we are not sponsored by anybody, we are not financed by anybody, only Chukwu Okike Abiama pilot our affairs that we continually achieve giant strides. 59. Those of you from South-South, Ask Yoruba, why don't you have West West?. They called you South-South, you accept. 60. Ask Fulani, why don't you have North North?. Ask Yoruba why don't you have West West?. 61. Biafrans are blessed from our mothers' womb. 62. Nigeria is a destroyer of destiny, if you stay in Nigeria, you will die. 63. If Ishekiri is close to Yoruba, why do their wives and mothers' wear two piece of wrapper unlike the Yoruba women that wear one piece of wrapper (Gwoba)?. 64. If you want to know whether you are a Biafran or not, look at your mother's wardrobe. Once she tie two pieces of wrapper, you are a Biafran. 65. Biafra is a mother nation. We don't say fatherland, we say motherland for a reason. 66. Fulani Janjaweed invasion is coming. 67. Nigeria is not a nation, it is not even a country. Nigeria is a contraption. Biafra Is a Nation 68. I played the lamentation of Odenjiji for those in America to hear. 69. Ask any elderly man in Anambra that is above 100 years old and still have his thinking faculty intact, ask him if there was a time when men from Anambra/Enugu went to Igala to get the women there pregnant because they had few or no men?. 70. When am coming back I will stop at "Head Bridge Onitsha", It will shutdown for three days. 71. Anybody telling you they are fighting for one Nigeria is evil, that person is a thief. 72. I saw Fulani settlement in Abia State. All that the governors care about is money, their kids are abroad, they can't defend their land. 73. We have been fighting Fulani in Ebonyi State for many months. We couldn't beat them well in Delta State because of Ifeanyi Okowa. He is attacking IPOB defending the land. 74. All the Heads of armed forces in Nigeria are headed by the Northern muslims. They have cornered everywhere. If you run to the Police station, the Head is a Fulani man, if you run to the nearest Army Barrack, the Head is a Fulani man. Run to Abuja the Head is a Fulani man. This happened with the support of Yoruba. 75. Their are real Yorubas fighting for Oduduwa, go and join them. 76. I must say it, some Igbo people are naturally stingy/miser and destructively individualistic, that was why we lost the war. I warned those stingy/miser efulefus in Los Angeles that Fulanis' are coming to take our land. 77. There are only three places for a freedom fighter in this world, prison, grave or exile. If you are a freedom fighter and you are not in prison, you are not in grave and you are not in exile, you are not a freedom fighter. 78. Yoruba media will not tell you all these because they are evil. 79. When I come back again, Yoruba will leave Lagos and charter bus to see me because abum NwaChineke. 80. Nnia Nwodo, Ike Ekweremmadu were busy planning to kill me, did they know that Fulani will come. They tagged IPOB terrorist and proscribed us. Gbue dike gbue dike, ubochi ogu achoba dike. 81. Fulani have bribed Chinese with all the airports in Nigeria. 82. The igwe of Ogbunike that gave Fulani land in Ogbunike, we will dig his grave and cut off his head. These are the elders they want us to respect. 83. Tell the PG of Ogbunike that thunder will fire him. He has taken bribe over Ogbunike. 84. Some traditional rulers takes money and give Fulani lands. Have you seen what these traditional rulers are doing in our land?. 85. All these their camps are always near Nigeria Army barracks and Police barracks. 86. Who doesn't know Edwin Clark was a traitor. He worked against Goodluck Jonathan. He collected money from the Fulani to rubbish Jonathan, they have no integrity both PANDEF and OHANEZE. 87. If you are an elder and you want respect, behave like Abaribe and you will have your respect. We love giving our elders respect but you have to earn it. 88. When will you people learn?. Adama Boro was killed working for the North. Ken Saro Wiwa was killed working for the North. MKO Abiola was killed working for the North. 89. Aisha is now the new queen of the jungle. 90. Fulani knew IPOB is the obstacle, they used the government against us, they got us proscribed by our own leaders so they can come in. Nnia Nwodo have you seen it. 91. Those complaining from Akwa Ibom, have you now seen why you need IPOB. This is what Hausas' did to their kings and they were swallowed by the Fulanis'. You make this mistakes because you don't know who the Fulanis' are. 92. The Fulanis' are afraid of us because they knew we know who they are. 93. After Obafemi Awolowo helped Fulani to exterminate five (5) million Biafrans, Yorubas, are your lives better now?. 94. If you know anybody in America, Chukwu Okike Abiama send them their to make money for this project, to defend our land. 95. The war has come, IPOB will do their best. Those in America if you are ready, you know who to meet, you will not come to me, go to the company and do what you are supposed to do. 96. The main Biafran Army are marching on foot. Almajiri is coming with dangote trailer, our own brothers in America are busy eating Hamburger. 97. Was your ancestors Nigerians before Frederick Lugard came?. Do you see why white people call u Baboons and Monkeys?. 98. Who were you before the White man came?. Does it mean your ancestors never existed?. Do you see how daft you are?. 99. The British government knows that it is the IGBO MAN that laid a successful rebellion against the colonists. 100. You don't know the reason God sent you to America is to claim Biafra back, God did the same to Jews in Israel. 101. Simon Ekpa Destroyed and decimated those idiots propagating for New Nigeria. He is doing a great work and we need more people like him. 102. Every tribe in Biafra will vote to join Biafra, we will extend that with Benin, Benin will be like Monaco in France. 103. Every tribe will take care of their land. It will be Confederation. 104. If USA Biafra residents don't do what is necessary, they will never step their foot to Biafra land, they must fund the defence of our land, that is why they were given Visa to America. 105. Nnia Nwodo and the rest of them will face judgement. They wanted me to die but they cannot do it. 106. When Adamawa joined the Zoo, referendum was not in the Zoo constitution it was drawn out of necessity. Britain doesn't have a written constitution but they held referendum for Scotland. :::::::::::::::::::STANDING ORDER:::::::::::::::::: I. Wherever you are, start an IPOB family. ::::::::::::::::::::::::Closing Remark::::::::::::::::::: We have come to the end of our proceeding this night, we must pressure our brothers in the USA to do something to defend our land, that is why Elohim sent them there. Biafra is our religion, Radio Biafra is where we worship and Chukwu Okike Abiama is our God. From me from here, it is Good night.

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