Compiled By Comr Nwawube Ezeobi, Comr Ezeobi Jonel | The Biafra Post May 14, 2020 1. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu renders powerful prayer to Elohim in heaven. 2. We have come that men will be men once again and that Elohim will be pleased with us. 3. The Fulani Janjaweed have come into our land to kill and to destroy and now they have come to take over our land. 4. There are influx of Fulani foot soldiers disguising as deportees of Almajiris in our land. 5. In case you are wondering what my surname means, it means Kamanuọzuzu, (God of thunder and lightening). 6. When we tried to push the Fulani herdsmen back in Okpanam, when the traditional ruler was contacted by the Commissioner of Police he disowned the youths. 7. If you are serving in the Nigerian Army, you are serving the Fulani cause, You are serving those occupying your land, You are serving those killing your people, You are serving those raping your women, You are serving idiocy, You are serving your own death. 8. All Christians serving in the Nigerian Army should resign. 9. What the governors are thinking is that their own children will inherit the Fulani Caliphate that is coming. They have sworn an oath in the North. 10. The people living inside the forest, who are they?. They are Fulani but nobody gave them the land. How did they manage to do this damage to our psyche and our land, because of the Ohaneze Ndigbo, some President Generals, some traditional rulers, they have all sold out. The same thing Hausa peasants did and they lost their land to Fulani, Yoruba people did it and lost Kwara State. This is the same thing you are doing in Igboland. 11. The appointment of the chief of staff after a raging battle in Aso rock confirms that Aisha buhari is incharge. He chased away Garba Shehu because he locked her off. She said that she will get her revenge few months ago, now she has gotten her revenge. 12. Every Yoruba Moslem allegiance is to the Sokoto Caliphate and that's why they will always work with the Fulanis'. 13. Alimi dethroned Afonja, tortured him and killed him. This is the price for betraying your people. 14. The very center of this Earth is in "Biafra" Land. Go and check it zero longitude, zero latitude. 15. If you want to know history, simply go to my page, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the authentic one of course. 16. If you are not Fulani, you must leave the Nigeria Army because you willl be used as willing tools. 17. Garba Shehu is no longer part of the ruling Cabals. 18. Ibrahim Gambari is a Fulani man, the father is Fulani and the mum is Yoruba, he is a hegemonist, and he is far worse than the late Abba Kyari. 19. Gambari was brought in by Aisha Buhari, his job is to convince the world that Muhammadu Buhari is alive. 20. IPOB will destroy Gambari in a matter of weeks, write it down. 21. The British High Commissioner to Nigeria has congratulated the new Chief of Staff. The UK diplomat looks forward to working with a political appointee?. They are ready to work towards shared agenda with an ordinary Chief of Staff. 22. How many Chief of Staffs around the world has UK High Commission congratulated?. This is different because he is going to do the work of the late President Muhammadu Buhari. Unbelievable!. 23. Britain is supporting the Fulanis' to invade and conquer the South. 24. UK mission in Nigeria is complicit in the conspiracy to conceal the truth behind Buhari's death. 25. What happened to Afonja , he formed alliance with Fulani Alimi. You must learn from what happend to Afonja. Alimi and his family took the throne from Afonja, they tortured him, dethroned him and killed him alongside his children. That was how the Fulanis' took over Ilorin. 26. Gambari family came from Alimi's family. They came with the staff of authority from Sultan of Sokoto. 27. The problem in Yoruba land is half Muslim and half Christian. 28. A Fulani Emir has always being on the throne in Ilorin since the fall of Afonja. 29. Gambari was the one that was instrumental in convincing the world that the death of Ken Saro Wiwa was justifiable. 30. Every Yoruba Muslim answers to the Sultan. 31. Nobody is buying the oil from the zoo again that is why their soldiers are not being paid again. 32. If you remain in the Nigerian Army, you will become a willing tool through which your village will be conquered. 33. The Almajiri falls victims to Fulani peadophile. 34. Facebook cannot stop me because heaven gave me a message to give to the living. 35. What is the name of the Commissioner of Police in Delta state?. Is he not a janjaweed from the North?. They said they found camp owned by IPOB with rifle weapons where we are training fighters, which is a total lie. 36. If you commit any crime in IPOB I come on air and announce it, we dont condone evil. 37. You arrested a suspect who is yet to be proven guilty and paraded them before the camera. But when Fulani terrorists were attacking Okpanam, no arrest nor media was contacted. 38. What they want to do is to remove IPOB on ground then make way for the Fulanis' to come in. 39. All those "I am Delta" do you see what our men are passing through because of you. Do you see the humiliations. The Fulanis' are going about causing mayhem in our land, none have ever been paraded. 40. Despite all these, some idiots from Anioma like Lauretta Onochie will claim One Nigeria but did it stop them from killing you and raping your women. 41. Why do I need to carry a gun whereas Aso Rock has fallen. Elohim himself have done it. 42. Godliness, truth and honesty is at the very epicentre of our quest for freedom. 43. After Covid-19, if they appear with their own Muhammadu Buhari, we will appear with ours. The zoo is gone. 44. Commsioner of Police Delta State, If I give the order for you to die this night, you will die this night. If we carry guns, will you survive in Delta?. 45. No IPOB member should attend any program organised on the 22nd of this month. Please am telling you in advance about the planned rally on 22nd, those planning to raise Biafra flag and declare Biafra are not IPOB. 46. I will only declare Biafra once, raise the flag and it will never come down till the Zoo vanishes. 47. Our one million man March have been postponed till June 2021 due to covid-19 and the laws guiding it. 48. When Chimamanda Adichie was asked about Nigeria, she said she represents herself not Nigeria. 49. Obasanjo removed history from Nigerian academic curriculum to please the Fulanis'. 50. Channels TV is sending a message to other traditional rulers that if you make noise, your community will also be invaded. 51. I do not hate the Yoruba people but when I see the truth I speak it so that evil may flee from black people. 52. Fulanis are in all our bushes waiting for instructions 53. I told them in America, Fulanis' are coming , they laughed at me. They said I did not see the war, but I said they are coming. The said Fulani settlements in the bush, and I ask, what are they doing in the bush?. The people living inside the bush, who are they?. The Fulani. Did they buy the land?. NO. Our land has been taken. We have become willing tools. Our traditional leaders have become afraid. I warned all of you, I warned all of you. 54. I told you the reason why they give you Fulani Islamic commissioners is to make their conquest easier, instead of the Police to be concerned about the welfare of the people of Okpanam, they are more concerned about securing the Fulani terrorists in the bush. 55. Some idiots are threatening IPOB members in Delta State to join them and raise Biafra flag on 27th May. 56. Somebody is asking why didn't I talk about Police probing E-Money. They bring all this nonsense to distract our people. 57. There is no type of humiliation we have not received in defence of our land. 58. Some of you don't know what IPOB is going through. If not for IPOB, our land would have fallen to the Fulanis'. 59. We drove Fulani away in Okpanam with the help of their youths, now they have reported that AK-47 was recovered from them. 60. I want the world to understand the idiocy that Nigerians are going through. 61. The Zoo has fallen and that's why they want to cause a war which they will eventually lose. 62. Elohim Chukwu Okike Abiama (God Almighty) will lead us into battle. They will kill us and we will kill them but at the end we(Biafrans) must triumph".

