Remembering The Nkpor Massacre By Comr Nwawube Ezeobi, Comr Onyegbula Solomon | The Biafra Post May 24, 2020 What a day! What a month! What a Year!. 30th May 2016, shall forever remain evergreen in the hearts of IPOB and lovers of freedom. Unarmed Men and Women felled in cold bloods in their hundreds, scores kidnapped and massacred in cold blood. Shouts of agony echoed in the night, cries of pains defiled the cool night and atmosphere at Nkpor Omambala - Anambra State, Blood of innocent unarmed Biafrans flowed like rivers, tears poured out like water. It was another round of genocide and brutal annihilation of our people by the combined armed forces of Nigerian government. Oh! Who will wipe away our tears?. On that fateful day as the innocent unarmed Biafrans gathered at Nkpor in a vigil to remember and mourn those that died in the course of the Biafra restoration, the combined armed forces of the Nigerian government rounded all in a warlike situation, the brute Nigerian government armed forces opened fire on us. They killed us in our numbers, pillaged the weaker ones amongs us sustaining bullets and different degrees of injuries, they shot at us from all flanks as we watch innocent unarmed Biafrans fall like cheap bags, not because they were criminals, not because they challenged the combined team of the Nigerian government armed forces in a duel gun battle but because they are Biafrans and stood for dignity of their beings. They were shot dead because they chose to honor their dead. We gathered to remember our dead but were scattered to be reminded we are slaves in our own land, who have no right to mourn their dead. Men, women, children washed their faces with kerosene because even in the midst of straying bullets, they also fired teargas canisters on us, breathing became unbearable for those suffering from asthmatic, many collapsed while gasping for air, many died at the spot and the Nigerian government armed took their bodies, many ran away with the bullet shots and died when their fate could carry them, some were bathed with raw acid. It was like a nightmare to us at first, but the pictures of the event depicts it to be reality, it was a horrific night to remember, very horrible that families lost their loved ones for exercising their rights to mourn their dead, what is our sin do men and women asked before they yield their ghost off. Men, women and children stood helplessly in the street of Nkpor shedding tears uncontrollably, the Nigerian soldiers blocked all our exit and escape routes, we were holed up like the grasshoppers in the earth home. When we made moves to take the corpses of those massacred because the Nigerian soldiers were stockpiling their dead bodies in their Hilux vans and carting away same, to stop them more of us were massacred, shot dead yet it never deterred us to form chains of unity and protection with our hands over some of us who were weak and fatally injured. They killed us, they massacred us like sheep without a shepard, they sort and merried in their hearts to eliminate us all from the face of this earth. We mourn those who fell in Nkpor when we gathered to honour our dead. We vow to restore Biafra as the appeaser to their souls. Rest on out gallant men, women and children for your gallantry. Rest on our dear comrades who died at Nkpor for no crime of whatsoever against tyrant Muhammadu Buhari wish to wipe off the remnant of Biafra, on 30th May 2020 we must stand to remember you all in one accord.

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