Compiled By Comr Nwawube Ezeobi, Comr Ezeobi Jonel Chijioke | Biafra Reporters April 21, 2020 1. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu renders powerful prayer in the language of heaven (Igbo). Chukwu Okike Abiama Elohim (God Almighty), When we prayed, in Jerusalem to be precise, you told us categorically that if we keep to your ways that Biafra must be restored and that is exactly what we are doing. 2. Everywhere in the world people are listening to our broadcast because they know we speak the truth. 3. If you like come out tomorrow and write, "Over my dead body will Biafra come" and see what will happen to you. 4. White people are not the problem of black people but the way we black people reason is our problem. If that thing in Aso-Rock is Buhari get him to address the people and answer questions. 5. We did not create the boundaries in Africa but those who created these boundaries won't let you do the same for them. 6. One thing about truth is always constant, I love people who are consistently unshakable in saying the truth, not cold in the day and hot in the night. 7. You cannot tell me you see yourself as an equal with a white man and someone left Europe and created a country for you. 8. We are going to plant the dynamite in Aso Rock metaphorically speaking and at the right time, I will press the button. 9. They are tampering with our line but there's nothing they can do to stop us because we are unstoppable. 10. My job is to restore Biafra and after that i'm done. 11. You will see what will happen to the zoo called Nigeria in months to come. Biafra is unstoppable. 12. People in Nigeria are asking when should I stop talking, my question to them is when will you stop using generator?. 13. The precipitous collapse of the zoo is inevitable. None of the things they do or say is capable of stopping us because Biafra will come. 14. Before you ask me when Biafra is going to come, ask yourself, when are you going to stop using generator in Nigeria like every other civilized societies?. 15. We are not in IPOB to make friends rather to get Biafra. 16. It's actually bizarre that somebody who graduated from a Zoo (Nigeria), university can open his mouth and say that the Chief of Staff to the President is the gateway or gate keeper to the President. 17. A Chief of Staff that was not elected by the people but appointed, ordinary political appointee, let's say like my diary secretary, which lecturer taught you such nonsense?. Hey! Oh my goodness!, Who created this people in the zoo called Nigeria?. Chief of Staff work maybe to make sure that the President don't forget his meetings, reminds him of his appointments, or sometimes meet the President secretary/typist to make sure that memo and other needed information gets to the Staff working for the President. It is an inconsequential position because he was not elected. 18. Yoruba if you are hoping on the oil, I want you to know that oil is $12 dollars Per Barrel and nobody is buying it. 19. Atiku Abubakar knows what is happening, who in the world that doesn't know that Buhari is dead, even European Union (EU), knows that. 20. A Chief of Staff is a merely political appointment and the position has no constitutional power to make orders for the President because he was not elected like the Vice President, Senate President and Speaker of the House of Representatives. 21. We are taking down Aso Rock brick by brick and Britain can not save them, we are gradually laying our dynamites. 22. Write it down, everything connected to Nigeria will be obliterated from the surface of the earth because Nigeria is evil. 23. Ask yourself, how come Engineering Departments are plentiful in various zoo (Nigeria), Universities but there is no ordinary pipe-borne water, no electricity and even the sewage systems are not properly installed. The answer to the question is Nigeria (zoo), as presently constituted and that is what we (IPOB) is trying to dismantle. 24. They cannot take pictures in Aso Rock, because they are dismantling the door to the Office of the President. 25. The world should be alert, why is it that Jubril Al-Sudani have not speak since Abba Kyari his master died?. 26. The Chinese are in Nigeria while the French doctors are in Guinea vaccinating people. 27. Somebody left Europe, went to your land and told you that the name of your land is Portharcourt and some people actually accepted such nonsense. Can anyone of you go to a place like Bavaria in Germany and rename it?. "Infact, they will say that you are insane and they will inject you and throw you into one of their rehabilitation centers". 28. Biafra is unstoppable because this movement is ordained by Heaven. 29. Do you know that they banned Journalists from entering Aso Rock?, reason to avoid anyone to report to IPOB. They are afraid they don't know anyone amongst the Journalists that will relay to IPOB what's happening in Aso Rock. 30. In this new Biafra we are going into, every Biafran must be reasonable. The problem with black people is that we do not think strategically but here on Radio Biafra we seek assidiously to correct it and in Biafra everyone must be wise and think strategically. 31. Look at the American Ambassador that is not corrupt, Ambassador John Campbell, he was banned from entering Nigeria by the Nigerian government. 32. Osibanjo is been hold hostage, was infected with Covid-19, against his wish, nobody is asking question. Where is Osibanjo? No one knows where he is hidden under the Sun, we shall know at some point. 