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April 4, 2020 

The Nigerian Army has arrested two of its soldiers, who threatened to rape and infect women in Warri, Delta State, with HIV in retaliation for the alleged killing of their colleague.
The slain soldier was alleged to have been killed by a mob after he shot dead a man named Joseph Pessu in Warri on Thursday.

Pessu’s killing led to protest by angry residents of Ugbuwangue, a suburb of Warri, who blocked major roads and burnt tyres to express their pain.
In the 26-second long video, the two arrested soldiers sweared at the people of Warri and promised them a tormenting experience for daring to take the life of their colleague.
Speaking in disjointed Pidgin, one of the soldiers said, “Warri people, una don buy job o. Una kill soldier ba? Your mothers, I will make sure I f..k your mothers skin to skin without condom.
“I will make sure she carry HIV, your daughters will carry HIV, your wives will carry HIV.
"You get mind to kill soldier ba? Dan ubanku.”

But reacting to the issue in a statement on Friday, the Nigerian Army said the men were arrested at 9 Brigade, Ikeja Military Cantonment, Lagos, adding that further investigations were ongoing.
The statement reads, "Soldiers in a viral video using uncouth and uncivilised language purportedly threatening to molest women in Warri, Delta State, were arrested at 9 Brigade, Ikeja Military Cantonment, Lagos State, today 3 April, 2020 and further investigation is ongoing.
"The general public should be assured that the investigations will be swift and fair in accordance with applicable military laws.

The outcome of the investigations will determine the most appropriate disciplinary measures that can be taken in the circumstances.
''The Nigerian Army position rubbishes an earlier denial by the Delta State Government, who described the video first published by Sahara reporter as ''fake''

Commissioner for Information in the state, Charles Aniagwu, had said that the video was concocted and created by disgruntled elements bent on pitching the people against the state government.
But with the latest development, it is clear facts prevailed over sentiment.

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