By Kelechi Okorie | Biafra Reporter
April 07, 2020

Life is precious, it serves and must be preserves. Only a healthy life can think of wealth accumulation, study and leisure. Healthy life is primary while mundane is secondary, it’s well understood most Biafran business men and women that purchases their goods from China, might be in Chinese good book of favorable Chinese economic foreign policy or communal productive nature of terrain for smooth intra transactions between foreign nationals. Be that as it may, China has become the more you look the less you see.

The World at large is crying out loud to confront Chinese magnitude of shock calamity caused by the Covid-19 of failed laboratory test that currently confines people all over the world indoors from freedom of movement and mobility of labour. This issue is not all about if Covid-19 pandemic is real or scam, perhaps; if China can torment the great Britain, her colonial master how much more ordinary primitive under-developed backward Africa continent? China wants to relegate every nation at back bench then remains at the high table monitoring and issuing order at will.

Former Interim Libya Prime Minister, Mahmoud Jibbril was confirmed dead after he contracted the deadly Chinese virus, this shows the viability of the illness and IPOB is very much concern about the health conditions of Biafrans at home.
Some may had thought or argued that climate change in West Africa sub-region would not allow the virus to be more severe unlike Europe and America with temperate atmospheric weather condition respectively, unknown to Black Africans, the virus is currently undergoing laboratory twist to march with Black Africa tropic atmospheric weather condition between 30/32 degree Celsius.

Imagine a Biafran in China come back home with the virus where there is lack of medical facilities or adequate health care system what do you think will happen to vulnerable millions of Africans in close contact with the victim? This gives IPOB sleepless night all the time.
As Nations sued China for compensations over Covid-19 rampage that is sending hundreds and thousands of innocent people to their untimely graves, Almajiri Fulani controlled government of Nigeria won’t do anything to savage mass dead of Biafrans should eventually if such takes place.

No gain saying I’m not an IPOB member, neither should you somehow hallucinate that the Nigerian government will take proactive measures to safeguard your lives rather the Nigerian government will strengthen her international relations with China in good faith for Biafrans to die the more, by the way Fulani political oligarchy ruling Nigeria had already mortgaged the future of Nigerians before China communism knowing very well Biafrans are the major stakeholders in Africa-China intra economic relations.

Before Chinese products become hot cakes with affordable price rate, Biafrans were already at the forefronts and controllers of Nigerian economy without aids from the government. In that case, with naturally business endowment Biafrans can easily boycott Chinese products for other productive countries and still excel. Hence, Chinese uterior motives was to control world consciousness indirectly, making everyone to succumb to her communist oriented economic system that might have correlation with Fulani feudal fundamentalism.

Many seems to had forgotten that the Fulani controlled Federal government of Nigeria time without number pumps in huge amount of money to Fulani merchants free of charge to import the same products from China that Biafran business men and women are trading on, surprisingly the cartels frustrated the dumb brain Fulanis' to grab the secret. Before it becomes too late, Biafrans must act ahead of Nigerian government, it might sound strange to believe that the Chinese medical team were invited by the Presidency was not really to fight Covid-19, rather to perfect Chinese communist and Fulani feudal deal to collectively control production in Nigeria.

Commonest question one should ask is, why is it that immediately the Federal government of Nigeria announced the arrival of Chinese medical team when every Nigerian is been confined indoors; the 5G masts installations started in major cities in Nigeria unveil?. The secret behind the quick installation of 5G masts reminds the leaked phone call conversations between Alhaji Farouk and Kule, where it was made clearly the strategy the Federal government of Nigeria had fashioned out to cripple Igbo businesses across Nigeria.

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