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April 22, 2020

The leader of indigenous people of Biafra Mazi Nnamdi Kanu who on his last broadcast ordered for a twitter campaign to question @Nigeria media, foreign media  world leaders, international organizations and diplomats on the hole in Buhari's neck has continue the onslaught exposition of Asorock fraud, and maintained that he is not going to stop until he exposes every fruad going on which includes the Jubirl Aminu Alsudani the impostor of late PMB, read the statement as it was made known in his facebook wall as below ;

As the Zoological Republic of Nigeria grapples with a COVID-19 pandemic that killed ‘President’ Abba Kyari & an OIL GLUT that has reduced the price of crude to minus ZERO, which means that it is far more profitable to leave the oil in the ground than attempt to drill and sell it. In this state of inevitable bankruptcy for Nigeria, the remaining diseased members of the ruling cabal also known as "PRESIDENCY" have HIDDEN Jubril away from PUBLIC view or addressing the people/media. Why? Because he is NOT Buhari, he’s a#BuhariDoppelgänger. Google ‘doppelgänger’.
Tonight @ 7 pm we continue our thorough exposé of the criminal enterprise called the "NIGERIAN PRESIDENCY" with no president. And the mind boggling duplicity of Lagos-Ibadan Expressway Gutter Media in covering up this CRIME of the century.
If you have not yet joined the battle on Twitter, then you a missing something. You must open a Twitter account NOW and join the effort to expose the loot & burn terrorists in Aso Rock. The whole world is asking, what is that #HoleInBuhariNeck
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