The TotaL Collaps Of The Zoo Complied by Mazi Ikechukwu Onuoha

Published On The Biafra Post
May 11, 2020

1. In the year 2014, it was revealed to me that Buhari holds the key to our freedom, and this evening the Zoo has collapsed.

2. And this evening we shall pray, as the same also holds the key to our freedom..

3. Biafra is only months away , because through the deceptions of the Zoo, the Zoo has collapsed.

4. I was in the spirit, i felt like preaching, and I will preach. I rejoice in the lord, for I have seen the fall of the enemy.

5.If you are listening to this historic broadcast tonight, you are blessed.

6. They called us all manner of names, they said that Biafra will not come in their time, but Elohim said, I will crumble the Zoo

7. I went to Aba for the 30th of May and there was a prophecy, and that prophecy is what started it all.

8. That everybody may know that we have defeated Satan, and Satan has crumbled..

9. Bokoharam started as a peaceful group, but today Bokoharam is killing people, who coursed it ? Nigeria Politicians..

10. In the Zoo they jailed a 72 years of old man for insulting a dead Buhari. But Trump is being abused everyday..

11. I said Elohim will crumble the Zoo. As I speak, write it down. We have caged them in AsoRock..

12. The elected Vice President of a country is heading a sub group? reporting to somebody appointed yesterday..

13. This evening I can tell you that the person running Nigeria now dishing out contracts is Aisha Buhari. Osibanjo is nowhere.

14. Nigeria is being led by an illegitimate first lady, because her tenure ended when her husband died..

15. We need people from the Zoo government to come out and confess their sins before they all go to jail in handcuffs..

16. What Aisha is doing now is high treason and misdemeanor, nobody voted for her..

17. I have to take a sip of water, because this is a live presentation, not like the Zoo.

18. What they said is Aisha is on a revenge mission, for being kicked out by Daura's family...

19. I am not an ethnic bigot, but my question is, why is the Yoruba intellectuals quiet?

20. If you have a President , why do you have cabals running around ?..

21. We use to have our own efullefus in Biafraland, but we never allowed them to come up because they are evil. Yoruba should do same.

22. President is now telling everybody to ignore Nnamdi Kanu. Is it wrong to ask of your fellow human being?..

23. Isn't it ironic, Biafrans asking Nigeria to bring out their own vice President, unbelievable..

24. Have you ever heard of the "Presidecny" of South Africa? Or Ghana? Presidency is a group of people, introduce by Abba kyari before his death.

25. Aisha, what you have done is a coup against the people, your husband did a coup against Shagaris government.

26. Lawolu Akande! Another forger Your child will go to jail..

27. Kidnappers will always tell you , dont call us, we will call you back, Osibanjo is in trouble

28. Let me tell Biafrans something tonight, we are at the gate with our agitation, we are close..

29. Tonight, this day, Nigeria is only existing on a paper..

30. It will go into Oxford Dictionary, the name Buhari will be remembered for Fraud..

31. Tinubu, Okoroawusa, Obasanjo will all go to jail, because they all know about the fraud called buhari..

32. Awolowo was a thief , a mass murderer
33. All you do is to count 4 years like someone in jail, mad Zoo people.

34. Laureta Onochie the Ex sex Trafficker will give you e-rat 3000 naira to come and attack Nnamdi Kanu.

35. Chaii, Zoo ala'm na iyi, with their deceit and lies

36. Am sure my yoruba brothers wish that Nnamdi Kanu is a yoruba man..

37. All of you in Aso Rock, you are indeed in one all almighty mess..

38. I am asking , you Lai Mohammed are you listening ?

39. And our children will study it in school, as it is written,"this is how they gave us Biafra..

40. I don"t even know why people haven't sued Channels TV and NTA, for decieving Nigerians with prerecored video of Jubirl and claim it's live broadcast, they are liars..

41. And that's how Biafra have come. Am just waiting for Coronavirus to be over..

42. By the time I am finished with the Zoo, they will deport all of you anywhere in the the world with zoo passport

43. What I will do to the Zoo image after Coronavirus, chaii Chineke mere'm ebere
44. What is paining some people is, why is this coming from Biafrans and not us..

45They called the Chinese and said come come, we have 200m stupid idiots , come you will decieve them

46. As soon as Coronavirus is over, I will pull a stunt that I will pull, all of you using nigeria passport will be deported..

47. After Coronavirus, if they don't do what I ask them to do, every Nigeria, should prepare for deportation..

48. You went to university, but since 2017, do you see how ordinary nama rarer has been deceiving you..

49. Take your Zoo , and get away from my face, I want to go home and live as a free man..

50. I want to be a free man. You can be a slave if you want to be, not Nnamdi Kanu..
51. This family IPOB is unbreakable, IPOB is a monster..

52. They know that the Zoo is finished , they only thing keeping the Zoo together are the cowards with their #3000 recharge card.

53. M'ga eyi unu nmanwu, that you may know that heaven sent me. Eluigwe zie'm ozi, m'zie ndi di ndu🙏

54. Northern Elders Forum, these are the idiots , the Jawn Jawn weed that insisted that Buhari be enthroned.

55. They want to pretend that Buhari has resigned due to ill health, that's why they are holding Osibanjo hostage. I have the minutes of that meeting..

56. They want to run away, but they are not going anywhere, even Aisha is going to Prison..

57. Today am instructing all Governors in Biafraland to send those Alamajiri back, they were dispatched by El rufai.

58. The arms they are going to use is already in Biafraland waiting...

59. The Jawn Jawn weed files Marshall is El Rufai, he is cold blooded..

60. I am asking every Christian to leave the Nigeria army or they will be killed. It might sound funny but it will happen soon..

61. The Fulani that we saw , they were in their millions heading to the Zoo, and they were welcomed by the Zoo army.

62. For those of you living in the north, you are putting our existence as a race in jeopardy, I must warn you.

63. It seems that the Governors we have are in cohorts with the Jawn Jawn weed to kill us all, exception wike

64. You see all those army Barack around you, they are there to protect the Jawn Jawn weed, fulanis not you.

65. If you are a Southerner and you are in the Nigerian army, all you are doing is to support the Fulani to conquer your people..

66. They come into our land they pretend, and EL Rufai is the one in the north , piloting this whole thing.

67. UNPO that Akintoye and Uwazuruike said they registerd, has nothing to do with United Nations. UNPO is just a mere NGO that pass letters. to E.C.S.O.C,

68 World Igbo Congress (WIC) , UMU ADA Nigeria, are equivalent to UNPO , Uwazurike should have given World Igbo Congress his letter to pass to E.C.S,O.C instead of paying 2000 Dollars to register with UNPO, and use it to lie to Biafrans That he is doing something , we won't accept it.

69. Tell Hope Uzodima he is looking for our trouble. I said No person from Mbaise is paying a dime to Fulani, pay them if you like.

69. Hope Uzodima do you remember the market called Pantaker market in Kaduna, the Fulani burnt down. Who is going to pay us compasenation for that ?..

70. Hope you want to pay Fulani 50m, from 8m to 50m, that's how you came from 4th to are a drunkard. Spineless weak men.

71. That's how we bring today's broadcast to an end, the day the Zoo collapsed..and therefore we decree that Biafra is our Religion, and here on Radio Biafra is where we worship ChukwuOkike Abhiama is our God. From me , from here , is Goodevening.

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