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April 14,2020

The leader of indigenous people of Biafra Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has inssued order to punch news paper to retract its april 13th defamatory publication, to wit,'' Nnamdi Kanu distributes 40 bags of Rice, others; This was made public via twitter handle of IPOB legal council, @AloyEjimakor  Dear @mobilePunch:
I'm under Instructions to demand that you RETRACT, wit;''Nnamdi Kanu distributes  40 bags of RICE, Others'', Published on 13th, April 2020. If you FAIL to comply within the next 72hrs, Further actions will ensue. see below . And was further reinstated on the facebook wall of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu with the statement below;
Image may contain: one or more people, possible text that says 'aloy ejimakor @AloyEjimakor Dear @MobilePunch: I'm under Instructions to demand that you RETRACT this defamatory publication, to wit: "Nnamdi Kanu distributes 40 bags of rice, others", published on April 13, 2020. If you FAIL to comply within the next 72 hours, further actions will ensue. See below Nnamdi Kanu distributes 40 bags of rice, others Sunday Nwakanma, Umuahia The Indigenous People of Biafra on Saturday doled palliatives to his followers across the nation to effect of The items'I believe it is now clear that Yoruba media agenda, especially PUNCH newspaper is to wage an unnecessarily dirty and futile pseudo war against Biafra, myself and Igbo nation, in their bid to continue their years of slavish service to the illiterate Fulani caliphate of the barren wastelands of the Sahel. Despite making it clear on numerous occassions that our peaceful agitation for freedom is for the benefit of all oppressed people in Nigeria including the Yoruba race, some sections of their media have persisted with their death wish of perpetuating Fulani reign of impunity by their deliberate falsehood and misinformation.
That a foreigner, Jubril Al-Sudani, is the face of the presidency of Nigeria today is down to the duplicitous nature of certian sections of Yoruba media. The masses are starving and rioting for food on the streets now because Yoruba media have placed a higher premium on Tinubu 2023 presidential ambition than the plight of millions that would have benefitted from a robust objective media that hold the government to account on a daily basis.
Unless this misleading headline is retracted and corrected, Yoruba media will continue to be seen as collaborators in the Fulani Janjaweed project to impoverish, terrorise and starve their way to total primitive Islamisation of all parts of the Zoo. Other media houses elsewhere in the world boldly publish the truth but in Nigeria a clear cut case of a recorded "live" broadcast from Cuba these lying journalists are too terrified to report. Common to ask the government why they are recording a nationwide address from a location outside the country they can't.
I have many Yoruba friends who are in the main wonderful, intelligent and brave people but the antics of sections of their media is the reason why some of us are yet to be convinced about the idea of renamed Southern Nigeria as a viable country for the east and west. Yoruba media practitioners should endeavour to be truthful, unbiased and courageous as Dele Giwa my hero was.


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