33. Go and google, who created Nigeria?. And do same of other countries , and you will understand why we do what we do. 34. Yorubas , look at the Gwari people that owns Abuja; They own Niger State and are indigenous to several other Northern States but today they have been overrun by the Fulanis'. 35. Do you know the Chief of Staff to Obasanjo, Jonathan even Ya'radua the answer is no, why then do you know Abba Kyari?. 36. In Nigeria line of succession, there is no position for the Chief of Staff, so what gave Abba Kyria the right he had in Nigeria?. An ordinary political appointee. 37. They said we (IPOB), are miscreants but as the Chief Miscreant that I am, we are about to tear the zoo down on Twitter tonight by asking important and relevant questions. 38. Nigeria send their ship to go and sell oil, they came back with the oil. Nobody wants to buy oil no more, Nations are advancing above oil into other forms of energy sources like solar, wind etc. 39. The real grand Daddy of Saboteurs is Hope Uzodima and the Zoo called Nigeria Foreign Minister Mr.Goffery Onyeama of Igbo extraction. 40. Fulani run Nigeria Economic into Gutter and nobody is saying anything about it. 41. Bola Ahmed Tinubu is a Muslim and his allegiance is to the Sultan of Sokoto. 42. We are going to unveil a strategy that will shock the world. 43. This fear that Yoruba have for the Fulani is irrational. 44. Unless Yoruba Muslims jettison their allegiance to the Sultan of Sokoto, the Zoo will continue to remain the same. 45. The problem the black man has is in his brain cells. The way we reason is abominable. 46. People are discussing about the Chief of Staff as if he's more important than that of the Vice President - Yemi Osinbajo. Yorubas are not bothered nor asking why Osibanjo is being sidelined in series of ongoing. 47. Bloomberg is telling you for Nigeria to survive, she needs to sell oil at $125 dollar Per Barrel and that is the zoo budget benchmark, so the Zoo is gone because oil sell below that price now. 48. Have the Yorubas ask themselves who is the Supreme leader of the Yoruba Muslims?. The Supreme leader of the Yoruba Muslims is Sultan of Sokoto, that is why the Yorubas pay their allegiance to him. 49. It is because nobody was in charge of Aso Rock that is why they always use the word "Presidency" since Buhari died in 2017. 50. Nigeria's Spokesman to the Presidency Mallam Garba Shehu came on air and told the world that Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders, the World's fourth most deadliest terrorist group is a legitimate stake holder in the Zoo (Nigeria), Miyetti Allah, a terrorist organization, is this the kind of Country you want to belong to?. 51.Fredrick Lugard from Britain was the one who created Nigeria, Nigeria was never from God. It was from Satan himself. 52. Hope Uzodimma, the criminal as the imposed governor of Imo State was a 419er in Lagos; it is called, obtaining by tricks. He said he would rename Imo State University built by Sam Mbakwe in memory of his late Master - Abba Kyria. Come and rename it, let's see. 53. The world knows that IPOB is on a match that will bring about Biafra restoration. This very movement - IPOB, Biafra agitation will collapse the zoo (Nigeria). Write It down on a piece of paper. 54. Look at Amotekun, it is gone and Fulani knows that the day you stand with Biafra, they are gone. 55. EU knows that Abba Kyria was the de-facto President of Nigeria, a whole EU felicitated for ordinary Chief of Staff because Nigerian corrupt politicians give them money to keep quiet. 56. Look at what is happening in Ohafia, the Police Commissioner in Abia State said and acknowledge that the culprit(Police man), was drunk but a Yoruba journalist and Editor will write alleged. Somebody will be shot to death and Yoruba newspapers will write "allegedly" An Editor of a newspaper in the Zoo (Nigeria), will write allegedly. 57. They lied to the world that the Zoo (Nigeria) have 250 tribes, that Egbema in Imo State partly divided into Rivers State is a tribe on its own not Igbo. Do you see how they lie?. Nigeria is a country of lies, it will consume all of you unless you go back to all your regions. 58. I told people that the dummy currently in Aso Rock cannot speak, he is putting on hyper late Buhari face mask. The one who can mimick Buhari - Jubril Al-Sudani is trapped in Cuba; If not why has he not been able to speak even when Abba Kyari's death was announced?. 59. Twitter goes a very long way, you will see what will happen to the zoo (Nigeria), in weeks and months to come. 60. The day I exposed Jubril Al-Sudani, that was the day Abba Kyria decided that I must die and some people are actually heartly felicitating with family of a very evil man. May Abba Kyari 's evil befall your entire generation. 61. Buhari is long dead and replaced by that boy from Sudan and Abba Kyari was the power to the throne. Where in the world have you heard that ordinary Chief of Staff eulogized ceremoniously?. It is because Nigeria has no President. 62. Biafrans never embarked on any territorial expansion, the same thing with Israel but Fulanis' wants your land through Ruga. 63. Yorubas I want to tell you that you have not chosen who becomes President in Nigeria before,and you cannot do that now, Fulanis' does, Biafrans voted for Obasanjo even Abiola, so Yoruba why the hatred for Biafra?. If not you are afraid of competition? But it is by competition that people improve and gets better. :::::::::::::::: Closing Remark:::::::::::::: Biafra is our religion, Radio Biafra is where we worship and Chukwu Okike Abiama remains our eternal God. From me from here, it is good evening

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