63. "The Ambassadors of USA🇺🇸 and Britain🇦🇺 in Nigeria🇳🇬 will not report to President TRUMP and PM Boris Johnson about the influx of the caliphate in our Land"

64. "What they're doing to Alamajiris is an abomination.The Fulani pedophile impregnate small girls and dump them on the street".


NO Volunteer must go to sleep in the night, you only sleep in the day.

1. Question: How will Biafra be structured? Answer: Biafra will be a Confederation.
Every resources from any land will be managed by the people of that land. Any people that wishes to be on their own will be on their own with their own constitution written in their own language. If Benin joins us, they will become what Monaco is in France because I will love them to maintain their culture and heritage. Any day you dont want to be Biafra anymore, you can go. The oil in Egbema will belong to Egbema people, whatever you found in your land will belong to you people. We are going to have a system of government that will marvel the world. Igbos will not dominate anyone. We are talking about Freedom for everybody. Freedom to the grassroot. 2.Question: If Christians in the Army resign, how will they feed their family Answer: If their family are killed, they will find money to bury them. If they come out of the Military, Biafra restoration will be faster. :::::::::::::::::::::::Closing Remark:::::::::::::::::: I proudly proclaim that Biafra is our religion, here on radio Biafra is where we worship and Chukwu Okike Abiama is our God. From me from here it is Good night.

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